Schism among the Dawoodi Bohras

Schism among the Dawoodi Bohras March 5, 2014

By Shireen Hamza

A schism has occurred in my religious community. Of the many reasons I could have imagined a Muslim, American college student might find herself socially boycotted by some of her Muslim peers, this was not one of them. In the past two weeks, my grief over the loss of my religious leader, Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin, was compounded by the loss of most of my childhood friends, and all of my classmates from the seminary I used to attend (Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiya). Messages (inaccurately) portraying me as a proselytizer, using black magic and shoving perfume in people’s faces to convert them to my beliefs have been circulated on the internet and through social media. I have even been shunned by Rutgers students belonging to my religious community, the Dawoodi Bohras.

Just weeks ago, the sight of another woman wearing a colorful hijab like mine (a rida) on campus was a cause for cheer and comfort in the shared understanding and solidarity between us. Seeing many other Muslim women who wear the hijab at Rutgers has always been a very visible reminder to me that we are a welcome part of the Rutgers community, despite the continued, sinister presence of Islamophobia in America. I have grown to love Rutgers as a place of intellectual growth and diverse community, and my appreciation of this place is precisely why I am outspoken about the difficulties that Muslims and especially Muslim women face at Rutgers, and the need for tolerance and awareness of all marginalized peoples. I have rarely come across anti-Shi’a sentiment in the ethnically and religiously diverse Muslim population here, and I could never have dreamed that I would become the subject of hatred of my fellow Dawoodi Bohras.

Religion blogs have covered the recent passing away of our beloved Syedna as well as the current dispute over succession, but I will summarize the situation briefly. After the passing away of our spiritual leader, Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin, on January 17th, a contention arose as to the identity of his true successor. Syedna Burhanuddin’s followers, the Dawoodi Bohras, are a sect of Shi’a Muslims based in the South Asian subcontinent, but with followers and communities all over the world, including a few thousand in America. The rift occurred when, after the passing of our beloved Syedna, his second-in-command and brother Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin announced that he was the true successor of Syedna Burhanuddin. He did this by sending a personal youtube message (available at to the community via email. However, since a public announcement two years ago, after Syedna had suffered a stroke, the community had believed that his son, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, was his successor. Most of the community still accepts Saifuddin as their leader, although many who live in Dawoodi Bohra communities are afraid to publicly announce their belief in Syedna Qutbuddin. Various tactics have been used by people in the Saifuddin administration, including hate speech against Qutbuddin in the masjid, as well as the door-to-door collection of signatures in support of Saifuddin. Community members who were suspected of harboring sympathies for Syedna Qutbuddin were pre-emptively asked to sign forms swearing their allegiance to Saifuddin. Many also fear being ostracized by friends and even family members, if they openly support Syedna Qutbuddin. These instances are not hearsay; I mention only the first-hand experiences of people I have spoken to in the past two weeks.

Currently, I live in an environment with people of diverse racial identities and class backgrounds, of different belief systems, of various gender identities and sexual orientations, and I am learning to be more mindful of the differences in people’s worldviews. There are many ways that my careless speech could negatively impact people, and probably has. I view this self-education and mindfulness as an ethical responsibility, and find many instructions in my faith to behave compassionately with all people. The instruction of the Prophet to live an existence free from harming others has particular resonance to me on a political and ecological level. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin’s sermons have taught me that Islam is totally applicable to life in modernity, and he has demonstrated that our faith is a living tradition, not something static, frozen in the 7th century.

Many of my friends are not upholding the peace-loving and tolerant standards of the community we grew up in, and I wonder if some are being swayed by the hateful and fear-inducing messages being shown at Dawoodi Bohra masjids all over the world. The only communications I have received from my friends, after telling them of my choice to believe in Syedna Qutbuddin, have been ardent, even angry attempts to convince me to “see the light,” mournful expressions of regret, or prayers for me to receive guidance. The majority of my friends have not contacted me since I have disclosed my choice to them, though they must know how isolating this experience is. Since announcing my choice to my friends, I have made it a point to keep my reasons to myself, except when asked. I do this out of respect for other people’s belief in Mufaddal Saifuddin, knowing that my explanations necessarily include disapproval of someone whom they love and cherish. In the past week, I have stopped accepting offers to “discuss” (or, inevitably, argue) this topic, because it is painful to hear the person I venerate as my spiritual leader being unhesitatingly slandered. I would like to continue my friendships within the Dawoodi Bohra community because I love and respect my friends as individuals, despite our diverging beliefs. Sadly, I am no longer sure that that love and respect is mutual.

I suppose that my disappointment is a naive reaction. Of all people, a Muslim in post-9/11 America should not be surprised at how easily hatred can be born of irrational fear. Wading through the chaotic discourse and constant stream of propaganda employed by people on all sides of this issue, it becomes clear that there are multiple histories and narratives of Syedna Burhanuddin’s time as the leader of the Dawoodi Bohras, and everyone will find reasons for the marginalization of his second-in-command over the past twenty years that support their own narrative. History is not easily demarcated as “ended,” that it might repeat itself. It is as constant and continuous as its employment by those seeking power. I still have hope that I will reconnect with friends “on the other side,” whether in the near or distant future, because the support, compassion and friendship I have found in a country in which the media constantly misrepresents me have shown me that the human connection can trump narratives we inherit.

These events have been a cause for me to thoroughly interrogate the role of religion in my life, which has been a struggle for me since my childhood. I am by no means a religious scholar, though I have had the privilege and mobility to travel halfway across the world in pursuit of a deeper knowledge of our tradition. Since coming back from the seminary in Karachi where I spent my high school years (Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah), I have had to reapply the edicts of our tradition to new scenarios. I was initially drawn to my faith because its foundation and motivation rests on love, and that attraction has been continuous throughout my life, regardless of how my understanding of faith has grown and changed. I felt myself moving away from the community and communal worship in the past two years, and even wondered if my commitment to social justice and certain progressive politics was incompatible with the way Dawoodi Bohras practice religion. I am inspired by the way Syedna Qutbuddin envisions the practice of our faith. He has encouraged all of his daughters and sons to benefit from and contribute back to systems of higher education, and that is a large assurance to me that his view on education for women is not empty rhetoric. Additionally, whenever my family has donated to his charity “Zahra Hasanaat” we have received a full receipt of the way the money was used, down to the number of people who were served food. This gives me hope that he would make good on his promises of transparency in community finances.

I know that some who follow Mufaddal Saifuddin are also committed to liberal values, but I have personally tried and failed to apply his messages to my attempts to lead an ethical life as an open-minded, open-hearted Muslim college student in America. I cannot support a line of thinking that condemns women for working in call centers because they might “fall into sin,” without providing an acceptable, equally lucrative alternative, or addressing the larger problem: the global inequalities that have made a job at a call center catering to Western consumers a means to pull an entire Indian family out of poverty. While Syedna Burhanuddin warned his followers against falling prey to the Western cultural hegemony, he by no means forbid women from participating in the global economy in a professional capacity. Rather, he gave his support to all men and women who sought to educate themselves, and as a result, there are many male and female doctors, lawyers, technologists, and other highly-skilled professionals in the community today. In his remarks about call centers, Saifuddin shamed those working women without correspondingly organizing a communal effort to provide working women with a realistic alternative means to support themselves and their families. Saifuddin has encouraged women to participate in communal efforts encouraging women to always wear the hijab in public “for their own safety,” and to gain proficiency in domestic skills. These are themes that he has emphasized with great force in his sermons. I was alarmed by reports from multiple women, from the poor districts of Pune to the affluent neighborhoods of Mumbai to suburban New Jersey, of a group of women from the community coming to their homes and asking them to sign pledges committing them to always wearing the rida (the Dawoodi Bohra hijab) outside of the house. Some were told to sign the form or be removed from the increasingly invasive online database of Dawoodi Bohras, through which permission was granted to attend the sermons of Syedna Burhanuddin. Syedna Burhanuddin had repeatedly encouraged women to wear the rida out of pride in their identity, rather than out of fear of their community or as a result of compulsion by their husbands. I have had the privilege to choose to wear the rida in public, as an act of worship and a statement of identity, and I would hope that that would continue to be a choice, rather than a compulsion, for women in our community. Rather than dismantling systems of female oppression in the South Asian subcontinent, systems that are always compounded by poverty, this line of thinking only works to solidify the role of women as second class citizens within the community.

I feel a strong connection to Syedna Qutbuddin, as I did to Syedna Burhanuddin, and my recent choice has cleared much of the cognitive dissonance that I have struggled with over the past two years. My choice is, in some ways, a new beginning, and in some ways a reconnection to an ancient continuity. Still, I know that staying true to my faith and moral compass will constantly require self-awareness and consciousness of others. I am grateful to the saints, leaders, teachers, thinkers, poets, friends and family who have helped me, people from a variety of time periods, faiths, and walks of life. I know that approaching the future with an open mind is compatible with my faith, and, with much help and support, I’m ready to face that challenge.

Shireen Hamza is a Shi’ah Muslim American woman studying English & Arabic literature at Rutgers, the State University of New Brunswick.


Editorial Note: You can read a response to Ms. Hamza’s article here: No Schism, Just Sadness: A Dawoodi Bohra Responds.

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389 responses to “Schism among the Dawoodi Bohras”

  1. What a courageous and thoughtful young woman you are! It is hard enough for a person of faith to be questioning of religious practices and teachings but to do it at the cost of losing everything you have known your whole life and to give up your friends must have called for a measure of conviction and courage that I know few to have.

  2. You are so blinded Shirin. I know your family well. I feel bad for you and all the others who have been influenced by this cynical and evil person and his family (KQ). It’s clear as day that he’s a fraud and amazing that people blessed with such intelligence are so blinded by him. He cannot even speak clearly, which should be a sign that Allah has punished him by taking that ability away. We pray for all of you to realize your mistake and take Mufaddal Moula’s hand again.


    Yes, call centers have helped thousands of Indian families alleviate poverty and enter the fold of the burgeoning Indian middle-class, but this has come with drastic social and cultural costs. It is a tragic irony that this news article is published on the same day as this post. Despite her obvious courage, the young author here is a privileged young lady. It is easy to comment on the difficulties faced by ‘poor’ Indians while studying in a US university whose annual tuition (in-state) is nearly 20 times the per capita income of the average Indian.

  4. None of the Dawoodi Bohra community members are forced into anything or as you try to draw administrative measures into acts of penalizing the liberty of a person is correct in anyway.
    Surely you have been part of the community for many years and a student of Jamea Saifiyah but you did not mention the influence of Khuzaima Qutbuddin and his family on you especially through the sabaqs that you have been taking in the past and even now maybe.
    Black magic may not be the case but knowing your background and your family, your writeup is totally biased and its not about seeking peace at all.
    You choose the way you want to but people have lost attachment to you so as to not be influenced by thoughts. You might agree that peer groups have a fair enough influence on a persons views and thought process and therefore people just want to stay away from you and not due to any hate campaign or something that you have put up in your writeup.
    There are enough evidences to shun Khuzaima’s claims towards the lofty rutba but its a piety you could not see it
    I do not see the purpose of this article and what does it solve except that you wanted to speak out your mind about the internal affairs of the community to seek sympathy of non-community members who do not basically care about your personal mindset of beliefs.
    Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has never stopped anyone of any gender from Education rather has guided them to the betterment of life in a very practical way.
    There are two sides of a coin the second side which you refuse to show can be found at and
    An unofficial dedicated channel might also shed some light

  5. The challenge with faith is that it is intensely personal and private. What Shireen is going through and probably a lot of her community members is a decision that if they show their choice through words or actions they will be ostracized (like the commenters Juzer Noorani and GH have done). I have lived in Mumbai all my life and know the deep anguish the community is going through and am seeing three specific phenomena –
    1. There is a smaller but vocal and radical faction that has coalesced around Mufaddal Saifuddin and is willing to “die” for him
    2. The larger community is afraid that their access will be stopped and therefore are not trying to even think if the other person has truth to his claim.
    3. The liberal (or balanced) people are dis-enfranchising from the community as they are rejecting the radicalization of their community.

    One thing is for sure. The Bohras are meek people and they will always seek shelter in numbers and be suppressed by the powerful.

  6. The author is attempting to appeal to humanitarian principles, sound appealing , but I urge anyone that reads this article to embark on some real scholarship.Individual action should never be given collective communal responsibility. It’s easy to think you belong to a community of devout when you are part of a “cult” that comprises of fewer than a thousand people. A community that has not reached that number of followers will always seek shelter in viewing the masses and society as a whole as cynically corrupt or decadent.You might find this”schism” to be nothing more than a blatant attempt at a “coupe d’etat ” from a man that always aspired to amass absolute power. Much can be said, but lets just leave it there. The girl sound distressed , she truly is.

  7. To all of us who knew shireen, this article and its style isn’t much of a shock. She’s always had a way with words and has always made her point of view sound like the only correct way to think and believe. Yet, this article has a great many fallacies and omissions that we need not delve into; but for arguments sake lets discuss one- when syedna Muffadal Saifuddin urged women away from the harms that come from working in call centers, there was a lucrative alternative provided. Home science. It’s not just cooking and cleaning and sewing. It is a vast field if properly studied can make one wealthy. Its a form of business that appeals to people because its has personal touches that are rare in today’s fast paced world. Only a small minded person would call it a small field. I’m sure many women and companies that not only support their families but run international empires based on home sciences would agree. Also, another point that struck me as superfluous is her avoiding people who wish to speak with her and then moaning about being avoided. If you don’t wish to speak about religious differences, bearing in mind that religion is what tied us all together, was the base upon which we accepted each other and formed our relationships, then what do you wish to discuss? Trivial matters like how your day went? We can’t, because our entire day, our every minute and second is spent loving syedna Muffadal Saifuddin, our day only goes well when we have acquired his happiness. Sorry kiddo but it isn’t hate that people feel towards you these days, it’s apathy and indifference. It’s a classic case of schoolgirls saying “you go your way, I’ll go mine”.

  8. I am a member of the Dawoodi Bohra Community and I am deeply troubled by the vicious and toxic attacks by the majority on the people who’ve chosen to follow Mazoon saheb. I admire the courage in this young woman and wish more people could break out of the mould and start thinking for themselves. As I attend the mosque regularly, I keep getting this sinking feeling that politics and wordly gains have become more important than the basic tenants of our faith. It further saddens me to see the youth of the community being brainwashed to an extent where they no longer can reason.

  9. PinkPolkaDot, multinational businesses built on home products cannot be built without women interacting with men. Mufaddal Saifuddin seems to warn against that evil in one of his sermons. He has said time and again that if you allow women to interact with “bemehram” men it can lead to “what not!” “Su thai sake che..!” Please don’t try to pretend that he wants women to open up world class enterprises when he is suggesting that they study home science. He is asking them to keep home more efficiently for their husbands – which in itself is not a bad thing, but it is a horrible way to define a woman

  10. Do we want our women to give up opportunities to improve the economic standing of their families because some other woman fell prey to a criminal act? That’s akin t saying don’t travel by air because there might be a terrorist attack…

  11. PinkPolkaDot, multinational businesses built on home products cannot be built without women interacting with men. Mufaddal Saifuddin seems to warn against that evil in one of his sermons. He has said time and again that if you allow women to interact with “bemehram” men it can lead to “what not!” “Su thai sake che..!” Please don’t try to pretend that he wants women to open up world class enterprises when he is suggesting that they study home science. He is asking them to keep home more efficiently for their husbands – which in itself is not a bad thing, but it is a horrible way to define a woman

  12. That cognitive dissonance be because you crazy ! Why ponder over religion when all you care about is ethics , secularism is the true golden path , go on fellow atheist !

  13. Let’s see… someone bothered to make 31 videos slandering someone who for 50 years was the second-in-command of your religious leader. And you say there is no hate campaign against people who made a choice different from the majority?! Were the cursing sessions in your mosques not designed to inspire hate? Are the hateful late-night calls received by the minority not a sign of hate?! Please don’t distance the leadership from these acts. The hate they instilled at first and then fearfully and hypocritically retracted in public has led to disgraceful behavior by the followers.

