10 Most Inspiring, Funny and Wild Tweets From Pope Francis’ US Trip

10 Most Inspiring, Funny and Wild Tweets From Pope Francis’ US Trip September 29, 2015

Pope_Francis_twi copyTwitter saved my life during the pope’s recent visit.

I was pretty bummed that I was not able to go see Pope Francis. Several of my sisters were able to go, but alas our work must go on so some sisters had to stay home and hold down the fort.

But being on Twitter helped me feel like I was almost there.

I lived vicariously through the amazing tweets, funny videos and overall enthusiasm that practically burned through the screen.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. I visited you in prison:

2. Time flies when you’re having fun!

3. Happy nuns:

4. The look of pure joy:

5. Happiest person in the world?

6. Tailgating nuns:

7. Pope Francis, the Rock of the Church, as Rocky:

8. Pup Francis:

9. Baby pope!

10. Going back to normal life:

Do any of you have favorite tweets, videos or pictures from Pope Francis’ visit to the United States?

Add them in the comments!

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