“Redemption” by James K. A. Smith

“Redemption” by James K. A. Smith December 9, 2012

Restoring creation will require the Spirit-inspired work of building caring institutions and life-giving habits.

Jamie Smith has been named the new Editor-in-Chief of Comment Magazine. I have long loved this publication. I wrote the cover story for their September 2008 issue.

James K. A. Smith has been blessed with the wonderful ability to be both a deep critical thinker and a heart-felt worshiper of God. He understands the intersection of loving the Lord our God with both mind and heart.

One of my favorite articles he has written for Comment is one from an issue that went through the storyline of the Bible: Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Jamie wrote the article on Redemption.

“Our good Creator has not left us to our own devices. While we ruptured the plenitude of creative love, our condescending God has also ruptured our brass heaven, along with our desire to enclose ourselves in immanence, appearing in the flesh—our flesh—as the image of the invisible God. Jesus of Nazareth appears as the second Adam who models for us what it looks like to carry out that original mission of image-bearing and cultivation. The Word became flesh, not to save our souls from this fallen world, but in order to restore us as lovers of this world—to (re)enable us to carry out that creative commission. Indeed, God saves us so that—once again, in a kind of divine madness—we can save the world, can (re)make the world aright. And God’s redemptive love spills over in its cosmic effects, giving hope to this groaning creation.”

Read the rest of the article, “Redemption,” here.

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