Two-State Solution

Two-State Solution July 8, 2014

Dear Rabbi,

I have lost all hope in the “two-state solution” for Israel and Palestine, and now back the notion of a single state with Jews and Palestinians as equal citizens. If fear this will spell the end of the Jewish character of the state, but I don’t see any real alternative. Do you still favor the two-state solution?

My ideal is a no-state solution with all people living as equal citizens of the planet earth, and with earth herself as a member of the Federation of Planets. Since this won’t happen until the 24th century, I hope that the 18th century nation-state ideal still has something to offer us in the 21st century. But I doubt it.

My guess is that we will create and destroy nation states as we always have: through violence. And in this way one of two things will happen: either Vulcans will land on earth shortly after a nuclear war, and teach us a better way to live, or the apes will rise and relegate us to a footnote in history. Today I’d bet on the apes.

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