Judaism or Truth?

Judaism or Truth? August 29, 2014

Dear Rabbi, If I were to come to you in search of Truth would you lead me deeper into Judaism?

Not at all. While I love Judaism and feel blessed to have it as my root tradition and mother tongue, in and of itself Judaism cannot lead you to Truth. Judaism’s task is to lead you to Judaism; to make you a more observant Jew. The same is true of any ism or ideology: the goal is to bring you more deeply into whatever system of thought that ideology articulates. Truth, however, is something else.

Truth results from a direct awakening in, with, and as reality unfiltered by isms or ideologies no matter how sacred or beloved.

So if you came to me for Truth you would leave with a practice. We would explore what might work for you based on your personality, and seek to discern which style (or styles) of practice (yoga) you would resonate with most profoundly: karma, bhakti, raja, or jnana: service, devotion, meditation, or inquiry.

I would then recommend a teacher who could guide you in this practice. And then I would send you on your way. You would not need to return to me. I have no students, disciples, or followers. Indeed I have no “way” to follow.

If on the other hand you came to me and asked to explore Judaism….

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