  14. Don’t you recall the “Su thai? Su Thai? Su thai?” bayan from MS? Home science was only presented as an alternative for education, but finally MS does want women to sit at home! He has made that very clear multiple times. Then again why should women be restricted only to Home Science? We have some good women doctors in our community, did their parents make a huge mistake? Many of these women became doctors with the Raza of Aqa Burhanuddin moula!

    So someone with an MBA degree can decide to stay at home and raise a family, that’s ok, it’s your choice. Do not make that decision for other women just under the pretense and fear that they will commit adultery. Should the same fear of sinful acts not keep your husbands at home? Not only is the MS logic unreasonable and have double standards, it also shows his lack of trust in mumineen women, and a huge divergence from the teachings and actions of Syedna Taher Saifuddin and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin. MS is taking the community towards radical Islam like the Taliban!
    When an impostor preaches without the guidance of his Imam, he is bound to lead his followers astray!

  15. The girl is distressed that a hate campaign against her beliefs has alienated her friends. Why are her friends so insecure in their own faith that they should fear that associating with her will move them away from theirs? The girl finds it difficult to believe that ALL her friendships were based on nothing more than a shared faith that has now diverged. The girl is exploring her situation intellectually. I doubt she needs your false pity.

  16. Judging from the quality of the article and the quality of the comments of those who claim to be your friends, the loss is entirely theirs Shireen. I see a future for you where you will be blazing trails in all walks of life and I see success as your companion for life. You go girl!

  17. Shireen – You and your family are brave and I salute your conviction to stand up against these tyrants. If the responses from PinkPolka and GH are any indication of the so called friends you have left behind then I think you are better off without these people in your life. The Talibanization of the Syedna Mufaddal bohras is going to drive more of the educated and thoughtful bohras away from the mainstream in the coming months and years including may be myself.

  18. I am a member of DB and a follower of Seyedna Muffadal Saifuddin (TUS), and I would first like to say that not all of us (in fact, the majority of us are not) attacking you, nor are we (the majority) publically attacking KQ. Yes, we may say it under our breath and in the privacy of our jamaats, but you must remember, he has essentially called our maula a liar (via youtube, his public website, etc.). If he would have at least made this claim (using the exact same method – youtube, etc.) while Seyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin was alive, I would have given him some plausibility/respect. Sorry to go off topic, as this is not the point of my message.

    When I heard that you (Shirin) had chosen KQ, I was quite saddened, as I knew you would immediately feel the hatred/animosity from some of your closest friends. Its almost naive of you to be surprised by this. You attended Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiya which is essentially run and attended by those that are closest to Seyedna Muffadal Saifuddin. I have to say that I’m quite surprised and disappointed that you wrote this publically available article attacking our leader, which will cause even more attacks/slander onto you.

    I would just like to say that I am sorry there are some naive/angry followers of SMS who have attacked and continue to attack you, but they are the small minority. Yes, I know the majority have chosen to “excommunicate” (i.e. ignore) you, but again, you made the choice (which is 100% your right as a human being) to follow KQ who attacks our maula, and now you are choosing to publically attack our maula, so how can we be expected to not excommunicate you? Did you follow Seyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin when he instructed mumineen to “socially boycott” certain individuals? I also have to say that based on your article above, it seems like you just disagreed with SMS’ stance on women/education, knew that your parents/family were set on KQ, and made the “easier” choice of following KQ (someone who’s philosophy is easier to follow) vs. accepting SMS and internally struggling with how to understand and follow his more strict approach (like the majority of us).

    My final, and most important, message to all KQ followers and mumineen is this – be better. Ignore (i.e. excommunicate) the otherside, move on with your lives, grieve and reminisce over our beloved Seyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, and know that you have the right to follow/love whomever you’d prefer and that it is simply wrong to hate and attack one another.

  19. I am so torn apart by this schism sister and I feel your pain. On the one hand I am convinced that Syedna Qutbuddin is the true Dai and I am revolted by the phony show of allegiance to Mufaddal Saifuddin and the constant demands for money in the masjid that I continue to visit. On the other hand, I cannot give up my family and friends who will undeniably try to change my mind and stop speaking with me if I do break away. Reading this article has given me the courage to speak to my family – inshAllah.

  20. Well said. Please don’t take some of the comments (like GH) as the majority. They really aren’t. With every following, you will have ignorant viewpoints.

    The problem is your attack on our moula (sms). Just agree to not see eye to eye with his farmans, don’t try to disrupt the iman of those who are following him, and be happy with your own decision and newly formed sect. You’re entitled to that. No one will stop you.

  21. Brother Moiz you have summed this up correctly. There are two other smaller groups.
    1) Those convinced about the truth of Syedna Qutbuddin’s claims but fearful of the consequences of making their allegiance public – such as – I am sorry to say, myself.
    2) Those who have boldly come out in the open about their allegiance for Syedna Qutbuddin – such as Shireen Hamza and her family.

  22. You call Shireen naive but I believe it is you who are naive. Your leadership is the one that inspired the hatred and then distanced themselves from it by calling on “kakajisaheb” to come and give him a big ol’ hug.. I was there. You cannot blame the followers to run with the idea and act on the hate that was inspired by the overly long, hateful speeches against Syedna Qutbuddin. You also cannot believe that Mufaddal Saifuddin was unaware or did not condone these things as it was happeneing in majlises run by his raza. It is this acting out of hate that drove some of us who could sense their fear to the FatemiDawat website. Mufaddal Saifuddin’s act of hypocricy was the biggest factor in convincing me that Syedna Qutbuddin spoke the truth.

  23. I don’t think you’ve understood the context and purpose of that particular bayaan or of any of our moula’s sermons considering you’re against his being your moula but still I’ll try to lay it out in easy words for you. Yes, an international business does require interaction with men. And yes, we are discouraged from that. TO CERTAIN EXTENTS. Stay in lihaaz and try not to be overly extroverted with men who aren’t your mehramdaar. Its not like thats bad advice right? Its an easy way to ensure your safety from a great many dangers the most extreme being rape. No one has told us to just sit at home for our husband, although I’m sure if you are running a business and brining a profit home your husband will benefit too. Same as when he brings home his earnings. This isn’t a men are superior to women conflict nor are we trying to define women this way. I think if you analyze the statements its actually just showing women a basic way to perform great khidmats that had been placed on the back burner and are now being being brought out again. And of course there are women doctors and lawyers and MBAs and all sorts of career women in our community but most have pursued their careers with two essential components that make it alright for them to do so: 1. Raza of moula 2. The end goal to in whatever way possible gain his happiness and serve him.
    When you love someone the way the entire community loves moula, you aspire to gain his happiness through his guidance. It’s the most efficient way. It’s not blackmail, or brainwashing, or peer pressure. It’s love. So when people in our community are asked to sign petitions and campaigns it’s not to pressurize or ostracize those who don’t wish to sign, it’s just a way for those who want to show their love and faith to do so. They sign it gladly and freely. Also, I’d like to reiterate, no one feels hate for you shireen, you made your decision and if it’s based on an academic viewpoint then you knew that excommunication and boycotting would be inevitable. You made a decision knowing the consequences, so now you’ve got two choices-stick with it and just accept your lot, or lessen the value of your decision by not accepting the consequences that came with it. There is no hate campaign against you or your leader. Just as his faction has made videos and websites to help his community be strong in their faith, so has our community as well. Their just points to help strengthen our beliefs with academical proofs and first hand accounts and such. And if your convinced your on the right path then don’t let them affect you, but if there’s even a little bit of doubt anywhere maybe you should watch/ read them, you might just find the clarification your looking for. The same way a greats many people who believe moula but sometimes stray due to distance and lack of conviction and ilm have found logical basis in these hujjats that sustain them. I’m not smart enough to provide an answer for everything, that’s my own human flaw and not a reflection of the entire community, but I can call it as I see it. Somethings require a third person view and somethings can only be understood by one completely involved in said issue. Personally, I’d trust the latter point of view because I’ve always preferred sympathy to pity.

  24. No matter how many words you try to veil it in, MS said that when men and women interact it will eventually lead to adultery. It is utter rubbish and does not make sense in any context. I am surprized that you think that the lack of interaction keeps women safe!
    And your comparison of the davedar videos to those on the FatemiDawat website is laughable. The davedar videos use street language that one would not want one’s children to hear. They don’t strengthen faith, they inspire hate. They don’t educate, they slander. Really Polka, you are clutching at straws. The hate campaign did happen. Hateful untruths WERE presented in long speeches in majlises called for mourning Burhanuddin Moula. The hate campaign did backfire and was then was hurriedly retracted.
    Many of us were present for all of it.
    Shireen will survive the excommunication. She has already moved on. You on the other hand are still commenting on her blog and addressing her directly. Please decide whether you are excommunicating her or not.

  25. Those who wanted to sign willingly, obviously did so, whatever their motivation. Those who did not want to sign were also unfortunately forced to sign because of the presence of Burhani Guards/chamchas in their little chawl rooms or SBUT provided temporary housing. Therein lies the problem. It always amuses me that people extrapolate the events and sentiments prevalent in bubbles in the west to the rule-of-fear Bohra neighborhoods of Mumbai…Really Polka, do you think that an old aunt and uncle in bhendi bazaar get the same treatment that you do with your fat salams and pretty shoes? Whereas you are courted with pretty manners, they are threatened and coerced. It was never the way of Burhanuddin Moula but it definitely was the way of the administration placed around him by some of his sons. So don’t you be saying EVERYONE signed out of love 🙂 if there was so much overflowing love, what was the need for a signature campaign?

  26. The author of this blog, Shireen has not understood the meaning behind
    what was said in the waaz. No where was it said that women deserve to be
    behind the chula or sit at home. It is the authors inference, not the
    meaning. Perhaps due to her fear of being left behind at home, or whatever, I do not wish to understand her state of mind, In doing so I would have to go to that
    level. Cooking is prevalent and is one among ways to express love for her family, and support for children, which is the actual meaning of aali qadr maula tus. He does not mean that working is not allowed, and if there is a need to work, wear clothes which would not attract unwanted attention. If this authors mind is open and sense prevails, she would realize that the claimant is falling down a slippery slope, getting less slippery now, along with him, his misguidance to people who follow him will take them to a place from where there can be no return once its reached its logical bottom.
    There is hope yet for those who are on this slippery slide, think a
    little more out of the box that you currently are in, more than what you have thought and you may surprise yourself with the answers your mind would receive.

  27. Those were not hate campaigns as you put it, they were Aqeedah’s presented by the brothers of the claimant which if you listened to with an unbiased mind had truths unraveling the years of deception and misguidance of the claimant, they (the brothers and those of a level who mumineen look up to) had to declare it in public, so as not to misguide any one and affirm their loyalty to aali qadr maula TUS, as the claimant is from amongst them. The Signature campaign was done at night, though an inappropriate time it had to be completed to give a reply to a letter being submitted by the claimant to govt. offices in India the next day. This Signature campaign was a reply to a step taken by the claimant, it was not a preemptive one. First steps against Dawat and Maula RA were taken now and were taken many years ago by the claimant, devious and cunning ones, hidden ones as he wanted to establish his own dawat. Everyone understands aapni zabaan, ie daawat ni zaaban written in arabic script transliterated from gujrati, this statement, ‘aa daavedar potani shaan ma chalto tho ane chale che’ (the claimant walks reveling in his own imagined greatness, used to and now revealed) has meanings behind it for those who want to know the truth. Imagine the arrogance, the pride, the self importance, the self greatness of such a person. These thoughts are against Islam in every way. They go against humility, humbleness against being human itself, against insaniyaat. They are the original negative thoughts from ibleesiyat, expanded over time by people with similar ones.

  28. A lot of people feel the same way as Ms. Shireen Hamza , however with reasons clearly stated by others in comments, I understand why people are not willing to take a public stand in favour of Syedna Khuzaima Qutbudin (TUS). If we are a religious faith based on Aql (Intellect)we should be driven by conviction, hence I would expect the majority to follow Syedna Khuzaima Qutbudin (TUS), However, should we consider ourselves an indian Tribe with delusions of being a religious cult, then we are likely to follow former Shahzada Muffadal Saifudin.


    Pray what part of this waaz is ambiguous? Perhaps where he says “men should ask their wives to wear a rida,,,and they should tell their wives Get out of my house’ if they don’t do it” Listen to you guys. No one is making these things up. He actually said them.

  30. These comments mirror the progressive Dawoodi bhora forums. Sounds like the qutbi bhoras and the progressives are a match made in heaven. Just unite and start your new faith. Chup chap. Anyone is free to join you and no one will stop you. Stop wasting time blogging and start your dawat.

  31. It seems to me that you are calling Syedna Qutbuddin Iblis. Nauzobillah. Why did Aqa Burhanuddin elevate him to the second highest office in Dawat? Why insist on keeping him in that office despite the anti-Mazoon campaign of the last quarter decade? Please don’t give me the tired old “keeping enemy close” excuse. Burhanuddin Moula cared too much about his mumineen to let them take his name in misaq for 50 years, to pray for his long life after morning namaaz, to put his name in ruku chitthi – if he was indeed Iblis as you imply. Burhanuddin Moula RA appointed him Mazoon because he was deserving of the rutba. Burhanuddin Moula did not make a colossal mistake as you are implying.
    Any speech in which the curse of Allah is called upon the subject is a hateful speech. Aqeedahs presented in the masjid were hateful and surreal, given that these people placed Syedna Qutbuddin’s name in a piece of paper held in the hands of their dead relatives until a few days ago. Mumineen then acted out their hate on followers of Syedna Qutbuddin

  32. I don’t think you know who I am that you can claim my shoes are pretty and my salaams are fat? I can assure that I come from a family of modest means and although yes, I’m moderately better off than some, there are many more who are much much better off than I am. You don’t know me, so please don’t even pretend to. Since #shiningbright already explained the reason for campaign signing and videos I’ll just get straight to the interaction point. No one said that ALL interaction leads to adultery. But it’s foolish to assume that that doesn’t happen at all either I mean a quick look around shows us the effects of affairs on everyone around the couple. And it’s usually always between two who have had another relationship for quite some time as opposed to random strangers. But look, I don’t have to convince you or even prove my point to you because let’s face it, you don’t want to believe what I say you just want to go on and on about how Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin(tus)’s bayaan makes no sense to you; that’s alright because it doesn’t make sense to rocks either. As for old uncles and aunties in bhendi bazaar, I know many of them well, if they hadn’t wanted to sign no one would have kicked them out of their houses or anything and if they were coerced(which they weren’t) then they could have always retracted their statement. That’s all whatever, every person as an individual has to make their own decision in a number of situations. Shireen has made hers. I’ve made mine. Those aunties and uncles have decided on their course of action. So you’re right maybe this will be my last comment because I’ve a life to live as well and wasting it replying to people who aren’t listening isn’t a good use of it at all. You’re user name is seeking peace, I want it too maybe silence and acceptance that we belong to different factions that will probably never get along is it. Maybe the ending of this public slandering and display of hate is it. If it is, then I’ll start trying for it now by saying peace out man!

  33. Well, Syedna Aali Qadr Muffadal Moula (TUS), bayan on women is taken out of context and you can hold on to this straw and attack Him. But the reality is whatever He has said is bayan, came either from Holy Quran, Aawliya’s document and similiar literature.

    In anyway thats does not make KQ a religious leader of any sort as is he is not and will be not. For the fact that are mentioned elsewhere at believesyednaqutbuddin or dawadarnikahani.

    Edit 1: As in any religion, its not a convenience of individual by which a religion is conducted. The religious leader has his duty to foresee the problems and guide the community. Its perfectly fine you feel connection with KQ. Remember: Bird of same feather flocks to gether. Congrats.

