Top 70-61 Most Holy Places on Earth Rankings Released

Top 70-61 Most Holy Places on Earth Rankings Released July 3, 2023

Maurizio De Mattei (Shutterstock)

This week, we present to you Patheos’ compilation of the Top 70-61 Most Holy Places on Earth.

Prepare to traverse the globe as we delve into remarkable destinations such as:

The selection process for these remarkable locations was crafted through an algorithm that takes into account a myriad of factors. Opinions from religious scholars, the discerning perspectives of Patheos’ editorial staff and writers, who encompass a wide array of faiths and affiliations, all contributed to the final rankings.  How important a location was to multiple faiths was also considered.

Furthermore, the algorithm incorporated an analysis of current web search trends and real-life foot traffic. From an initial pool of over 1,000 potential sites, the Top 100 were chosen to grace this distinguished list.

Just last week, Patheos revealed the Top 80-71 holy places, which encompassed an enchanting mid-10th century Buddhist temple and a magnificent Islamic mosque in Morocco, renowned for welcoming over 2 million visitors annually.

In the forthcoming weeks, Patheos will continue to unveil an extraordinary collection of sacred locations from every corner of the world. This journey will culminate with the revelation of the paramount selection: The Most Holy Place on Earth.

As the rankings are gradually disclosed in the weeks to come, Patheos extends a warm invitation for you to embark on this expedition of exploration and reverence.

Join us as we navigate through these hallowed destinations, uncovering their profound significance.

You can embark on your own adventure and explore the complete rankings by commencing here or by directly accessing this week’s rankings here.

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