October 22, 2020

Jesus commanded Christians to love one another and told us our love for each other is the greatest proof that we love Him and follow Him (John 13). The unity and oneness of the church is a primary evidence that the Good News is true. But unfortunately, the church has never had more issues to divide us and make us outraged at each other. There’s a pandemic of accusation and blame, and the result is Christians publicly attacking and berating… Read more

October 19, 2020

Jesus…said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 The people Jesus spoke to lived without streetlights. If they didn’t have a lamp, they groped in darkness, vulnerable to assailants. They understood what it meant to walk in darkness, desperately needing a light. Jesus’ claim to be the light would have been startling, especially since it was one of His “I AM” statements asserting His divinity. Notice… Read more

October 15, 2020

I’m excited to introduce my book Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: Examining 15 Pro-Choice Claims—What Do Facts & Common Sense Tell Us? It tackles the predominant pro-choice claims head-on but does so in a thoughtful and non-aggressive way in order to reach pro-life and at least some pro-choice readers. This book is carefully written and edited, and I believe is a high-quality pro-life resource. Here’s the book’s description: There are few issues as consequential for our personal lives and communities as abortion. It divides… Read more

October 12, 2020

We have to look at our lives as a window of opportunity, because none of us has unlimited time. Everyone, no matter who they are, has 168 hours a week, and we’re supposed to spend about a third of it sleeping, and then another large amount of that likely goes to work. But in terms of what we call discretionary time, how much do we actually have? And how are we spending it? Scripture tells us to redeem the time… Read more

October 8, 2020

Whatever our feelings and opinions about the upcoming election, certainly we can all affirm that as Christ followers, our hope should not be in politics, nor should it be our ultimate focus. (I recently shared some helpful reflections from Paul David Tripp on my blog about being careful where we put our hope. Don’t miss what he has to say.) When I was emailing with a friend recently about the issues surrounding the election, she shared the encouragement she has found… Read more

October 5, 2020

Many Christian fiction readers are familiar with Francine Rivers. Her books are exceptionally powerful, well-written, and always Christ-honoring. Redeeming Love is probably her best known, but my own favorite is The Atonement Child. In my opinion, she is one of the finest writers of Christian fiction in the world. Francine (who her friends know as Frani) and her husband Rick are committed followers of Jesus, and a delight. (Nanci and I stayed in their home some years ago.) When I was working on my… Read more

October 1, 2020

In this excerpt from my novel Dominion, the main character Clarence Abernathy, a black journalist, shares about his experiences as a black man with his friend and coworker Jake Woods (the main character of the previous novel Deadline). What Clarence shares echoes what every black man, from poor guys to rich ones, told me when I interviewed many black Americans while researching Dominion. (See also this article I shared from Shai Linne, a firsthand account that encourages understanding and empathy.) Jake and Clarence headed to their… Read more

September 28, 2020

In the last five years Nanci and I have come to know and love Benjamin Watson and his wonderful wife Kirsten. For the last fifteen years Ben was one of the most highly respected players in the National Football League, and now he continues to have a ministry to many inside and outside the NFL. Ben was the first round pick of the New England Patriots in 2004. He was part of the Superbowl Champion Patriots of 2005. Ben also… Read more

September 24, 2020

My new book It’s All About Jesus: A Treasury of Insights on Our Savior, Lord, and Friend really is unique, and as I have been daily reading through the printed book, I’ve been struck again by many of the quotations. I’ve been underlining, but I guess since I ended up selecting the quotations, with the help of others, it’s obvious I think they’re great! But the fact that they are literally ALL about Jesus is especially great. I give away a lot… Read more

September 24, 2020

One of the things I most look forward to about Heaven is learning the stories of countless faithful brothers and sisters in Christ from all places and times who used their lives to further God’s kingdom. But I love hearing some of them on this side of eternity, such as the story of Henry Parsons Crowell, founder of the Quaker Oats Company, shared in this video from Pastor Tom Joyce with Immanuel Bible Church (in Springfield, Virginia). This faithful and successful man… Read more

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