Your Faith and Work Journey with Denise Lee Yohn

Your Faith and Work Journey with Denise Lee Yohn December 2, 2022

Denise Lee Yohn is a keynote speaker, consultant, and writer on brand leadership. She has led seminars at such places as Facebook, Lexus, the NFL, and more. When she started her professional career, Denise also became a Christ-follower — and ever since then, she’s been passionate about reintegrating faith and work. She is the director of the Faith & Work Journey, a spiritual formation and professional development experience. She founded the Marketplace Ministry at Harbor Church in San Diego and serves as a founding leader of Vision Pathways, a two-year discipleship and career program that equips recent college graduates to follow Jesus in all of life. She is a popular speaker at Christian organizations and conferences, has contributed to The Gospel Coalition and De Pree Center, and has served as an advisor to the Theology of Work Project.

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