VIDEO: Nuns Speak Frankly About Convent Life

VIDEO: Nuns Speak Frankly About Convent Life October 6, 2015

Daughters of St. Paul Novices

Our sisters recently allowed some reporters from Fusion, a network affiliated with ABC, to visit our convents in Miami and Boston.

The reporters asked some tough questions about sex, sacrifice and love.

They interviewed me in Miami but most of my interview was not included in the story, although you will see a short plug for my book The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church as well as a very up-close shot of my face toward the end of the video!

But the story is really beautiful and what is most beautiful is our sisters, young and old.

The reporters ask some interesting questions, but the sisters respond just perfectly. They are frank, open and full of joy.

The reporter says at one point, “Among these young nuns, there is a sense of female empowerment that is truly divine.”

I think you’ll enjoy:

Watch the same reporters, different sisters and different story in the same convent but en Español.


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