A Book List

Oppenheimer, Liz. Writing Cheerfully on the Web. 2009.

This anthology edited by Quaker blogger Liz Oppenheimer brings together the writing of 32 different Quaker bloggers from across the spectrum of contemporary Friends.  Topics include “Worship and Ministry,” “That of God,” and “Reclaiming and Re-examining our Traditions,” (as well as some of Cat’s writing).

Pym, Jim.  Listening to the Light: How to Bring Quaker Simplicity and Integrity into Our Lives.  1999.

This book by a British Quaker and Buddhist takes a universalist perspective on basic Quaker practices.  An excellent introduction to the Religious Society of Friends from a non-Christ-centered point of view.

Wildman, Laura.  Celebrating the Pagan Soul. 2005.

This anthology by prominent and lesser-known Pagan authors is not a “how-to” book, but rather a series of stories and poems trying to communicate the experience of living out a contemporary Pagan spiritual path.  It includes pieces by Starhawk, Margot Adler, M. Macha Nightmare and Francesca De Grandis, as well as pieces by Peter and Cat.