    Edit 2: Are you sure He (Aali Qadr TUS) has not done or doing anything for the women, or you prefer He sent you email with the every update :))

  34. Since you have no defense for the content you make personal comments. When I need your advice about what I should or should not do, I will seek it.

  35. nowhere has it been said what you said above, these are your thoughts from your own mind, not mine. Ibleeseyat and being Iblees are very different. If you intend on calling him what you called him, I have no arguments on this :). I do not call the claimant any such word, rather the same behavior or qualities that caused that angel to be removed, ie self arrogance, self greatness, applying his own mind when what is required is blind obedience, these are present in the character of the claimant, anyone who can be objective can see this.
    However, since you require clarification kindly read the 3 sentences preceding the last of my comment above again.

  36. In what context is it OK to ask a man to throw his wife out of the house if she does not wear a rida? Or to question why women go to University? It is a direct contradiction of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s hidayat. You cannot make excuses for it because you believe him to be your leader.

  37. Again well, its very presumptuous to consider a Bawa Shafiq (TUS) would want to do any such thing to His followers or/and their families. Its like Allah is Not Allah because He asked Ibrahim (AS) to slay his son. If you just understood his words at its surface level, you are better off with some else ;). You know what I mean.

  38. As per the passage of time, the doat mutlaqeen are the zaman’s ( current time period) caretakers (for all mumineen). They act as per the situations in this time period, each dai uz zaman does so. In this current time period the main concern of aali qadr maula tus is simple, to ensure that immorality (including tobacco, alcohol, adultery or even rape) is removed, ladies do not remain unmarried and that ladies attend to their house (of course cooking is one part) and if needed work, but not at night shifts which is the time of the majority of call centers. Perhaps another reason could be the extreme career orientation of some muminaat’s as though they are married to their careers rather than have a life, which aali qadr maula tus is concerned of, regardless of the muminaats own concern for themselves which they would realize only when its too late. Islam has got strict reactions for immoral actions… which is what maula tus wants to save us from.
    Is it wrong for maula tus to protect such people and warn others from doing such things ?
    Maulas tus needs to be concerned as this zamaans caretaker (for all mumineen) that those who do this or are doing so should not and those who have not should take care this never happens,
    Is it so wrong for maula tus to take care of such types ? or to prevent others from going on the wrong path ?

  39. Exactly my point. When Allah asked Ibrahim(AS) to go forth and slay his son, he set forth to do so without questioning it. When Mufaddal Bhaisaheb asks mumineen to throw their wives out if they do not wear a rida, mumineen make excuses and say THAT is not what he actually means, he means something else.

  40. Ha Ha ha, they make excuses or they follow somebody else who is more convenient to their liking.

  41. I agree, not possible to argue with people who have unbreakable rocks in their minds and souls. Those who have decided have decided however misguided, and I for one, do not want to reach the level they are at, to explain to them…
    If their better sense prevails perhaps their eyes will open, all the better for them and here’s wishing them luck .

  42. Though these comments seem to be in reply to you, they are in no way meant only for you, Peace. Obey your own namesake ID 🙂 .

  43. I have been hearing this discussion in my jamaat as to the comparison of Rasullah keeping his enemies close, and similarly Burhanuddin mola doing the same with Mazun mola thus implying that Mazun mola was being kept at his esteemed position out of fear question is “fear of what ?”…. If you have read Islamic history you would know how powerful those 3 shayateen were…on the other hand Mazun mola was the youngest of all the brothers(and was absolutely in no position to cause damage to Dawat), and still Burhanuddin mola made him his Mazun…. So that reasoning is just a farce and total crap from the kothar.

    second thing I have been hearing is about Iblis being an angel could turn against Allah and so why not Mazun.
    I was surprise when our stupid aamilsaheb also claimed Iblis as farishta. I have attended mukasir mola’s ( hussain bhaiseb) where in he clearly mention that Iblis was a Jin but had done so many years if khidmat that he used to be around farishtas. He himself was never a farishta. by nature farishat

  44. Already out living my life! Just because you say we have rocks in our hearts does not mean it is true. You are entitled to your opinions though, so let’s leave it at that!

  45. I am already out living my life! Just because you say we have rocks in our hearts does not mean it is true. You are entitled to your opinions though, so let’s leave it at that!

  46. Aziz Poonawala’s article can’t be further from the truth.
    He denies the hate campaign ever took place, all the lanat sessions in the masjids around the world which were encouraged for the first 15 days after wafat of Burhanuddin Moula RA cannot be swept away under the rug just because Aziz did not witness them. Is he not aware of the same being continued in the madressah classes. Denying them will not mean these did not happen. Many people participated in these lanat sessions with a lot of fervor and there were many more which were turned off by these hateful sessions, hence the reversal in policy was quite evident in the first waaz by MS.

    Aziz and Pink Polka are quite naive to believe that the late night door knocking in mohallas to collect signatures in support of MS was an outpouring of love or as per Aziz never happened. They are so far removed from Bhendi Bazaar and Bangalore and Secunderabad that they are ignorant of the harassment and public disgrace of those who sympathized with Syedna Qutbudin. I myself have been subject to harassing phone calls at all times of day and night and have a collection of hate messages in my voice mail.

    Aziz quite naively tries to show the difference between the claims based on the number of followers with 3 photographs, let me remind Aziz, there were only 80 supportes left with Nooh Nabi, all others left him, only a few handful supporters with Moulana Ali after Rasullulah passed away, only 72 with Aqa Hussain, and in more recent times majority of the mumineen got swayed by Suleiman including the entire family of Syedna Dawood bin Ajabshah. His Mazoon Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah who was the true mansoos was left with a small number of believers. So don’t go by numbers, time will show Syedna Qutbuddin is on Haqq.

    MS and his camp have asked bohras not even to go to the FatemiDawat website, because they are afraid that people will start thinking and that is harmful for them. Despite all efforts thousands have visited the website and keep coming back again and again.

    This is the dawat of Imamuz zaman, it will flourish, Fatemi Dawat will flourish!
    May mumineen get the tawfeeq to differentiate between haqq and batil, and may they get the strength to stand for haqq. Shirin Hamza has shown the strength of her conviction and her courage in standing up against tremendous peer pressure. Way to go Shirin!

  47. Good for you!
    But please just ask your leaders (Khuzaima’s sons mostly) to stop spamming our email, text and whatssapp accounts.

  48. Khuzaima’s son in law Abduz Zaher has publicly said laanat on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, but I guess that’s ok with you.

  49. You are completely off the chart about your points 1, 2 and 3.
    You have no idea the throes of people who are with Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin but you carry on with your leader in his delusions of grandeur.

  50. Ahhhh c’mon, now. Don’t be a chicken. Come out! Nobody’s out to get you.
    You leader will surely give you aasro in Thane or maybe he will get you political asylum and settle you in Bakersfield, USA. His son TB needs laborers to help him grow blackberries.

  51. Ahhhh… stop it with flimsy argument of Khuzaima being in khidmat since last 50 years.
    In all these years he has done nothing to uplift one Bohra or done anything to uplift the community on the whole. He has always gone left when Syedna Burhanuddin was going right.
    Khuzaima was always interested in himself and his immediate family.
    It was always, “mein mein mein” and maari shaan with that megalomaniac.

  52. Go sit in any of Khuzaima’s bayans then talk about aql.
    It is the person himself, the delusion master Khuzaima himself. Sane people would not give him any time of the day.
    The guy who always prays maghrib qazaa is expected to be followed by a million? ha ha. Are you sure you are not one of Khuzaima’s litter?

  53. Totally second your first statement! This has become devil’s playground. Khuzaima and his cohorts, so called progressive and the udaipurias have all teamed together to bash their one single enemy, the Dawoodi Bohras.

  54. Where was the hate? Khuzema and his family always chose to go left when Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin went right.
    Syedna Burhanuddin tried to appeal to Khuzema sooooo many times. He tried Syedna Mufaddal to marry Khuzema’s daughter, KQ broke it off. Syedna Burhanuddin tried to get Qusai bs to marry KQ’s daughter, she always shunned him. Syedna Burhanuddin engaged Ammar bs with KQ’s eldest daughter, she broke it off. Syedna Burhanuddin got Shz Huzefa bhaisab’s daughter with KQ’s son, KQ broke it off.

    It has always been Khuzema and his family who always shunned Syedna Burhanuddin.

  55. What the hell are you getting so emotional about? There is no substance in Khuzaima Qutbuddin’s claims.

    Firstly, there is NO evidence of nass on Khuzaima Qutbuddin because nass can be private but NEVER without witnesses.

    Second, even if, let’s assume for a second that nass was done 50 years back, Syedna Burhanuddin automatically retracted it when he did nass on Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin in Roudat Tahera couple of years back. I was there and I heard it and 1000s did too.

    Third, we have always known that Aali Qadr had a nirali shaan. And there are documents to prove nass on him and Shahzada’s eye witness in London as well.

    You need to get off off this Khuzaima’a delusion of grandeur.

  56. You seem to be falsely under the impression that a position of mazoon is a guaranteed seat to dai-ship.

    Syedna Burhanuddin obligingly made KQ mazoon but then made Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin the 53rd dai.

    That’s Syedna Burhanuddin’s prerogative and his alone.
    End of story.

  57. WhoKnowsWhat – Let’s just say You Know Nothing. That is as far as I will dignify your comments. Go back to the Progressive Bohras forum where you came from.

  58. Yea’ right. Do you even know what “Progressive Bohras” are?

    You are either Zahra Vahanvaty, Ramlah, Taiyeba, B Tahera, B. Saifiya, Abduz Zaher, Murtaza Vahanvaty, Moiz Mohyuddin, Husain Q, Aziz Q, TB, or one of their 17 other cohorts.

    Go take a chill pill. You Khuzaima followers are nothing but a pathetic, laughable bunch of megalomaniacs.

    We are the true Dawoodi Bohras, the followers of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin.

  59. Charming, 72 with Hussain (AS) etc. As Mirza Ghalib said “DIL KO BEHLANE KE LIYE GHALIB YE KHAYAL ACHHA HAI,”

    Well, Imam Hussain (AS) did not sent notice that the property belongs to him nor did Nooh Nabi etc.

    While Moula Ali were preparing for RasullAllah’s dhafan, KQ was organizing his website launch at Darus Sakhifa. Interesting,

    In the Grandeur of illusion, what they thought that with the website launch and claiming false nass, all the mumineen will flock to his door step leaving Haq na sahib (read) Aali Qadr Aqa Moula (TUS). Wow very interesting.

  60. You are the true Mufaddalis, you can’t even claim you are the followers of SMB, you were giving hypocritical misaaq for 50 years and harboring the adawat of the mazoon and in turn the dai for 50 years!

  61. With each additional personal attack and insult from the Mufaddal Saifuddin supporters, I am convinced that my first instinct to accept Syedna Qutbuddin as my Dai was correct. He did not need to do a nass charade which was an insult to the intelligence of mumineen the world over; he did not need to produce a new document upon realizing that people saw through the nass charade. He simply told it like it happened with his hand on the Qur’an. I will answer his call.
    Other than Respect and RIP SMB, I have not seen any civilized comments from MS followers. I will be giving my misaaq to Qutbuddin Moula shortly and inshaAllah I will convince my family over time.

  62. Why have you been waiting for so long? Khuzaima and his family need laborers. They are short-handed. Go take the next flight. Just leave us alone.ta ta

  63. Wrong!

    We have heard Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin confer nass upon Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin and we will follow.

    If Khuzaima had stayed in line and been a taabein of 52nd dai, maybe just maybe he would have rightfully earned the 53rd daiship.

  64. 1WhoKnowzWhat, Bhai, Just see when Burhanuddin Aqa RA were alive, KQ wajifat sukr bhi dhang si na pado, Muqqadas Moula RA ni shahat par girani hati to kiyare ek ansu na nikalo.

    Burhanuddin Aqa RA ni hikmat dekho, aaje KQ and his cohorts Burhanuddin Aqa RA kehta kehta nathi thakta ane KQ khoon na ansu roi rahyo che. Burhanuddin Aqa toh Burhanuddin Aqa che.

  65. All these people commenting in favor of KQ here are KQ’s family members and some who are taking advantage of the whole situation like “progressives” and such.

  66. Congrats for your misaq,

    I know it took KQ and his followers by big surprise that how Burhanuddin Aqa RA had insured and taken measures for each possibilities and documented every thing with witnesses, for nass on Aali Qadr Aqa Moula (TUS)

    If only KQ had known better that Dai has a foresight from Allah. Now, only path he has is denial.

  67. Please don’t mention udaipurwala, Khuzema son went to Udaipur many times, mumineen na alawa, bija firka na logo ye pan ahne wahan si hakali dido.

  68. No one “earns” the daiship. It is conferred. It was conferred upon Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin. In the absence of any convincing proof on either side, one has to accept the word of the mazoon over that of the sons. Simple really. Little dairies and the words of Dr. Moiz are not cutting it for me. In fact the only thing that the nass charade in Raudat Tahera proved to me is that these people were scared and were willing to put on a show and go to great lengths to propagate a lie.

  69. Did anyone of you verified the document that its is legitimate or not? If you really interested in truth and have courage, read as I studied fatelidawat website.

  70. I agree with Impressed. Being mistaken for a Qutbuddin is a compliment. As far as being a “Progressive,” you just accused me of not knowing who they are.

  71. Been there sir. Nothing to write home about. The premise of most arguments is that Syedna Qutbuddin is an evil person. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to encounter him, know otherwise.

  72. Well, you mentioned evil, I understood as, he is confused. Other than that what cocktail Hussain Qutbuddin is making of dawat literature, its clearifies them. All what Husain says is Zikar aawi che, Zikar aawi che, su Zikar aawi che bhai.

  73. hmm get the gender right first! maybe then you can tackle the gene pool. Doubt you know me though. I for sure don’t know any low life like you.

  74. Scared really????

    So why did Khuzema’s own brothers and sisters and their kin abandon him ? All of them. Why? Let’s say they were scared before but now they could have come running to Khuzema after Syedna Burhanuddin’s demise but they choose to be with Syedna Mufaddal.

    I and my family were one of the lovers of the Mazoon and we abandoned him because we saw that he was only after his shaurat and bhabko and money. He always competed with the Dai and never looked after Syedna Burhanuddin. That’s why people left KQ and still leave him.

  75. Looks like Shireen has gotten the attention of the Bohra thugs. I’m not a
    supporter of KQ and after witnessing the shenanigans of the last few
    months am a hesitant follower of the mainstream bohra faith given that’s
    all I have known since birth and is a source of several important
    social ties in my life. There are many people who feel like me and it’s
    hard for them to relate to the several SMS supporters commenting out
    here. Here are some simple facts for non bohras browsing through this

    1) There is a split within the sect, both leaders are
    related and the administration of the religious funds, properties along
    with all the institutions and their leadership are with the previous
    leader’s son Mufaddal Saifuddin. They naturally have had an advantage
    over the years of a strong network and control given the in laws and
    brothers of Mufaddal Saifuddin have been running the Bohra Dawat. (Muffy
    2) The small splinter group supporting Khuzema Qutbuddin,
    the step brother of the previous leader are naturally at a major
    disadvantage and going through what Shireen mentioned in her essay; but
    what else are you going to expect from the majority? They want to crush
    the dissent so this issue is closed forever and they can move on on with
    their merry lives.
    3) The leader of the Muffys is very conservative
    and his sermons highlight his views (it’s not just one
    sermon but several of them and the bohra administration have sought to
    remove the videos off YouTube so there is clear evidence that it’s not
    something they are proud off). The Qutbis want to leverage these
    opinions to garner more support as a liberal option but given that
    Mufaddal Saifuddin is considered infallible, his followers as you have
    noticed over here are a lost cause for them except for a few who are unable to “come out” because of fear of social boycott.
    People like me are on the sidelines,
    disillusioned while questioning why the heck do we follow this cult of
    personality with two groups fighting over a rightful heir of a non
    existent kingdom (with loads of money)? The answer is very simple. Many
    of us are cultural bohras tied to this community through our families
    and like some other small sects with cult like tendencies; the cost of
    questioning the religious leadership and or practices is very high
    (excommunication not just from the community but also the loss of family
    and friends under pressure from the religious leaders). We chose to
    treat this as a cultural country club where we pay our dues and move on
    with our lives. The sermons from SMS don’t align with our views so we
    just just chose to ignore them. KQ has this group’s
    sympathies because of the heavy handed approach of the SMS crew but not
    their support because we don’t really believe in this stuff enough to
    take a stand.

