5 Inspiring Quotes for the Feast of the Annunciation

5 Inspiring Quotes for the Feast of the Annunciation April 4, 2016

Annunciation, Alexander Ivanov, 1824

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

In honor of this beautiful day, I have picked out some quotes about the significance of this feast:

    1. If you were an artist, would you allow someone to prepare your canvas with daubs? Then why should God be expected to act differently when He prepares to unite to Himself a human nature like ours, in all things, save sin? But having lifted up one woman by preserving her from sin, and then having her freely ratify that gift at the Annunciation, God gave hope to our disturbed, neurotic, gauche, and weak humanity. — Ven. Fulton Sheen
    2. Our mother is a model of correspondence to grace. If we contemplate her life, our Lord will give us the light we need to divinize our everyday existence… . First, let us imitate her love. Charity cannot be content with just nice feelings; it must find its way into our conversations and, above all, into our deeds. The Virgin did not merely pronounce her fiat; in every moment she fulfilled that firm and irrevocable decision. So should we. — Saint Josemaria Escriva
    3. Sometimes at the very bottom of paintings of the angel telling Mary that she is to be the Mother of the Savior, the artist paints a small picture of Christ lying in the tomb. This shows us the destiny of the child who begins to lie in Mary’s womb at the annunciation. Such paintings remind us that life is a gift which has its own cost. We accept it to share it, and in sharing it generously we discover life’s meaning, although not without cost. God becomes man so that each of us can be reborn from God. — Francis Cardinal George
    4. Him whom the heavens cannot contain, the womb of one woman bore. She ruled our Ruler; she carried Him in whom we are; she gave milk to our Bread. – St. Augustine
    5. [A]t the Annunciation Mary entrusted herself to God completely, with the “full submission of intellect and will,” manifesting “the obedience of faith” to him who spoke to her through his messenger. She responded, therefore, with all her human and feminine “I,” and this response of faith included both perfect cooperation with “the grace of God that precedes and assists” and perfect openness to the action of the Holy Spirit, who “constantly brings faith to completion by his gifts.” — Saint John Paul II

Which quote is your favorite? Please share your favorite Marian quote in the comments!

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