Getting Your Faith Unstuck – with Sam Van Eman

Getting Your Faith Unstuck – with Sam Van Eman January 6, 2021

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Our guest on this episode of the Reintegrate Podcast is Sam Van Eman, author of Disruptive Discipleship: The Power of Breaking Routine to Kickstart Your Faith (InterVarsity Press, 2017).

As a specialist with the CCO’s Experiential Designs team, Sam creates disruptive and transformational experiences that are designed to jolt us and reorient people so that they can grow in discipleship to Jesus Christ.

In the last episode of 2020, Bob and Brendan began their conversation with Sam. Be sure to check out that Reintegrate podcast. In this episode, Sam provides insights into how we can get our faith unstuck by intentionally creating space for spiritual growth.

Purchase the book at Hearts & Minds Bookstore.

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