  76. Please accept my apologies. I needn’t have called you that. Totally redundant since you already proved yourself as one with your posts. Adios brother. Signing out of this discussion board before I say anything worse.

  77. U seem smart. Start your own firka, cult, religion whatever. Let’s see how much guts and capabilities u have.

  78. You are doing a great job representing SMS, I don’t need to create a “firka” to prove my point:)

  79. Brother Observer you ain’t getting much value for your money in this club. If this was a club, for the money I put in, I’d want a pool, horses and a Michelin star restaurant…at the very least… You are getting so gyped 😉

  80. Thoughtfully presented Truth. InshaAllah I will learn your real identity soon and will be proud to make your acquaintance. You are so right about Shireen.

  81. Oh don’t get hung up on technicalities Shining. Seeking’s point was you are implying that in appointing someone with negative qualities as Mazoon, Burhanuddin Aqa made a huge mistake. Did he then?! What did this sidelined Mazoon have to offer Burhanuddin Moula in a worldly way? Awwal etc. could offer many worldly benefits for the spread of Islam. That is why Rasullulah SAW kept them close. Why did Burhanuddin Moula maintain Khuzaima Qutbuddin as the Mazoon? Did our Dai make a colossal mistake? Or was he indeed protecting the life of his successor by maintaining him in the rutba?

  82. Perhaps a Muslim spiritual leader is putting so much stress on wearing a veil (rida) because it is REQUIRED BY THE FAITH HE IS PREACHING. The veil is generally considered to be required for muslim women, according to most muslim scholars; this can be confirmed via a google search.

    Do you want him to go ahead and say that something mandated by God (this is the consensus of most muslim scholars, as well as the 52nd dai) should be optional?

    I’m sure that you revere Syedna Burhanuddin (ra)– he also stressed that women don the rida. I don’t know whether your agenda includes making the rida optional, but if it is, that would be (according to most muslim scholars) un-islamic. Furthermore, if that is your agenda, it is directly contrary to the instruction of Syedna Burhanuddin (ra).

    To address what was said in the bayan: I’m sure you know many bohra women (even ones who are very strong in their faith) who don’t wear rida continually. Their husbands have not kicked them out of the house, have they? Please, inform me of a single genuine case in which a husband has thrown their wife out of the house for not wearing a rida. Wearing the rida may be required by our faith, but as you very well know, people are not perfect. A rida may not be compatible with everyone’s lifestyle. it’s not as if every farman made by Moula is strictly adhered to; I think that everyone can acknowledge this. But that doesn’t mean that a religious leader should back down from teaching the faith the way it is meant to be taught.

    Again, I don’t know what it is you want (concerning rida ‘rules), or what Mr. Qutbuddin promises you regarding the rida; but what I do believe is that a spiritual and religious leader’s job is to preach the religion of God, not to create exceptions based on the ever-changing preferences of the adherents.

  83. Do people know how your delusional master Khuzema makes money? By gambling on the stock market. Big time. Ask his chamcha Taher Master from Chicago.
    Your pious one KQ makes all his money from investing in interest based schemes.

  84. You consider yourself a Bohra only culturally so either side shouldn’t matter to you.
    Most people in the world are just that, culturally Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Mormon.

  85. Hah! Dream on, bubba. Even if you wanted you could not create a firka. Learn from KQ and weep.

  86. BUT you’d want people to believe what your Delusional Master Khuzaima wants you to.

  87. 1. Who conferred nass upon Khuzaima? No ONE. He with his sick imagination and hunger for power is fooling you all. There is NO proof, no witness.

    2. There’s proof by 3 witnesses and Shahzadas that Sayedna Mohammed conferred nass upon Sayedna Mufaddal.

    3. Go watch the video again, Sayedna clearly conferred nass on Sayedna Saifuddin. You can hear the words clearly.

    4. You in your feverish love for your crackpot father Khuzaima want to prove a million people wrong. Hence a barage of emails and text messages to followers of Sayedna Mufaddal.

  88. You argue that Syedna Saifuddin’s policies are “very conservative” when in fact he is simply preaching islam. While he has encouraged women not to work in possibly-dangerous environments, he has not said no to university education, nor are bohra women banned from attaining an education. There are certain aspects of religious belief that will naturally come off as being conservative; if you can’t live with them, then don’t follow the religion. A religion, which is God’s word (or supposed to be, at least) , cannot be altered based on the current societal fancies of its current adherents. You can’t just say that you don’t like a certain aspect of the religion and change it, that corrupts the true religion. Mr Qutbuddin might be preaching more lenient rules on veils (rida) and other things, but this is just changing God’s word to attract liberal minded followers. If you don’t believe with what God has put forth, then don’t believe in God.

  89. Bhai, when you insult followers of Mr. Qutbuddin, it reflects poorly on the rest of us (followers of Syedna Saifuddin), so if you want to make an argument, keep it logical rather than pitching insults.

  90. Why should the word of the former mazoon saheb hold more weight? While the mazoon rutba is very high, it doesn’t include infallibility; he CAN lie. You cannot call the letter provided fake without any proof of your claim; the Qutbuddin site jumps to the conclusion that it is a false letter without even having examined the document. The only evidence of Nass Qutbuddin has is that he was conferred 50 years ago in private. Syedna Muffaddal Saifuddin was given Nass twice (excluding the letter, you’ll simply call it fake) once in London with many witnesses and again at Raudat Tahera with thousands (tell me, why did the Qutbuddins remove the Nass video after it was proven that Burhanuddin Moula spoke in it? Why? Can you give me another reason besides the fact that false evidence they concocted was proven wrong? Why did they delete it? Answer me on this one please). Another thing that followers of Mr Qutbuddin have neglected to address is the position of Mukasir Saheb. In one of Dr Tahera Qutbuddin’s works (which can be accessed online), she calls Mukasir position the “breaker of false arguments”, and Mukasir Saheb has broken the argument by wholeheartedly accepting Syedna Saifuddin as the rightfully appointed Da’i. Answer this as well! Dr Tahera called mukasir breaker of false arguments, and yet she (and her father’s followers) have completely ignored the testimony of the Mukasir saheb of the last 20+ years. I suppose you think he’s also in on some political money making scheme, right?

    I am sorry that some on this board have insulted you and your fellow Qutbi bohras- i personally disapprove. I have, quite politely, posed a few important questions above. I’d like a clear answer, please.

    Dr Tahera book excerpt:

    Can be found on her university of chicago profile as a link, unless of course that has also been deleted… In which case I have a copy if it downloaded.

  91. I want to point out that not all of the hundreds of thousands of Syedna Saifuddin followers engage in name calling and personal attacks. I would also like to advise those who have to stop; you are making the bulk of us look bad and diluting our arguments. I understand that you are probably angry with the attacks on your faith, but please express it politely or keep your negative emotions inside, it is rubbing off poorly on the rest of us.

  92. We were giving misaq to him while he was the mazoon sahib, but he no longer holds that rutba. Benedict Arnold was a revered leader in the colonial army of the United States, but he was immediately labeled a traitor when he conspired with the British, not given a pass due to his previous heroics. (coincidentally, Arnold conspired with the British because he was passed over for promotion by some other commanders; his jealousy and lust for recognition led him to betray the country he had fought so valiantly for. A totally unrelated coincidence, I know, but still interesting to know. You learn something new every day.)

  93. I remember that in one bayaan SMS said if mumineen women did not contribute in making roti then he(SMS) is not sure if maulatena Fatema ni shafaat haasil thaase ke nahi …so does that mean no matter how pious a mumin woman is or how many tears she shed on aqa Ali and aqa Husain , but since she did not make rotis , molatena Fatema would not be happy with her…this in itself sounds totally contradictory to the riwayat that molatena Fatema collected her tears for Shia of there even an iota of truth in what SMS is claiming?…infact it sounds ridiculous

  94. Bhai Reaganomics you have put a lot of effort into this post so I will respond briefly even though I had decided that I am done with posting here. I do actually have a life and places to go, things to do and people to see.

    You sound like you are Not well versed with both sides of the debate. The all so important naas “document” did not even get a lousy mention in the 40 page Nass misaal that was published after the Raudat Tahera drama. It was whipped up later when people started questioning the charade in Raudat Tahera. Its credibility is shot. Very easy to create these sorts of documents and it would not be the first time in history that someone has faked a document to back a false claim.
    Thè original Nass video that was shown in masjid and then watched over and over again by many including myself had no comprehensible words uttered by Burhanuddin Moula RA. We all know that Burhanuddin Moula was not able to articulate words since his stroke because all of us including MS waited and prayed to hear him say “Ya Hussain” for a very long time and we were kept mehroom. I myself have sat heart broken through a couple of his waazes when the microphone was placed before him and I was not able to understand one single word. The stunned silence of those around me was enough proof that no one else understood anything either.

    The Nass video was not pulled down by It was pulled down by YouTube because of copyright claims from Mufaddal Bhaisaheb administration – another proof of fear on their part. Now a video has been uploaded by them again, which has words articulated by Burhanuddin Moula. Umm..REALLY?!

    The Mukasir Moula issue did hold me back the longest. However the bottom line is this, the rutba of the Mazoon is higher than that of the Mukasir and I had to accept the word of the Mazoon over that of the Mukasir. You are bringing up questions that have been addressed at length by the FatemiDawat website. Especially by Hussain Bhaisaheb’s Q&A videos. Please educate yourself with both sides of the debate before you waste our time.

    As far as the word of the Mazoon over the sons, throughout the 900 year history of dawat, no Mazoon has ever been the cause of fitnat. It has always been sons. The act of appointing the Mazoon was a conscious act conducted with the ilhaam of Imam uz Zaman. His rutba and person most definitely deserves more respect and his words carry more weight. After all in misaq, dawat was not defined for me with the “rutba” of a Shehzada.

    This is the last time I will post here. I really cannot afford to spend any more time on internet discussion boards. Any further comments from you or others will go unanswered.

  95. While they may seem like a play on words or technicalities as you call it, they are not meant to be. These qualities, rather defects in character are the cause of what has happened. Aqa burhanuddin maula (ra) made him the majum without any concurrence that he would be the next. That thought and other thoughts which grew over time was what caused the claimant to do what he did. That thought brought out and enforced these negative qualities of his which over a period of time grew and manifested in the actions he took recently. Aqa Burhanuddin (ra) took care of him as much as possible for as long as possible, as much as any one could perhaps hoping that he changes for the better, it can happen after all he is human too.

  96. Absolutely wrong !!!!
    Go read twaarikh na kitaab.

    Mazoon(s) in the past have been kicked out and stripped off the post just like Khuzema has been.
    One example, Ali bin Ibrahim was stripped off his mazoon post because just like Khuzema he claimed to be the dai. The dai of the time did forgive him and reinstate him but he again did the same crime and was again debarred.

    The ONLY infallible position is of the dai and none else’s. Post of mazoon is NOT infallible as you would have people believe.

  97. Dear Shireen:

    Please answer a few questions for me. I am a simple woman, not as educated, bright, eloquent as you and certainly not one who has travelled as extensively as you. In fact, I haven’t even been on an airplane. I come from a very modest town in Gujarat.
    You ofcourse, being from US have all the access in the world to finer things in life but seem to have gotten all your information from Mr. Khuzaima’s family and lack at having obtained any first hand knowledge from Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s followers here in India. But than to you they are all goondas.
    In any case, why have all of Mr. Khuzema’s own brothers and sisters and their kin abandoned him? People like his own brothers & sisters:
    Shz Abbas bhai saheb
    Shz Shabbir bhai saheb
    Shz Mohammadul Baqir bhai saheb (late)
    Shz Hatim bhai saheb (late)
    Shzi Fatematussugra bai saheba
    Shzi Zainab bai saheba
    Shzi Shiriin bai saheba
    Shz Zehra bai saheba
    Even hardcore Khuzema’s supporters like Taizoon bhai saheb and Ubai bhai saheb (you must know him from Chicago) left him.
    Also people who were in Khuzema’s seva for years like Shk Mohammed Yamani, Shk, Khuzema Yamani, Shk Shabbir Yamani, Shk. Murtaza Radhanpurwala and more and even his hardcore supporters from aayan have left him and ARE still leaving.
    Infact even Dr(?) Moiz Mohyuddin’s wife left him.

    If they really loved Khuzema, they would have come running to him and accepted Khuzema as 53rd dai but nope, they want nothing to do with him and his immediate family. Who has guts to prevent financial giant like Shahzada Shabbir Bhaisaheb? No one. But no, even a past Khuzema lover like him did not come running to Khuzema.
    You want to know why? Because Khuzema has obsessed too much on his mazunship. A dai is a dai. Period. Khuzema started beileving that a Dai and Mazun are one and the same. Not a case at all. And dai has all the right to make nass on whoever he wishes. And Sayyedna Burhanuddin chose Sayeddna Mufaddal 3 times.

    Now your uncle (?) Taher Merchant will stick to Khuzema because he has Khuzema’s millions of dollars invested in stock market and that’s one way Khuzema and his brood spend their lavish life without really doing anything. If Taher Merchant bails out on Khuzema, he is shooting himself in his foot, basically. So he will stick to Khuzema like a bad fungus.

    Again, I am just an ordinary person but you being so smart seem to not have the right source. Infact, your only source being TB, Tahera, Arwa, Saifiyah, Aziz, Husain, Abduzzaher (can he even speak dawat ni zaban ?) and Ramlah’s brood.

    But anyway, you brought this upon yourself, in a way, by printing this in general media and making hallgulla and allowing any Tom, Dick & Harry to have an open season at bashing Dawoodi Bohras. Good job!

  98. Excellent post, Fatema bahen.

    Typical American arrogance is apparent in Shireen’s thinking and her approach to life as it peeks through from her article.

  99. For an ordinary women from a small town in Gujrat who has not traveled much, your command of the English language is better than mine. You also seem to be very well informed of specific folks and people in KQ”s inner circle all over the world. Nice try, hope you got well compensated for this:)

  100. Yawn….All that Qasre Ali name dropping does not impress anyone. Perhaps it impresses you. None of them was made mazoon and none of their names fundamentally defined dawat along with the dai in the misaaq for the last fifty years. As for Shireen Hamza’s uncle and his reliance on Qutbuddin money, let me tell you, I had the good fortune of meeting him once. He invited me to a ziyafat of Aqa Moula RA that he was hosting. He worked for a multinational corporation at an executive level and was working as an expatriate in India. He was quite well off then so I am sure that he has his own money to invest and grow in many halal ways. Not sure where you got all this information but whoever fed it to you has made some gross errors.

  101. You’d be surprised how much people in small places know. remember Saifee Mahal has all sorts of people working there. My dad had a driver from Saifee Mahal called Shabbir and he knew more thing than any of us. All ins and out.
    And what people from India can’t have good English? Get off your high-horse, you are not in Saifee Mahal anymore! All your wealth will slither away in a few years!!!!

  102. I was just stating the facts and now you can spin things any way you want. You can apply the “nice guy/girl” approach to your responses but that does not change the ground reality. There is a large proportion of devoted SMS supporters, a small percentage of dedicated SKQ supporters who I have to say have great conviction to be able to standup against so many challengers and there is a sizable population of people like me. No one is changing their beliefs except for maybe group # 3 and that is where the KQ folks have some hope.

