5 Solutions for Election Season Despair, Anger, and Worry

5 Solutions for Election Season Despair, Anger, and Worry March 2, 2016

Photo by Andrew E Weber, (stocksnap.io)
Photo by Andrew E Weber, (stocksnap.io)

I majored in Political Science in college because I wanted to make a positive change in the world. As an atheist, I saw civic duty as my ultimate responsibility and politics as the highest realm of reality.

But even as an atheist, I was conflicted when I went to the voting booth. I was pro-life, based on the natural law argument against abortion. But I was also appalled when we went to war with Iraq under the flimsiest of pretenses. So, I ping ponged between parties as a young voter and eventually registered as an Independent when I became Catholic. Since the day I cast my first vote in high school, my heart has been conflicted.

Each election season that comes around, I feel unenthused at best. I still go out to vote. I consider voting to be the duty of anyone who is lucky enough to live in a country that recognizes the right. But I never walk away from the voting booth feeling excited or happy about my vote. This is especially the case now that I am a Catholic living in a country where both major parties fail to adequately represent the views of my faith.


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If you have any of your own suggestions, please let me know. A reader had a good suggestion to do activities in nature.

And one other thing I have tried the past couple days to relieve election-related stress is to look at pictures of pugs.

How could this not relieve your anxiety? (credit: unsplash.com)

See, it works!

I also highly recommend perusing Doug the Pug’s Facebook page.

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