Blood Born

Blood-cursed by his father at birth and always in the shadow of his older brother, Arrius strives his entire life to discover his identity and purpose. Abducted as children, the boys grow up in a cruel Roman senator’s home and eventually become legionaries in the most powerful force on earth—the Roman army.

After years of struggle and tragic loss, Centurion Arrius is assigned to Jerusalem, where he falls in love with a Hebrew woman, Ayla Rose, and their forbidden marriage creates new challenges.

As a broken man in a hopeless situation, Arrius oversees the crucifixion of a strange Rabbi and comes to a life-altering crossroad at the foot of his cross.

What will become of Arrius when his savage roots and brutal past catch up with him and threaten to destroy his life once again?



Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot

God never wastes anything―our strengths, our successes, or our mistakes. In this collection of true stories, Kurt Bubna, a self-confessed “recovering idiot,” chronicles his own honest, heartfelt, and often hilarious missteps along the path to grace. You’ll discover what it means to experience the unconditional love of God, regardless of how often you stumble, and you’ll gain a fresh view of how to find God’s purpose for your life. Learn from Kurt’s trials and triumphs that God is indeed the God of second chances―and His epic grace can transform even the most imperfect life into something priceless.







Uncommon Hope: The Path to an Epic Life

In a thoughtful, authentic, yet humorous and engaging style, “Uncommon Hope” is a book about finding courage, confidence, and even an epic life of adventure in the midst of otherwise paralyzing hardships and grueling trials. Have you ever thought about why struggle and tragedy are so common? Do you often wonder where God is in the midst of your pain? Have you faced a situation that seems hopeless and thought about giving up? Bubna shares encouraging insights on discovering hope in the shadow of great suffering. He’ll explain how God transforms us, taking us from tragedy to a life of adventure.



Pete the Prodigal Pumpkin: A Good News Halloween Story

Pete is a grumpy young pumpkin who decides to leave the pumpkin patch to avoid children and Halloween. Pete rejects his purpose, his friends, and old Farmer Dale and wanders off, only to end up alone and afraid in a dark and scary place. However, just like God came looking for us in our wanderings, Farmer Dale finds, forgives, and restores Pete. Pete the Prodigal Pumpkin: A Good News Halloween Story is a powerful and touching tale of love and redemption that reminds every child how our Father God loves us beyond measure. This full-color, fully illustrated book is top bound (calendar style) for easy lap reading to children. It also has two coloring pages at the end!






Mr. and Mrs. How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage: A Christian Marriage Advice Book

Lasting marriages don’t just survive. They thrive.

Long-married spouses discover how to not just live with each other, but to love each other in a way that can only be described as godly. They’ve come to understand that the joys of marriage often arrive because of its many challenges, not despite them.

Marriage is a perfectly imperfect relationship that’s hard, but worth it.

After nearly forty years of marriage, Pastor Kurt Bubna knows that to be true. In three decades of leading churches, he’s also witnessed the hopes, hurts, confusion, and frustration of hundreds of married couples trying to love each other well in a world that urges selfishness over sacrifice.




Bye-Bye Monsters!: Facing Your Fear

Everyone—from the youngest child to the oldest adult—experiences fear at one time or another. In fact, most kids face some type of phobia on a regular basis. Some fears are okay (e.g. fear of touching a hot stove), but a lot of anxiety is irrational and unwarranted. Typical childhood fears change with age, but when fears persist, they can take a toll on a child’s sense of worth and well-being. Tragically, worry that stems from scary childhood experiences torments too many adults. In this story, a boy named Boo is overwhelmed by many fears. However, he learns to overcome them by remembering that he is not alone and that God is bigger than that which scares him.




The Rookie’s Guide to Getting Published: Survival Tips from the Trenches

In The Rookie’s Guide to Getting Published, fellow rookies Kurt Bubna and Jeff Kennedy share their step-by-step process with you. Learn how to create a compelling book proposal, a solid marketing plan, and get tips on improving the quality of your writing for publication.