  103. Let’s ask Shabbir who the nass was conferred upon. I am sure that he has the exact and accurate context and information about what is going on in Saifee Mahal and how Shireen Hamza’s uncle makes a living 🙂

  104. Ok dude, you are absolutely right. Fatema Burhani is a real person with a masters degree in KQ’s inner circle and business empire. You have convinced with the example of your father’s driver. Thank you so much!

  105. I saw no such thing. I saw a distressed young woman with liberal politics dealing with the loss of her friends because of her faith and conviction. If tolerance towards others, pluralism and multiculturalism is what defines American arrogance, lets all be arrogant in an American way.

  106. Atleast Shabbir would know more about dawat na kitaab than mistruths fed to you about them by KQ and his family.

  107. Calm Down man…You talk big but you sound like you are scared silly that KQ is going to eat MS’ lunch. The fact is that even KQ supporters will be the first to admit that no brain-washed, die-hard Mufaddali without power or desire to see through the lies and corruption around him is going over to the other side. What is making YOU so scared. I must admit that you are providing fantastic entertainment to all of us sympathetic to KQ but not caring about this much to take a stand. Observer has put his/her finger on the pulse of my social circle.

  108. OK! Even I know the argument to this one. Truth Prevalis has addressed it correctly and I believe I also saw a similar argument on FatemiDawat. I can see Impressed’s logic – the Dai is infallible. He appointed the mazoon and made Bohras believe that he was an integral part of dawat through misaq. Surely over 50 years he must have seen the change as BrightBoy describes and would have thrown him out. Why did he not? Did he make a mistake or did he have a purpose? I think MS people have a very very weak argument there…Tremendous entertainment this stuff. Quite funny to see how roiled up a huge majority is getting over the strong beliefs of a very small minority and the blog of a young American student. I envy your notoriety Shireen Hamza. Am gonna look you up.

  109. Quite funny to see how roiled up a huge majority is getting over the strong beliefs of a very small minority and the blog of a young American student. I envy your notoriety Shireen Hamza. Am gonna look you up.

  110. Syedna Burhanuddin kept Khuzema as mazun just like RasulAllah kept those three thugs. Just kept them for the greater good of the ummah on the whole.

    Keep repeating your phrases Umme darling. That’s all you will have left soon. 😉

  111. BuffaloBullshit Honey, In that case, I don’t like being taken for a ride by a Dai for whatever reason.What kind of Dai defines his dawat by a second in command who you describe as so evil? No wonder my lot is on the sidelines watching the tamasha. I doubt I will be writing a check this Ramazan. Enough is enough!

  112. I’m surprised that such words can be written by a student of Al-Jameat-us-Saifiyyah. I’m in a state of shock that you can interpret everything in a really opposite sense. I’m not criticizing you or trying to preach you, I’ve a very liberal approach that what one feels right is right for him/her, I believe on shear logics and as per my reckoning it was right in front of me at Raudat Tahera where Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (AQ) crowned Syedna Ali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) the successor. I’m sorry about your friend’s behaviour with you but I do have many friends with their support to Khuzaima Qutbuddin saheb, among them few are being so aggressive that they throw away abusives to Syedna Mufaddal. My point here is to say that you cannot say that Dawoodi Bohra people are hypocrites, the thing is there are always few people who are the extremists in every sect of every religion. And no hatred speeches were delivered in the mosques, the speeches delivered just included the nas on Syedna Mufaddal being true. And finally I would like to say that let’s stop debating, it has to stop at some point. The only understanding we need is LAKUM DEENAKUM WALAYADEEN.

  113. Very nice post, most of the thing I did not know. This KQ guy is very funny, even on Taher Saifuddin Moula RA wafat, he stood beside the Taher Saifuddin Moula RA qabr and said that ‘Mara par nass karo….’ that time also his mother put some sense in him and took him from there.

    Its becoming his recurring habit to do mischief on Dai’s wafat.

  114. You will find it more funny that this Khuzema Qutbuddin, has a habit of making mischief on dai’s wafat. He did on Taher Saifuddin Moula (RA) wafat and again now on Burhanuddin Aqa (RA) Wafat.

  115. So true. Khuzema since last 50-60 years has been obsessed with becoming Dai. With him it is always “mien” “maari shaan” “maazun no rutbo” me me me.

    One time my family did Maula Burhanuddin’s zyafat, all shahzada’s came but this guy Khuzema demanded that we should have his own zyafat. So my parents had to do a separate zyafat just for him, his wife and his brats.

    another time in Misr, we went to see him. it was so shocking. it was lunch time. He ordered a huge shaandar thaal all nicely decorated and on that thaal only he sat, his wife and one of his brats. all other bhaisahebo were just allowed to stand there as Khuzema ate. nobody else was invited to sit in his thaal.

    We have watched Khuzema’s drama for decades and so its good riddance now.

  116. Getting high with the cocktail of dawat literature Hussain Qutbuddin is serving you. All he says Zikar aawi che, Zikar aawi che…su zikar aawi che ?

  117. You have all the time in the world when it comes to complaining about insults directed at followers of KQ, but when it comes to answering questions concerning the legitimacy of his claims, you have better places to be at and more important things to do. You have conveniently tiptoed around important pieces of evidence I included in my original post– anyone questioning this simply should reexamine my questions and your responses. You may have other things to do, but I think that a discussion over the legitimacy of your religion is fairly important, regardless of the medium upon which it occurs.

  118. MetsBoy your reading and comprehension skills would not qualify you to attend our meetings. The invitation was for Shireen not you and booze will not be served. You will have to find your free booze elsewhere.

  119. Yo’ chill, mamacita! That ain’t no reform. That’s discriminashun.
    So what if I am no educated. I am still a Qutbi Bohra. (sarcasm) I love my man KQ. He is our kinda dude, dayyym.

  120. Whoa…Write again when your booze high wears off. We know who you are and whom you love 🙂

  121. Wow! I have not seen such vigorous debate in my entire life as a Dawoodi Bohra -on any topic. Looks like you are getting some traction in the undecided population Shireen. I applaud your courage once again. Quite impressed at how the comments have ballooned even though many of them are an embarrassment to MS and his followers.

  122. I smell so much of “Progressive”-ness from the Qutbi community!! They are using the same terms – Oppression, Social boycott etc. They are preaching the same ideology – claiming that Moula’s (TUS) teachings are outdated and amount to tyranny, NAUZOBILLAH!

    Just that the Qutbi community is misusing the name of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) to attack Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) whereas their pre-curs(e)-ors used to attack Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA) using the names of earlier Doat (RA).

    I would like to ask just a simple question to those who claim that Khuzeima Qutbuddin is their leader – Would our Moula Burhanuddin (RA) – whose every breath was a prayer for mumineen, who said that – “Maro ek ek baal tamara waaste dua kare chhe!” Would HE leave the mumineen in doubt over the true identity of the next Dai? Would he not ensure that mumineen NEVER LEAVE Haq na Sahib (TUS)?

    How can you claim that this Moula (RA), who you loved with all your heart, mind and soul, who you called your saviour, was incapacitated? Nauzobillah!!

    How can you claim that Dawat – which is undeterred since the time of Nabi Adam (AS) – was hijacked? Nauzobillah!! Reminder: This is not the era when a new religion was established. It is the era when an established religion was propagated.

    How can you claim that for the past more than 2 years Dawat was run without the Raza of Moula Burhanuddin (RA)? Nauzobillah!!

    Open your eyes before they are actually opened!

  123. totally agreed, the complete statement – good riddance to bad rubbish . applies to the claimant and his family, not to his misguided so called community, who are returning on knowing the truth of the depth of his treachery over the years.

  124. Very well said,
    – 4) People like me are on the sidelines, disillusioned…
    – Like @umme_hani:disqus ben said ‘She like the notoriety of Shreen Hamza…
    – @observer said spin the things, see below comment
    – @seeking_peace:disqus mentioned somewhere excuses

    see these are trait of Khuzema Qutbuddin lets take example –

    1. Disillusioned : he thinks he is a dai,
    2. notoriety : its his middle name, Khuzema Notorious Qutbuddin, ask Nafisa Ali (model / actor / bollywood)
    3. excuses : Why you did not attend the dafan? read fateli dawat for excuses
    4. spin things : Raudat Tahera nass, oh! thats charade, etc

    No wonder these same trait are shown by his followers.

    Where else if you read the comments of the Aali Qadr MS Moula (TUS) followers they have no such colorful things to show off. they have only FAITH.

  125. Qutbi Cult alleges that Daawat was hijacked for a last couple of years.

    Q. So where was their fearless leader Khuzema?
    A. I’ll tell you where; hiding behind his husband Sakina’s kilt. Yea’, that’s right his husband Sakina.

    Q. Could Khuzema not have done anything about Maula Burhanuddin’s Daawat being allegedly hijacked?
    A. Ofcourse he could have, if he wanted to but Khuzema and his cohorts were too busy amassing wealth and trying to build their own sultanate.
    And by the way doesn’t Qutbi Cult always claim that Khuzema has been second in-command and just as powerful as the Dai himself?

    Q. Where has Khuzema really been all these years?
    A. Running helter skelter always away from Maula Burhanuddin. If Maula went right he went the exact opposite way.

    Q. While Maula Burhanuddin was saying “Jamea maari zaat chey” what was Khuzema saying to people?
    A. Khuzema was telling people “Jamea ma na muko farzand ney aqeedo kharab thai jaasey”.

    We could go on and on but I am opening this garbage can because pathetic, neurotic people like followers of Qutbi Cult like to blame the followers of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin using cheap rhetorics like Shireen has done in her “article” above.

    You are just a wannabe journalist like American TV anchors who parrot stuff to keep their masters happy. Fluff sensationalism without any real investigation.
    Sitting in Bakersfield you never even bothered to know first-hand what exactly happened in even a dozen of 100s of Maula Mufaddal Saifuddin’s masajid from Akola to Zanzibar.
    The only hatred and intimidation coming out is from Qutbi Cultists like you.

  126. Only person who seems undecided is you. Maybe you don’t go to masjid/markaz so you wouldn’t know.
    Calling 1 million followers of Maula Mufaddal “undecided” just shows your dimwitted intellect. But than you could be just a Qutbi Cultist 😉

  127. What I see is, the blog by Shireen has back fired big time, I don’t see any mumineen as undecided, if you are talking about 50-60 people with KQ as undecided, then sorry about my misunderstanding.

  128. Shireen, I don’t know if you are going to get this message or not, but I hope so. I have many things to say to you, but I will make it short.

    I am sorry that you feel isolated, but as you wrote in your email to your jamea friends, you knew and were okay that you would be cut off from communication. Whining now makes it seem that your choice does not warrant such consequences. So I tell you – believe, and be happy. If you have your moula, you need nothing more.

    I do not know what the purpose of the above article is. You have always been such a smart, intelligent woman- which is why the above article surprised me. It is laden with faults. One – you ask for mutual respect from your dawoodi bohra ‘friends’. And in the same article, you attack Muffadal Moula TUS. This is not a debate about whether you like his teachings. It is simple – if you want our respect, then don’t slander. You love your Dai, right? Then focus on WHY Mr. Qutbuddin, not WHY NOT muffadal moula TUS. You have learned from Jamea – madeh is the best way to spend your time. Unless Mr. Qutbuddin is lacking in that regard, I am sure that praising him would be a better pass time than slandering Muffadal Moula TUS and in the same article asking for ‘mutual respect’ from his followers. It is simple, Shireen. We all have friends of other faiths – I do as well. I love and cherish them. But the second one of them utters anything against my Moulatus, they are dead to me. This is our faith – and you know it well. In fact, I am surprised that you would want to hear from any one of us either, as your faith would dictate the same.

    Second – if your article is propaganda, then again it lacks substance. You speak of yourself drifting from the community and not feeling aligned with Muffadal Moulatus’s preachings. But since when do your desires make a Dai a Dai? There is only one thing that does – Nas. So if you wish to talk of Mr Qutbuddin’s right to that office, you should only speak of one thing – Nas. Tell me about his private nass. Tell me about how you believe that the 52nd Dai was hijacked, like an ordinary person, (nazobillah), and failed to do anything about a false claim of nass in two years. And how you concurrently believe that he is Rasulullah’s Dai, the prophet who was believed to be severely sick but when he SAW heard an enemy call out from his mehrab in his lifetime, he took him by the hand and pulled him out and parhaoed namaz while sitting. Please, shireen – for a second, forget the successor. Please speak of your belief of both of our undisputed beloved 52nd Dai.

    Nas is the only thing that makes a Dai a Dai. And remember, you say that Mr. Qutbuddin’s philosophy is closer to your own. Real courage is about making Moula’s khushi into your own, even if that does not fit ‘your vision’. And contrary to the thoughts expressed in your article, none of us can understand the hikmaat behind a Dai’s farmaan and amal – we just believe that it is for our betterment. Even if that is different than your ‘personal vision’. Mohabbat makes the difference in interpretation – time is wasted in arguing about the meaning of bayan – people will hear what they want to hear. Which is why, as a fellow muntasebaat and a pursuant of higher education with Muffadal Moula’s TUS raza and farman, you and I see the described bayan in completely different ways: you see it as oppression, and I see it as divine guidance as to how to use my education in the pursuit of my Moulatus’s khushi – which is, by the way, the only motivation and end goal of the career I pursue. I believe Jamea has taught you the same tasawur.

    So I only have one request. If you do not have any doubt, then believe and that is fine. But do not slander. Yes – mumineen say things about your leader – but, why should you stoop to that level if you consider yourself above that and you ask for mutual respect? Focus on your leader’s qualities. Spend time in his ‘madeh’. Focus on the positive, not on the negative. If you wish to call others to your community, this is a better method. A true believer will be called towards haq na saheb because of his many merits and angelic qualities, not because the lack thereof in another.

    Lastly, I say this out of love – if you have even a shred of doubt, please take Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa’s wasila mubarak, whom I truly believe you harbor love for, and pray اهدنا الصراط االمستقيم. Here is to hope that you may find happiness.

  129. I am no big fan of either side and I don’t know if Shireen aspires to a career in journalism but I have a lead for her or other budding journalists visiting this site. I am pretty sure there is a story here. Some questions to find objective answers for: Why does a religious leader need to kill for sport? I imagine the killing spree didn’t come cheap…He is a wealthy man and will certainly not lack for money in his life given the number of people willing to throw all their money at him. Still, SOME of his followers have to find this revolting. I know that my little boys were troubled. Are these a people that are OK that the money they pour into the system is used without any restraint?!

    He seems to be flying private too… Commercial flights are not good enough for him? Not sure if he is on the way to this hunting trip but he does travel in style! My mom travels economy class at upper class prices every time she needs to make last minute travel plans for religious stuff. Does it bite this man’s conscience that his elderly followers have to put up with 20 hour flights in cramped seats because his administration plays psychological games on his followers?

  130. Ha ha ha, look who is talking, I am surprised you people pay for your grand-mother economy class travels.

    Please research before you post, the private plane where provided by the state governement (during middle-east visit) and other places, out of respect for Aqa Moula (TUS) as a state guest.

  131. The massive fees provided for hunting goes towards conservation of the forests and upkeep especially in poor countries of Africa. You may not like it but people who blindly think West is best lack wisdom and deeper thinking.

    A simple Google search would prove about conservation donation. Akin to paying $5000 per plate for fundraising. You should dislike that too; if you think that money could feed so many poor kids.

    People are trained only to think thru American tinted glasses, especially Indians born and brought up in US think the world is America and nothing else.

  132. Does one have to kill the animal in order to pay for the conservation of it’s habitat? What kind of twisted logic is that? Also WHY does one need to kill simply for sport. It seems to me that a religious man could find ways to entertain himself that does not involve killing an endangered animal… If he cared so much about the animals and their habitat he could just have made a donation without killing the beast!

