The Starbucks “Controversy” – Top 3 Thoughtful Responses

The Starbucks “Controversy” – Top 3 Thoughtful Responses November 12, 2015
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This whole Starbuck’s “controversy” has been so annoying to me!

Does anyone else have any idea who is actually perturbed by their red and green cups besides a handful of people?

It never was really an issue until we all made it an issue.

I see way more Christians insisting that they are NOT offended than ones who actually are.

“I promise, I am not like THOSE stupid Christians” seems to be the sentiment du jour.

And this is really an embarrassment to Christianity. Not appearing stupid seems to be first on our priority list. Rather than shrugging our shoulders and moving on to more important things, so many of us felt the need to shriek, “I may be Christian but I am not stupid, I promise!”

By our very insistence we are encouraging the stereotypes.

But like all things, there has been some good that has come of this. The whole eye-roll inducing hullabaloo has resulted in some thoughtful responses.

Here are three of my favorites:

1. “Nobody cares about the Starbucks cups. They do care about money” by Mary Rezac with the Catholic News Agency

An excerpt:

Jesus said we would be hated because of his name, but he should’ve also warned us that we would also be associated with the lamest, most painfully-eye-roll-inducing social media scheme this side of the 21st century.

We are well aware that we’ve got bigger, actual battles going on right now – our people are being beheaded and our churches are being bombed.

2. “Let’s All Throw Things at Stupid Christians” by Melinda Selmys

An excerpt:

Sneering at other people’s ignorance should not earn anyone points in a debate. The practice of holding up the dumbest possible examples of the ideology that you oppose, pointing, laughing, and lobbing com-box insults at them is just an obnoxious exercise in self-congratulation. It’s the modern equivalent of putting the village idiot in the stocks, asking him simple questions that he can’t possibly answer, and then pelting him with rotten fruit when he gets them wrong. It’s dunce-shaming, and it’s despicable.

3. A video response from Father Rob Ketcham that assumes the “controversy” is actually a controversy but then goes on to make some great points:

The Red Cups of Starbucks from on Vimeo.


Have you seen any more thoughtful responses?

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