Barefoot Paganism

I’m not the only way that Pagans grow into our religion. But I am one of the ways. How has being a Pagan for so long changed who I am as a person? How does my Paganism show, in a way worth sharing with you? [Read more…]

Peter on the Otherworld, Truth-Telling, and Racism

In the rally, we chant Black lives matter! and The killing has to stop! We must speak, or the truth will go unheard, but it is the Truth in the words that fills them with light and gives them their power. [Read more…]

To the Pagan Community: A Love Letter

Real community crosses boundaries. Real community has ragged edges: children and parents, lovers and spouses who don’t quite fit the easy boundaries we’re tempted to draw. [Read more…]

Where the Magic Lives

There is something different about what is physically there, and what is spiritually there, as well. Or even, what is spiritually there, and otherwise, not. [Read more…]

Elders and the Dance

“Elder” is not a role we get to choose, however we may hunger for it. We do not choose our partners. We do not lead this dance. [Read more…]

Why Black Lives Matter Too, Godless Paganism, and Pagan Consent Culture

Four essays of mine have been published in new anthologies, and I’m especially thrilled to be included in Why Black Lives Matter Too: A Revolutionary Call to Action. All proceeds will benefit The Sentencing Project. [Read more…]

Cat, It’s Beltane

Only I could turn Beltane into yet another guilt trip. But only Peter could remind me what the day is really for. [Read more…]

Dear Sign Thief

Dear Thief Who Keeps Stealing My Black Lives Matter Sign, Thank you. While I realize it wasn’t your intent to encourage me, I want you to know: your efforts have made a real difference to me. [Read more…]

Community and the Practice of Love

All of us are loved. All of us have the potential to become whole–more like our best selves and less like our worst. [Read more…]

Writing the Spiritual Life

To write about Spirit is to risk distorting or distracting from the experience itself, whether of ritual, dream, or gnosis. Words are two dimensional, even when they create the illusion of more, and we always change the map of the world when we render it flat. [Read more…]