  133. Shireen ben,

    If some person comes and says he had gotten nass done upon him in private, would you believe him? Obviously you do believe that, you fell for that trap.

    Private nass is legal but it MUST have witnesses who will keep nass confidential for required time otherwise what’s the use? Anybody can claim that it was done on him or even her. Please use logic and think.

    If shaahids are required for regular peoples’ nikah and divorce, you think witnesses are not required for a huge event like nass?

    And please now don’t cry when people shun you. You know exactly what you are up to.

  134. Hunting for sport has been around from time immemorial and there is another spiritual reason here that you may not swallow when you know. Like when you cut a goat or camel or ostrich or cow. It’s not JUST for feeding a human stomach but for spiritually elevating a soul…… why do we have to do zabihat after Haj ?…..but ..anyways….you will reject what i say so…..

    You can keep arguing but I just got back and have to take care of my family, bhai.

  135. If you always want to be so cynical then why bother participating unless your aim is just to rebel-rouse.

  136. The talebaat cavalry seems to be out. Looks like first they tried to convert Shireen back, then they angrily said “firko mubarak etc.” then they baraated her because well she just does not love Mufaddal Moula every second of the day (PinkPolka), so what’s the point….But then she went out and wrote a harmless little blog about it and brought all the skeptics out of the woodwork. Someone somewhere got scared and brought the talebaat cavalry back to remind her of the love…The plot thickens..waiting with bated breath for the next episode….Not!

  137. Nobody is scared. Your ugly leader Khuzema cannot even charm a fruit bat away.

    He can’t even speak coherently. Ha ha

    And keep waiting with your stinky breath, Beizzat Tahera

  138. In his waaz Khuzema mumbled Abu Bakr per laanat so next day all of his 17 followers gave up eating butter because they thought he said Amul butter per laanat.

    Ha ha ha

  139. Shireen does not seem the crying type to me..I noticed that she said her piece and has maintained a dignified absence from this ruckus since. I bet she is out there busy studying, helping people and making new friends. I have learned a lot about her in the last two days. Many of her former “friends” seem to have descended on this blog though….too late.

  140. Talebaat, slavery has been around since time immemorial but it does not mean we still practice it. As a civilization evolves it’s spirit collectively begins to reject certain practices…such as the killing of endangered animals for sport.. but you would just reject that…

  141. You call yourself Bulbul, but only spiteful venom comes out of your mouth and the jealousy is evident.

  142. Zabihat is quite a different concept from hunting for sport. The former does elevate the soul, the sole purpose of the latter is to entertain. I learned this from a Bhaisab who is a Mufaddaly still so he must be right.

    If anyone is telling you that MS is doing that dead lion any favors then they are just making excuses for his love of the sport…

  143. The point of the 5000 dollar plate for fund raising is to raise funds. The person who goes wants to donate the funds and the person who hosts wants to receive them. It’s not analogous to the antithetical idea of hunting to promote conservation, really. If you think about it for a bit, you might get it. You should go back to your activities on Ocean Ave. Presenting intelligent arguments is not your forte.

  144. I read Mr Aziz Poonawala’s response and it was full of white lies denying there was a hate campaign ..Mr Aziz, either ur were asleep the 40 days or simply drinking too much hatred filled coolaid that u dint realize how people were coerced into signing and saying laanat on our Dai’s brother and mazoon who happens to be also son of 51st Dai.

    Blind are those who dunt see Haq being crushed by powerful and greedy shenanigans of shezaadas making new tamasha evryday of dawat and our religion.

  145. I am against the use of indecent words against “this cult” and their leader, but I would like to point out that “they” are just using sugar-coated words to hurl the same insults at us
    Behaving as victims and claiming our Dai is oppressing us. Claiming that we follow Him out of fear! These are harsh enough words for us.

    I think a slightly aggressive tone isn’t rubbing off badly on us. Especially, if you consider that they are hardly perturbed when we say that they follow their leader purely out of monetary, or worldly gain.

    They do not imbibe the same love that we imbibe for our Dai (TUS).

  146. Nice story telling dude.. Here’s one for you..

    There was a man who claimed that he was a spiritual head of the community.. he told everyone he was appointed by divine investiture by the previous spiritual head and his words (though hard to understand) were proof enough – because he was divine.

    He told people that –
    1. He will not ask for “heavy” vajebaat = **$$**
    2. He will help people make money through interest based institutions, though interest is ‘haraam’ = **$$$$**
    3. Shariat is “samhaa”, even Namaaz timings are not to be followed “strictly”
    4. Shariat is “samhaa”, Rida is not a compulsion you should wear it when you feel proud. Else, anything will do.
    5. He will teach them Modern Day Islam, so that people can easily mix with the rest of the world and loose the identity, that Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin created over the past 50 years.
    6. Anyone who asks you to “strictly” adhere to the shariat is a “goonda”, because what Rasulallah (SAW) said 1400 years ago is not necessarily applicable today.

    Some people found this guy cool, since they were already tired of following the “so-called” principles of Islam, so they flocked to him. They found solace in this “Made-for-you” religion and started talking about their brothers as victims of oppression who could not break the shackles of shariat and join them in hell. And, of course, whenever someone opposed them, or even tried to leave them alone to their religion, they spoke of them as “goons” who were depriving them of their social right.

    Story Ends.

    Could you relate it to certain recent events, or are you a little too dumb?

  147. Bhai Hozefa.,
    You are too nice to not mention Khuzema by name.

    You forgot. He is a great poser. He is biggest extortionist around. When first Dubai masjid was built, he squeezed Dubai mumins quit a bit for his personal salaam

    His wife Sakina would not let people haath dhulawo to him in zyafat till he agreed to certain salaam raqam.

    This guy Khuzema is a first class goon himself.

    In fact Sakina is the dai of Qutbi Cult

  148. Huzefa bhai,
    This happened to us I think last year or few months back.

    As to your #6 and #3;

    We were in Roudat Taher and Mr. Khuzema came and started his long zyarat till maghrib azaan came. Some bhaisahebs and bensaabs other than Khuzema’s family realizing that maghrib would get qazaa started praying so did we also.

    But Mr. Khuzema kept on doing zyarat as if he had no idea key maghrib thai gayee. His children did the same. even Muslimeen ni azan aawi gayee tey na pachee potey bahar gaya.

    Hame bahar jai ney namaaz padhi leedhi. As soon as we did that Mr. Khuzema’s chamchawo came and started scolding us – namaz kem padho cho Mazoon Maula yaha chey. Jaaw haha si !!!! Tamara ejamaat number aapo, block kari daisu and on and on.

    Now tell us if Mr. Khuzema’s people are not goonda then what are they?

  149. Please everyone stop this! We have done baraat with these people, why do we keep talking to them!! Out of love for our Moula everyone is jumping into the discussion and often saying foolish and hateful things. We are proving their point! Shireen was my very good and true friend. But when she gave up our Moula, all I needed to do was to stop talking to her. Why is everyone being so hateful and often making such stupid comments!! Please,please stop this for the love of our Moula!

  150. Bhai I know Shireen, she loved India and mumineen in India. Do you think the Qutbi Bohras don’t know Shireen? When you make false comments like this you make their aqeedah stronger and make yourself and hence followers of Mufaddal Moula look foolish. I said stop this and you jump right back in with another moronic comment, sad to say….

  151. Bhai this still makes you look foolish. All her friends said that to her before. Then they came on this blog and commented the heck out of it. Please don’t multiply your foolishness.

  152. Thank you dear. Whatever Shireen did that made you call her a “true friend.” You have paid her back with this. You sound like a sensible young lady and not afraid to speak the truth. I am sure that Shireen is proud that you were once her friend.

  153. The Qutbi Bohras have been telling the Mufaddallys that they are being hateful and stupid but they wouldn’t believe them. They kept denying it and kept asking – “Where is the hate?” It seems that they only believe the truth from someone with a name like MufaddalMoulaZindabad. It was very interesting to see how quickly they retracted and deleted their comments. Once again, I am not a Qutbi nor a Mufaddaly so don’t everyone start attacking me. I just needed to make this observation because it is the truth.

    I have to say though. Shireen’s friend has some guts. She really shut them up good.

  154. For someone pretending to be “not a Qutbi nor a Mufaddaly” you are quite biased against Mufaddal Maula’s followers.

    Just like people who say, “Sorry, I don’t mean to offend you…” but than go right ahead and smack you with the insult.

    You are a sly little one, aren’t ya’ ?

  155. You are right. I should have clarified that while I am not a Qutbi I am quite unhappy with the status quo. My parents are Mufaddalies and I view them as victims of an oppressive system. Their social and family ties keep them there. I have broken free.

  156. Aziz bhai – your comment made my day! I’m a big fan of your writing. I don’t know how to cross post though? Let me know:)

  157. There has been a hate campaign against KQ saheb since last two decades run by vested interests in the Dawat that had totally sidelined him (KQ). If you search internet forums (Dawoodi-bohras), you can see how the current situation was well predicted earlier on those forums. That means, the propaganda of hate against Mazun Maula was existent since last many years.

  158. My gosh. The inter-necine religious feuds are everywhere, even in all these comments below. People who love God/Allah hate each other? Thank Mother Universe I left religion behind 4 years ago. These comments just confirm it was the right thing to do.

  159. Dear Fatema Burhani ..Please answer to me what do you think about this

    I remember that in one bayaan SMS said if mumineen women did not contribute in making roti then he(SMS) is not sure if maulatena Fatema ni shafaat haasil thaase ke nahi …so does that mean no matter how pious a mumin woman is or how many tears she shed on aqa Ali and aqa Husain , but since she did not make rotis , molatena Fatema would not be happy with her…this in itself sounds totally contradictory to the riwayat that molatena Fatema collected her tears for Shia of there even an iota of truth in what SMS is claiming?…infact it sounds ridiculous.

  160. Bhai, for all your questions, there are sabak (Asbak) are going on in different mohallas in all jamiyat (with Aali Qadr TUS raza mubarak, Of Course), go there and you will be answered.

    Tomorrow you will ask why Aqa Ali (SA) name is not in Eqamat, of all things, least of this blog is, to answer such questions.

  161. Ever care to really know why hate was brought upon KQ?

    It was his own and his wife’s doing but you would not know because your authentic source is dawoodi-bohra dot com, a fringe website not a main million Dawood Bohra follower’s website… lol

  162. The excellent comment below I got from

    “(Khuzema) He has so many proofs about everything “zaheraan”. Only Nas was privately done on him !! Ridiculous. The person who kept gathering so much materials in videos for his own personal benefit forgot to keep any link of proof for Nas which was so important.”

  163. Shireen;

    Can you tell me why your Shahzadisaheb is without rida while Burhanuddin Maula RA was ALIVE and was always enforcing that mumina should wear rida ?

  164. Guest, Is the lady’s head covered? Yes. Does she have a loose cape around her shoulders? Yes. Can you get closer to a rida without actually wearing a rida?! No. Give the lady high marks for style and lihaz and leave her alone.
    Are you even AWARE of what you are posting? So many here have posted here saying that our Mufaddal Moula actually does NOT discourage women’s education and here is a caption that says “Mola kahe bairo study na kare…” “Moula says women should not study…” Are you out of your mind?

  165. Oh yeah and the caption also faults her for doing a PHD against the express wishes of our Moula who demands that “bairo ghar no khuno sachve ane rida ane topi ghunthe…” Do you think that we do not have other muminaat who have done a PHD with Aqa Moula Burhanuddin’s raza? How do you think they feel? So many Mufaddal Moula supporters who have commented here have said that Mufaddal Moula did not really mean it when he said that women should not go to University. And here is a caption that says that that is precisely what he said. Do you know that Tahera Qutbuddin does not really give two hoots about what our Moula wants?

  166. Oh yeah and the caption also faults her for doing a PHD against the express wishes of our Moula who demands that “bairo ghar no khuno sachve ane rida ane topi ghunthe…” Do you think that we do not have other muminaat who have not done a PHD with Aqa Moula Burhanuddin’s raza? How do you think they feel? So many Mufaddal Moula supporters who have commented here have said that Mufaddal Moula did not really mean it when he said that women should not go to University. And here is a caption that says that that is precisely what he said. Do you know that Tahera Qutbuddin does not really give two hoots about what our Moula wants?

    Just copying and pasting what MufaddalMoulaZindabad has said in reply to herself below 😉

  167. Looks like the yokels among Mufaddal Moula’s supporters continue to post idiotic things here, continue to contradict each other and continue to help make KQ’s point. Look at the post by Guest below. Can someone please stop them?!!

  168. Just leave the same comment on my post as you did on this one – should work identically

    if a technical issue arises, email me, i am azizhp at gmail, i’ll help you out

  169. The logical discussion here is that this succession issue
    goes to the very core of every Bohra belief.

    It is not easy to just wake up one morning and change your
    belief 360 degrees.

    We need a more logical answer to the these deep question of
    how Aqua Burhanuddin Moula (RA) can keep
    the Mazoom for half a century and ask
    the general population to be loyal to him if he had full knowledge that there is something fundamentally wrong
    with this person.

    If we are to keep our firm faith in the belief that all
    these appointments are done with the knowledge of unseen and Ilham; then to a thinking mind this sequence of
    events is hard to swallow..

    I as an ordinary Bohra is tormented with this question
    regarding my faith and the simple black and white answer being given regarding
    the convenience issue or the historical analogies is just too simple not satisfying.

    May be more knowledgeable souls may want to offer their
    insight as how to calm the inner side.

  170. Are you for real ??

    Burhanuddin Maula gave us more than 2 years notice that his successor will be Mufaddal Maula and yet you say “It is not easy to just wake up one morning and change your belief 360 degrees.”

    Really?? Were you in coma all this time ??
    Or are you just rabble-rousing?

    And there’s NOWHERE in Fatemi phalsaphat that says Mazun HAS to be the next dai. Nowhere!

    Don’t come back with another set of silly questions! I am not going to reply because your motive is apparent.

  171. I think Hope is speaking about the 360 degrees turn that requires him/her to believe that the Mazoon, who was appointed by Burhanuddin Moula and whose long life we prayed for and whose name was taken in misaq to define dawat, is now deserving of the curse of God. Perhaps for you that is not a huge turn and perhaps YOU did adawat of the Mazoon and dai even as you gave misaq. But most of us gave misaq with ikhlaas so this comes as a bit of a shocker.

  172. also no one believes that the Mazoon necessarily is the next Dai. We all know that is a result of nass and there is no succession by default. It is more about whose word do we take as the truth. Those who ran a charade to convince the masses and then came up with documents when that backfired? Or the one whose name we took in misaaq all our lives and who Burhanuddin moula maintained as mazoon for half a century.

  173. There is no shocker! It was obvious all the way thru.

    You behave DELIBERATELY as if this is the first time this sort of thing has happened in dawat ni history.

    It’s been happening since time of Adam and will happen again.
    No “shocker” here. Maula Burhanuddin maintained, I repeat MAINTAINED Khuzema in that position so we respected him but not anymore once Khuzema started being a dai on his own.

    You guys are knowingly dragging this issue out! So I am not going to reply anymore to you either.

    You motive is apparent!

  174. The contention in the time of Adam Nabi AS was among his sons. In the history of duat no mazoon has ever laid a claim but was rather the mediator of claims. Don’t mention Ali bin Ibrahim. He was not mazoon. Now if you want to believe twisted facts, it’s your prerogative but some of us need to verify facts presented to us.

  175. We are suppose to beileve allaged nuss on Khuzema that has No witnesses at all, no proof at all, no document at all but Qutbi people allege that nuss on Mufaddal maula that happened amidst thousands of people is a “charade”.


