The Doctrine of the New Earth Is Central to Our Future and Present Happiness

A character in the movie Pirate Radio says, “You know, a few months ago, I made a terrible mistake. I realized something, and instead of crushing the thought the moment it came . . . I’m afraid it’s stuck in my head forever. These are the best days of our lives. It’s a terrible thing to know, [Read More…]

Are Short-Term Mission Trips Valuable?

Wouldn’t it be better just to take the money spent on short-term trips and send it to the mission field instead? [Read more…]

This Changes Everything: A Challenging and Refreshing Book for Teens, and Everyone

I want to share about a new book, This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Year, written by a teenager specifically with teenagers in mind. It’s grounded in God’s Word, interesting, and well-written. Jaquelle Crowe is an outstanding writer, not just “for a teenager,” but for anyone. Writing takes work, as does following [Read More…]

We’ve Lost Our Vocabulary of Wonder About Heaven

In 50 Days of Heaven, I write: If we are honest, we must admit that we are not daily and consciously looking forward to Heaven, much less to a New Earth. We’ve reduced Heaven to an otherworldly state, and we’ve ignored the clear biblical promise of a redeemed universe over which we will serve as [Read More…]

Highlights from the Linger, Kingdom Advisors, and Pro Athletes Outreach Conferences

Over the last several weeks, I’ve spoken at three great conferences across the country. I thought I’d share a short report on each in today’s post, along with some pictures and videos. In early February, I spoke at the 2017 Linger Conference in Texas, which was hosted by Stonebriar Community Church, where Chuck Swindoll is [Read More…]

Should We Give Money to the Poor Even When There’s a Risk of Waste or Misuse?

Recently a reader sent me this question: What is your perspective on the documentary Poverty, Inc.? We are giving generously to the Kingdom and are saddened by the waste we see in this film. Do your recommended organizations overcome these issues? If you’ve not yet heard of the documentary, here’s the synopsis: The West has [Read More…]

Lottery Winner Says Winning “Has Ruined My Life”

One of the great ironies of gambling is that the vast majority of people lose money, while the few who win discover money doesn’t make them happy—and often it actually ruins their lives! One study reported that “six months after winning the lottery, you are likely to be no happier than if you had been [Read More…]

A Teenage Girl’s Response to Teen Vogue’s “Post-Abortion Gift Guide”

An angry uterus heating pad, an F-U-terus pin, a box of chocolates, a girl power hat, a coloring book of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: these are some of the gifts recently suggested by Teen Vogue as ways that girls can show their “care” to teenage friends who just had abortions. “The worst part [Read More…]

The Shack: Biblical Discernment Is Key in Evaluating Any Book or Movie

The movie The Shack¸ based on the novel with the same title by Paul Young, will release on March 3. By now you have likely seen previews of the movie. Of course, in what I share below, I’m only speaking about the book—though if the movie is faithful to the book, I would expect it [Read More…]

Time in God’s Word Is Not a Grim Duty

Frank Laubach (1884–1970) devoted his life to encouraging literacy around the world, with the goal that people everywhere would read the Bible. He wrote an influential pamphlet entitled “The Game with Minutes.” In it, Laubach encouraged Christians to keep God in their minds at least one second of every minute each day.[i] Laubach wrote, Humble [Read More…]