Female Genital Mutilation In Judaism

Female Genital Mutilation In Judaism April 1, 2024

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Female Genital Mutilation in Judaism

In Judaism, we like to think of female genital mutilation as an “other’s” problem, but unfortunately, it is not. There is a sect of Ethiopian Jews known as Falashas or Beta Israel who regularly practice genital mutilation in females. This practice is not based on Torah teachings, provides no health benefits, and must be brought to an end.

Beta Israel and Female Genital Mutilation

Beta Israel lived in isolation from the larger Jewish community in Ethiopia. Their religion is based solely on the Torah, the first five books of The Bible. They have never had access to other Jewish writings and certainly not to Oral Torah. D.D. Buff believed this is the reason for their misinterpretation of circumcision.

The Community considers themselves to be descendants of The Tribe of Dan. Many of them have now moved to Israel and converted to Orthodox Judaism. Upon conversion, they do give up the practice of female genital mutilation. Yet, a small number continue to live in Ethiopia and continue this practice.

A study conducted by Grisaru et al found that one-third of the Ethiopian Jewish women interviewed had some form of genital mutilation while 27% had undergone partial or total clitoridectomy.

The Case For Circumcision

While most Jewish denominations do not practice female genital mutilation, circumcision for males is required. However, as I stated in a previous article, male circumcision is better for health. Men who are circumcised are less likely to get HIV and infections of the foreskin. Therefore, circumcision for males is a vital part of hygiene and health. This is not, however, true for women. We know that The Torah laws were concerned with prolonging life and healthy living, as I mentioned here.  Therefore, male circumcision makes sense as a Torah law.

Female Genital Mutilation Breaches The Laws of Judaism

However, female genital mutilation has no health benefits and keeps a woman from enjoying sexual pleasure for her entire life. Judaism celebrates female sexuality and the pleasure derived from it in marriage. For this reason, Jewish women have always been granted the right of divorce if the man was not sexually satisfying her. Further, there are laws about how often a married man must “service” his wife, regardless of whether she can have children. Therefore, anything that denies a woman sexual pleasure within her marriage is against Torah law.

Further female genital mutilation, since it is not ordered by The Torah, would be considered by Jewish law as body modification. Thus, it is unacceptable. It falls under the same category as piercings and tattoos.

Duty of Care

While it may still seem like an “other’s” issue, as Beta Israel is an isolated tribe of few, we have a duty to care for Jews worldwide. Therefore, we must speak up for these women. We must shout that our religion does not endorse senseless body modification or harm of our women. We must educate this tribe in the correct reading of The Law.



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