  176. Eliza get the premise of the argument right.
    1) No one heard Moula Burhanuddin pronounce the nass. If that had happened, we would not be here.
    2) Many doubt that what happened in Raudat Tahera was a nass.
    3) There is no no credible proof on either side. A hastily produced black diary that was not mentioned in the original 40 page nass misaal, is not cutting it for us.
    4) It comes down to who do you believe. The lion hunting (sorry could not resist) shehzada, or the sidelined mazoon who has made no attempt to deceive with false proofs but has at asked people to believe him with his hand on the Qur’an. The humility and simplicity of his call is compelling to some of us. If it is not so compelling to you, you are free to join the other (now what was it MufaddalMoulaZindabad called them??)….yokels …in believing that Mufaddal Bhaisaheb is your dai.

  177. Yup. Most also believed that Rasulullah did not do nass on Moulana Ali. Most were also with Yazeed. Most in Yemen were with Suleiman. Enjoy your comfort in numbers.

  178. wait till you do zyafat of your interest earning Dai Khuzema and shahzadas. Your Dai khuzema as the biggest lootara. ask Dubai na people Colombo na people Africaand India na logo. you are funny

  179. In beautiful Southern California actually.. and please…if you understand my comment, you may reply in disagreement. If you do not even understand it, why bother replying?

  180. I love how MS people end up hurling insults when they cannot think up an intelligent argument. You just walked away from the other argument saying “I don’t want to argue.” and “I have to go.” But it seems you have time to hurl insults. I think you have all the time in the world but not enough intelligence..that’s why no arguments, only insults.

    No wonder your passionate Mufaddal bs follower MufaddalMoulaZindabad called you “hateful” and “stupid” “yokels.” Not my words my dear, they are just your friends’…Read the comments.

  181. If you don’t believe Ali bin Ibrahim was mazun went rogue, then you validate the Alawi Bohra claim, which means there was no nass on Dawoodi Bohra dai’s, which means there is no nass on Khuzema Qutbuddin.

    So, whichever way you look at it Khuzema Qutbuddin cannot be dai, as he is not and will be not.

  182. Misaq with ikhlass of what? Misaq is for Dai only, that is Ikhlaas. khuzema qutbuddin himself absolve from the mazun position, nobody thrown him out of the that position.

    As far as he was in position with Raza Mubarak of Dai uz Zaman (TUS), all mumineen respected him, that was Ikhlass of mumineen. But he mistook that respect. Which Aesop’s has given example in his fable:

    Once lion was hungry and came out of jungle in search of food, he saw a DONKEY and wanted to attack, as other animal also saw lion and started to make some noise.

    The owner of the farm came out, seeing owner the lion run to jungle, but DONKEY mistook it thinking that its because of him the lion is running away and he run after the lion. Lion found it amusing and killed him and ate him.

  183. again excellent reply.. bhai

    aa Mufaddal Aaqa na dushmano tamney hamna kehsey key insult karo cho, rude cho, eym samjhe chey key California ma besi ney ey logo neyj aqqal ghanee chey ney apna baddhaj bewaqoof chey. mota yahudo paasey to Fatemi ilam sikhwa gayaa chey..moti Phd nasara ney yahudo paasey approve karawi jaat ney hoshiyaar maaney chey Tahera ney Aziz ney Husain… ney dai banwa jaai chey.

    Khud apney sataawey chey ney besharmo apney badnaam kareych..

    ahiyah raat na 2 waaga chey..chalo good night

  184. i said i did not believe Ali Bin Ibrahim was mazoon. He was not mazoon. I did not say I do not believe he went rogue. He did go rogue. Now I am seriously convinced that there is a serious comprehension deficiency among you lot. READ the comments before you jump and respond. Listen to @MufaddalMoulaZindabad. Use your intelligence if you have any otherwise do not waste your time posting here.

  185. You are taking MufaddalMoulaZindabad comment so seriously that you have to mention it in every of your reply like a gospel truth. No wonder khuzema qutbuddin is able to convince you. Otherwise what is the reason when for more than two years, you never question the nas, and as soon as Aqa Burhanuddin Aqa RA wafat, khuzema started fitnat.

    Because khuzema now he is saying that Burhanuddin Aqa RA has suffered stroke and was weak, but he never dare say such things during Burhanuddin Aqa RA hyati, as he knows very-very well, Dai’s physical condition does not constraint him and any fitnat he would have done would have fell flat on his face. ha

    Mumineen in America (even mumineen whom khuzema and his sons where giving sabak on skype), which khuzema was hoping that they will fell for his tricks, had NOT left Haq na Dai Aali Qadr Moula (TUS). why? Did Burhanuddin Aqa RA, taken steps to protect them from the fitnat in advance? Many people who will honestly and with open mindedly think about it they will automatically understand the fallacy of khuzema.

  186. “made no attempt to deceive with false proofs”…”but asked people to believe him with his hand on the Quran” how contradictory.

    Well muawiya use Quran and did same thing and created schism in religion. way to go khuzema….

  187. Lets try again,

    1. Do you believe Ali Bin Ibrahim was Mazoon or Not?
    2. If he was not mazun, so do you agree with Alawi Bohra claim? They say he was not mazun, he was a Dai.

  188. Bahen Fatema Burhani;

    It is not just that only Khuzema’s brothers and sisters abandoned him. We did too.

    We belong to a prominent Surati family who are closely related to Busaheba Amena Aiysaheba, Khuzema’s mother. We were close to him but after realizing Khuzema’s hatred (at that time disobedience) for Aqa Burhanuddin (RA) Maula and his ego and anger and demands we abandoned him as well. Another Surati family related to Busaheba did the same.

  189. Here is a simple question.

    This person pretends to be a successor of Burhanuddin Mola RA, yet in Africa he spoke openly against him. He even went as far as saying that Burhanuddin Mola RA had not done adal with munafiqeen like Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA had.

    question to you:

    So how can one claim to be a successor yet denigrate his predecessor?

    A dai does everything with Ta’eed and Ilham and in satr is in place of the Imaam AS, hence by extension, what this pretender is saying is that the Awliya AS do not do adal (naoozobillah!).
    Yet, ironically, this pretender wants to be known as a representative of the Awliya AS. What hypocrisy.

  190. Time will tell who was brainwashed. The true dai of Imaam Hussain AS reached his side. The pretender is still sitting in Mumbai! The pretender was always free to go to Imaam Hussain AS. But how can he? He has no tawfeeq. In fact this pretender must fear going to Imaam Hussain AS.

  191. Aliqadr Mola TUS was responding to specific incidents and sees great harm for young girls to be working in such an environment. Only a true father would think that way. A pretender would easily adhere to an ideology that has made women into objects of desire, that the western culture is happy to celebrate as emancipation. Even the President of US mentioned that the celebrity culture is eroding values. It does not take much to realize that by celebrity he means the obsession with a certain family that parades itself in close to nothing and is considered trash by most decent standards.

    If Aliqadr Mola TUS wants women to be homemakers that is a great thing, bringing up children is a full-time job in itself. It is the most worthy cause, as they directly influence the next generation.

    Ask a child and they will say that they would rather be at home with their dearest mother than be in a day care with a person who could care less about their welfare and only enough so that the person can continue to profit from it.

  192. Stop creating your own fiction, stop writing crap about what SKQ said about Aqa Burhanuddin Mola’s adal.

    Now let’s look at the fact:
    Burhanuddin Mola RA appointed SKQ as Mazoon with the ILHAM and TAEED of imamuz zaman, and he kept taking his name in misaq for 50 years. Now did he pick the wrong person as his second in command? Someone who he did not trust entirely? He gave complete Mutlaq raza to someone who was allegedly a liar comparable to Muawiyah? You are basically saying that the 52nd Dai failed his Imam in the most basic of his duties, he picked the wrong Mazoon and compounded it by keeping him as Mazoon for 50 years, Naoozobillah!!!!

    In the 850 years of Duat History a Mazoon has never betrayed the trust of his Dai and true Fatemi Dawat will continue with the ILHAM and TAEED of Imamuz zaman no matter what hurdles are thrown in the path from MS the fraudster!

  193. Your language shows your character.

    Mola Burhanuddin RA put the stamp of truthfulness on the narrator, much to the displeasure of the pretender. By your assertion you are calling Mola Burhanuddin RA a liar (naoozobillah!).

    Mola Burhanuddin RA could have manifold reasons for any of his actions. He is the authority and can do as he pleases. I, as an adna gulaam, cannot begin to fathom his wisdom. But, one thing is for certain. His every action was done for the protection of us gulaamo, the mumineen of his daur.

    Your history lesson is incorrect. In fact there was a Mazoon whose rutba was taken away from him and when approached by instigators, he thanked his Mola AQ that he was still a mumin. Do not lie and pretend to be saying the truth. And if there wasnt one example before, then its even more disastrous that this pretender became the first to do so.

    What kind of people you are, you cannot even bring yourself to do dua for the pretender? You refer to the pretender with no letters following it for his long life. Thats how I do expect people with no tawfeeq to behave.

    Long live the true leader of us mumineen gulamo, Mola Aliqadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

  194. You can pull your hair out, gnash your teeth, scratch your eyeballs out and throw tantrums like your fraudster Khuzema but the fact is Syedna Burhanuddin obligingly KEPT Khuzema for long 50 years as mazun but did NOT do nuss on him. And that was the maalik’s decision.

    Sorry BeyIzzat Taher(a), there was NO nuss on your father.

  195. Being brainwashed by words as you say and understanding the meaning behind words are two different things. One is where you yourself make up your mind without thinking as to the actual meaning while the other is not. What it seems is never what it is. If you ponder on your sinking feeling and sadness, you may come up with answers as to the the actual meaning.

  196. Your leader KQ and you are so off the path that you cant see whats in front of your eyes. Using words such as that used above without knowing the words entire meaning. Not unexpected from your leader or you.

  197. Your namesake here, simpleminded would be a more apt. The diary was not meant to be shown or discussed unless it became absolutely necessary, Burhanuddin aqa (ra) knew it will be needed at some point, showed and instructed Muffadal maula (tus) to keep it magfi (hidden). The perfect time was chosen by Muffadal Maula (tus) on the milad of imamuzaman in front of everyone. There are believers and non believer, happens in every age/zaman/daur. To each his own.

  198. beyond fantastic, borders on blindness. perfect for KQ and his people as they are have eyes but have no sight.

  199. one morning, 360 degrees ??? Its been more than 2 years you say ‘wake up one morning and change your belief 360 degrees.’ By your statement, it takes you that much time and still not yet awake, no matter how many 360 degree turns you take you will always end up in front of that who you believe in.

  200. 250 Comments, what a waste of time on a claim that is a waste of all resources material and virtual. This is like a never ending debate with no ends. Mumineen would rather do something productive than responding to Shireen’s baseless bragging and rant.
    Aziz Poonawala has written enough and to the point leaving nothing else to be said. Let’s not waste our precious time on this topic.

  201. Ilham and Taeed, Ilham and Taeed, Ilham and Taeed, for what? for being a mazoon NOT dai. GOT it.

  202. ahhhhh….. that is why KQ and his son behaved like a rasta na goonda and did all the drama trying to threaten and beat up shabab na guards in Surat a few years back..hamey to sharam si mari gayaa.

    aawa mohta saheb ney aawi harkato. mazoon thaey ney? aatlo gusso?

  203. We have known Shireen and her family for the last eight years or so. The decision made by her and her family has pained us. However the ill spoken about Shireen in these comments pains us even more.

    Shireen won our hearts as soon as she came to New Jersey. She is a sweet and intelligent girl and has always had very strong convictions.When her convictions were aligned with ours we were proud of her. Now that her convictions are different from ours, we cannot start bashing her! She is a kind, caring compassionate person and has not become something different because she believes differently. Many who are devout followers of Mufaddal Moula TUS have been beneficiaries of her compassion and the generosity of her parents.

    Shireen and her family have kept a dignified silence since they made their decision. No one we know has been approached by them to preach their beliefs. This article appears to be an anguished cry from a very social person who has been isolated. Knowing Shireen, she will get over it.

    Let’s not all collectively be unthinking, ungrateful and lowly in our comments. @MufaddalMoulaZindabad is right in her own unique way! Let’s stop commenting here right now.

  204. Poori duniya naa saamney Mufaddal Moula ney gaali dey chey on Internet that’s why loko upset chey.

    Ex-Maajun na chokra chokri eyhne chadhawey chey.

    No need to do drama in front of world when she knew exactly what she was going for.
    Typical tamara American drama like Oprah… every personal detail to the world… no excuse justified for her …

  205. Mullasab hamey aa article maa ek bhi gaali nathi parhi. Magar hamey aa comments maa ghani giri hui cheezo parhi rahya chey.

  206. Writing wrong stuff about Mufaddal Maula and his jamaat and us when there was no force, no extortion – those kinds of accusations by Shireen without proper research sound like worse than gaali.

    She seems like she severly lacks wisdom as someone here mentioned, she lacks “higher intellect” I would say she is immature and does not understand that KQ na chokrawo are taking advantage of her while they do fitnat from behind the screen. Only time will tell..

    These comments should end. Hopefully…..

  207. Shireen Hamza sounds like typical ABCDEFG

    American Born Confused Desi Especially From Gujarat.

  208. Mullasab it seems that you lack the higher intellect. You made a dirty low comment and then hope for the comments to stop.

  209. Shireen is mature beyond her years. I doubt anyone is pulling her strings. Everyone who knows her, knows that she makes her own decisions. She did that when she did Mohabbat of Burhanuddin Moula RA (and still does – no doubt) and I do not doubt that she will continue to do that in her new faith. When you say things like this about her, it rings untrue to people you know her and you damage people’s faith. FIRST you need to stop the LIES.

  210. What lies? I am offended by her statements, here:

    “…I cannot support a line of thinking that condemns women for working in call centers because they might “fall into sin,” without providing an acceptable, equally lucrative alternative, or addressing the larger problem: the global inequalities that have made a job at a call center catering to Western consumers a means to pull an entire Indian family out of poverty. While Syedna Burhanuddin warned his followers against falling prey to the Western cultural hegemony, he by no means forbid women from participating in the global economy in a professional capacity. Rather, he gave his support to all men and women who sought to educate themselves, and as a result, there are many male and female doctors, lawyers, technologists, and other highly-skilled professionals in the community today. In his remarks about call centers, Saifuddin shamed those working women without correspondingly organizing a communal effort to provide working women with a realistic alternative means to support themselves and their families…”

    Here, more:

    “……I was alarmed by reports from multiple women, from the poor districts of Pune to the affluent neighborhoods of Mumbai to suburban New Jersey, of a group of women from the community coming to their homes and asking them to sign pledges committing them to always wearing the rida (the Dawoodi Bohra hijab) outside of the house. Some were told to sign the form or be removed from the increasingly invasive online database of Dawoodi Bohras, ….”

    If you write openly without proper research and proof than it is fiction. Did she bother to verify the so called “reports”?

    Did she even bother to take a sampling from 100s of jamat like they do when they take statistical survey, based on demography, geography ?

    A mature person would do ATLEAST a bit of research before slapping blatant lies like she did out to the open world.
    You guys sitting in America should know more about how good Americans are about research and when it comes to providing proof. Aziz Poonawala did a great job at providing URLs etc.

  211. Sorry that you are in anguish…appears like most young Bohris you were brought up thoroughly indoctrinated. You and your family have quite likely been subjected to thorough subjugation by the DB clergy, while they spend their life in grand luxury sucking on the metaphorical teats of your family, friends and the rest of the clueless community. It is time that you and the rest of the DBs break the shackles.

    As for your friends…they really were never allowed to be your friends. They were the slaves of the syedenas, and so were you. Attacking their rivals and those who question them is the way of these people. If you were in a different country in an earlier time, you would be lucky to escape with your life.

  212. Mullasaab like I said let’s stop with the lies. Shireen was reporting what happened in India to her friends and relatives. We have all heard from our relatives that these things did happen and they happen here as well. We also signed things here. Some willingly, some not so. So let’s not compound the issue and keep dragging it out in the open.

  213. Okayyyy

    That’s what my point was to begin with that it should not have been “dragged[ing] out in the open” as you said.

    These things are very intimate to most of us.

    Anyways, bolo chaalu maaf karjo.

    Khuda Hafiz

  214. So now you admit that these things happened? You contradict yourself in so many ways and do damage to whatever cause you are working for. Yes, yes, Khuda Hafiz and I hope I never see you with your comments here again.

  215. Did I admit? Really???

    I just said okayyyy, meaning fine whatever…not even an ok but typed Okayyy

  216. You reap what you sow.
    Shireen likes to wash her dirty clothes out in open so people are upset. Dude, what did you expect? If you upset a million people at least 100 are bound to be angry and upset.

    Live with it now!

    I for one do not sympathize with her

  217. I am from the Tri-State too….maybe just knowing Mulla in his name makes you more angry?
    i didt see mullasab saying lies ?

  218. I think that she is not washing HER dirty laundry in public, quite unfortunately, she is airing OUR dirty laundry. And all of us (now myself included!!) are drawing attention to it. If there is dirty laundry, someone is bound to air it!

  219. Saab that’s how we in US are brought up. Question everything, question even if you r parents are your own. unfortunately … it all a material world here. religion is a side thing.

    everybody lives their own selfish life here but i think yuou know. you seem quite smart, saab

  220. Actually seeing the lies in his comments made me angry. What is the point of denying something that happened? signatures – happened, lanats happened. Both Mullasaab and Aziz Poonawala are not being entirely truthful. We cannot rage a fight with untruths.

    I don’t like America bashing either. Shireen has not revealed one crude personal detail, so comparing her article to Jerry Springer is ridiculous.

  221. U looking only at one side. laanat and affirmation are part on both the sides..

    shireen is not honest …

    are you woman ? u do sound….. a little ….neurotic….
    its lunch time and i gotta get my quarter-pounder and fries…


  222. Nice try dude,

    “Shireen and her family have kept a dignified silence”……can anyone help me with, whether a blog post comes in dignified silence or not?

    “However the ill spoken about Shireen in these comments pains us even more.” How about ill-spoken by She-run about Mufaddal Moula (TUS), does that pained you ?

  223. A simple reply:
    1. A mazoon HAS done fitnat in the past
    2. Nobody but the Dai is infalliable, including any (no matter how high a rutba) people the Dai appoints. So, it is not insulting to Burhanuddin Moula RA whether his shezadas, like you believe, or his ‘mazoon’, like we believe strayed from the path.
    3. If it were insulting to Burhanuddin Moula RA, I think it is more insulting to say that not ONE, but ALL his children, his mukasir, and ALL his brothers failed to go the right path – the very people who were always besides him in his lifetime. Just a personal thought to ponder.
    4. What is insulting to Burhanuddin Moula RA is to say that there was behurmati done to his Janaza mubarakah. You may argue that his true mansus was not able to do tawali of kafan, dafan, and namaz (which, by the way, truly never has happened in the history of duat kiram), but to say that there was behurmati done – why would Khudata not protect his Dai’s (the one we both believe in) janazah?

  224. If you truly have questions, then you should go to I cannot say that it isn’t biased towards Muffadal Moula TUS, as it is written by his TUS believers, but I believe it is very well argued with factual/historical anecdotes. Hope you find an answer to your question.

    With respect, I ask you to ponder one question – do you truly believe that even post stroke, Burhanuddin Moula RA was incapable of comprehension? That he sat helplessly as his sons, and everyone he loved, ‘staged’ a nass in front of him, and his ‘so called’ enemy sat with him on his takhat? That thought is more tormenting to me.

  225. There was no behurmati of janazah, it was picture perfect a procession as Taher Saifuddin Aqa (RA).

    khuzema qutbuddin, went to saifee mahal on wafat of Burhanuddin Aqa (RA) and has access to gurfa mubarakah. But it seems, he was so much in hurry to start his fitnat, that he completely ignore what is his duty even as mazoon.

    I am compel to conclude, how could Allah Ta’ala allow a munafeqeen to get this azeem barakat, hence he got no tawfeeq.

  226. Not really. She has written this as a personal narrative. She is entitled to her opinion and I am secure enough in my faith that it does not impact ours. In America we have freedom of speech. Aziz Poonawalla has written his piece representing Mufaddal Moula. I don’t see any of the people that are defending or applauding Shireen here on his blog making personal attacks on him on his blog. Qutbis limited their comments to the “facts” that they disagreed with and they are definitely more civilized about it! My point is that your angry comments are a disgrace. They are hurting no one but yourself and you are embarrassing those of us who have better manners.

  227. Perhaps you have need to question who your parents are. In general, Americans feel no such need. This kind of ridiculous America bashing is not going to help your cause whatever it is at this point!

  228. Awwww shut up!!!! I am an American and I probably pay more taxes than you do.

    If you stop being so neurotic and melodramatic you’d understand a bit.

    Anyways, I was addressing Mullasab and telling him about a general way of life here. If you noticed I stopped talking to you when I said I am going to lunch.

    Stay away from me, lady!!!

  229. Bidah

    “Whoever innovates something reprehensible in this matter of ours that does not belong to it is rejected.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

    “In this matter” i.e. religion – Islam. Defining “innovation,” Qadi Iyad writes, “Whoever innovates an opinion in Islam that does not have any manifest (zahir) or obscure (khafi) or clear derived substantiation from the Qur’an and Sunna, then it is rejected.”

    Islam was preferred as a religion, and anyone who attempts to bring into it an unsubstantiated idea has undertaken a disliked practice – disliked because of the implication that Islam is incomplete or defective, and hence has need for some innovation. As for the words “that does not belong to it,” they indicate that innovating something that is in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunna (i.e. “which belongs to it”) cannot be considered reprehensible. Imam Shafi’i said, “Any innovation that violates the Qur’an or Sunna or a statement [of the Companion – athar] or the consensus (ijma’) [of Muslim scholars] is a deviance. And whatever good that has been innovated and does not contravene any of the above is not reprehensible” (Mirqat al-mafatih 1:366, 368).

    Thus, according to Islamic law, bid’a is any new way in worship that is done with the intention of attaining more reward, but not proven from the words or the actions – explicit or tacit – of the Messenger (salawaatullahi wasalaamu alaih) or the four caliphs, Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman, and ‘Ali (radiallahu anhum), in spite of them having had the ability to do so (Shatibi, Al-I’tisam).

    The Messenger of Allah strongly warned his Umma against innovating something into Islam saying, “When a people innovate something new into their religion, a sunna to that amount is lifted from them. Hence, holding fast to a sunna is superior to introducing a new innovation (Ahmad).

  230. Dear brothers and sisters;

    You are all doing shirk of the greatest kind. Please wake up and realize before it is too late.

    In Islam, shirk (Arabic: شرك‎ širk) refers to the sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism, i.e. the deification or worship of anyone or anything other than the singular God. Literally, it means the establishment of “partners” placed beside God. It is the vice that is opposed to the virtue of Tawhid (monotheism).[1]

    Within Islam, shirk is an unforgivable crime if remained unpardoned before death: God may forgive any sin if one dies in that state except for committing shirk.[1][2]

    The word šhirk comes from the Arabic root Š-R-K (ش ر ك), with the general meaning of “to share”.[3] In the context of the Quran, the particular sense of “sharing as an equal partner” is usually understood, so thatpolytheism means “attributing a partner to Allah”. In the Qur’an, shirk and the related word mušrikūn (مشركون), — those who commit shirk and plot against Islam — often refer to the enemies of Islam (as in verse 9.1–15).

  231. yawn….do you have a million hits yet? we stopped going there a while ago. Your silly site was instrumental in helping us make the decision in favor of Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS.

  232. Good for you. Enjoy your Qutbi Cult.

    And web counters are manipulated all the time. It’s the content that counts. Keep lying.

  233. At least we don’t attack each other like the members of the Mufaddaly cult.
    The only lying being done is on your silly website.

  234. fatelidawat dot com —— a fraud website —- have fun there.

    fraud like your boss and his litter

  235. American arrogance.. but she studied at Jamea… that means Jamea is not good at education.. ??

  236. Typical response from abdes when asked a very legitimate question to which they don’t have a logical answer because there is not one

  237. Have a look at this -> The KQ whom you hate and curse has been helping need people for last so many years unlike the others who just extort money in one ziyafat or the others.. You will say that the site is fake but I have heard about KQ’s help to needy mumineen

  238. Common, there was so much force in almost all places in India to sign the letter and take misaaq with so much of curse and abuses towards KQ

  239. Lost your way today, Jhandu? This is not dawood-bohras doot com site though it looks increasing like it

  240. jhandu, you racist….remember what u said about blacks 2 years back.
    no wonder guys like u are promoting KQ

  241. Mr. Burhani, The maalik is a maalik with absolute auhority. Why would he be obliged and who would he be obliged to? When he was physically able, there was nothing stopping him from removing the mazoon from his rutba if he saw fit. So it follows that he saw it fit to keep him there and had a purpose in doing so. Additionally, when he was fit, he did not do nass on Mufaddal Bhaisaheb so he did not intend to do it. He had gazillion opportunities to do nass on MS when he had his speech and he did not.

    And dude I know who Truth Prevails is. Your identity guess is soooo off. Get another job. You suck at doing your master’s bidding on this one. Let me let you in on a secret. The Qutbuddins are way to busy to waste their time replying to the likes of you.

  242. He did nass in London too when he was well before stroke.

    But you do what you want. Carry on. Believe what you want.

  243. Vaporub I think your cold has affected your memory. The claim is that he did nass in London AFTER the stroke. Get your story straight.

    He was in the hospital because of the stroke. Verify your facts before you spout lies here.

  244. before, after, during whatever.. believe what you want

    the ship of making other person convince has sailed too far now… bye

  245. Are you people for real?? Did your Moula teach you to speak to a lady like this or did you learn it all by yourself?

  246. I was afraid it would come to this…You guys are so pumped up with testosterone and self-importance, you will stop at nothing to have the last word or be the loudest in the room….Kinda like the zakereens, trying to screech each other out, forgetting that we are there for the huzn and buqa of Aqa Hussain.

  247. 1) Who was that Mazoon? Please, Ali Bin Ibrahim was not a mazoon.

    In the entire history of Nabi’s, Imam’s and Duat, sons and other family members have betrayed dawat many times, but never has a mazoon done that, and the reason being the person chosen for this post is trusted entirely, and is chosen with the Ilham and Taeed of the Imam uz zaman.
    It’s the Shehzada’s who are insulting Aqa Burhanuddin Mola RA by their huge effort in hijacking dawat with this whole charade and misleading mumineen

  248. Bohra commit shirk

    In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is no one (no idol, no person, no grave, no prophet, no imam, no dai, nobody!) worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.

    Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 2526 Narrated by Anas ibn Malik

    The Prophet (saws) said: ‘Three things are the roots of faith:

    to refrain from (killing) a person who utters, “There is no god but Allah”, and

    not to declare him an unbeliever whatever sin he commits, and

    not to excommunicate him from Islam for his any action.

    There is a distinct difference between a ‘legal’ muslim and a ‘true’ muslim in Islam. If one amongst mankind declares the ‘shahaadah’ or testimony of faith: ‘Laa ilaaha illallah, Mohamed ar-Rasool Allah’, he will be considered a ‘legal’ muslim in the sight of Shariah or Islamic Law.Regardless of his acts or deeds, immediately upon the declaration of this testimony of faith, he will be treated as a believer and all the rights that are due to a believer will be accorded to him in full: he can marry amongst the believers, he can visit the Sacred Mosque in Makkah, the food he slaughters is halaal for the believers, he will inherit from his believing parents, his believing children will inherit from him, he will be given a muslim burial, etc.

    None has the power to determine with certainty what are the intentions and motives of another; this Power is vested in the Domain of the All-Knowing, All-Wise Lord Alone. And He Alone will determine who is a ‘true’ muslim on the Day of Resurrection.

    Thus, regardless of what sins a person commits, if one declares his belief in Allah and His Last Messenger (saws), he will be treated as a ‘legal’ muslim in the sight of Shariah and the believers. Unless and until the person himself declares his intention to leave the fold of Islam, no one has a right to excommunicate the person who has declared the testimony of faith. It is only on the Day of Judgment when the All-Knowing, All-Wise will determine who indeed was a ‘true’ muslim.

    There is one more major difference in the ‘shirk’ committed by the people who claim to be muslims and the ‘shirk’ committed by the idolators like the Hindus, etc. If one confronts a ‘legal’ muslim one suspects of doing acts of shirk, he will immediately deny that the invoking of graves or prostrating of priests is an act of ‘shirk’, for he is not conversant with the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah and commits these abominable acts of shirk in absolute ignorance! If these our brethren only knew that their these acts are declared as acts of ‘shirk’ in the Glorious Quran by their Lord in whom they have professed belief, they would leave it immediately and seek repentance! The idolators on the other hand confess that they believe there are many gods, each having absolute powers over a department of their life; and they invoke them whenever they seek help in that department.

    Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 5 Surah Maidah verse 72:

    Whoever commits ‘shirk’ (invoking anything with Allah), Allah shall forbid for him Paradise, and Hell shall be his abode. And for such wrong doers there will be no one to help.

    Not that there would be any difference between the end result in the Supreme and Just Court of the Lord in the Hereafter of a muslim committing shirk or a hindu committing shirk; for ‘shirk’ is still ‘shirk’, and this abomination has been singled out as the most heinous and unforgivable of sins in Islam. But because one has professed belief in Allah and His Last and Final Messenger (saws), they will be considered ‘legal’ muslims in the sight of the Shariah and the believers in the life of this world, and every single right which is due to a muslim will be accorded to them in full. It is only on the Day of Judgment when Allah will hold them severely accountable for their abominations of ‘shirk’.

    Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me alone. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

    Your brother and well wisher in Islam,

  249. Don’t parrot what fateli dawat has mentioned, have been there and its all cocktail of the facts.

  250. No need to mention any logic or fact, they “Yawn” and fell asleep cannot comprehend it.

    Most of them are high on the cocktail of dawat kitaab that has served by hussain qutbuddin.

    All the distortion of fact made by fateli dawat and hussain qutbuddin, has been ably answered by believe site. If one is so righteous about himself/herself, the dawat kutub is available to verify what believe site has clearified.

    Just take one reason from Believe site and verify it with dawat kutub or go to mohallah Aamil. Yes, yes I know its supporter of Mufaddal Moula (TUS) and bias, you may say. Just listen to him.

    After that you make your own wise decision. Good luck

  251. Well there are many evidence for nass on Mufaddal Moula (TUS) keeping that aside.

    Taking your logic, “He had gazillion opportunities to do nass on MS when he had his speech and he did not.”

    The same gazillion of opportunities or more Burhanuddin Aqa RA had to do nass on khuzema qutbuddin and he did not. period

  252. Well, on one hand they say number does not matter, on other than hand, they are quick to point a million hits. Height of hypocrisy must say…

    Its seems the distorted facts are not bringing them any converts…ha ha ha…shame on that million hits…lol

  253. Khuzema Bhai I suggest you take lessons from Hussain Bhaisaheb Qutbuddin on how to present facts logically and convincingly. Let me reiterate – FACTS. If you tell people in 500 different ways that Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin is a bad guy. People do yawn and fall asleep.
    For those who have not watched them yet, Hussain Bhaisahebs videos make for riveting viewing and will not leave you in any doubt where truth lies.

  254. Love to, but when Taher / Aziz qutbuddin say that 90% of mazoon become dai, where in reality its almost 50%. When they can twist simple fact. I dread.

    And I have seen hussain qutbuddin videos, not the recent ones to be honest, because all he says zikar aawi che, zikar aawi che, su zikar aawi che bhai?. seriously I am not chiding.

  255. Example of how Khuzema and his cult manipulate facts:

    Khuzema would say maney kidhu chey “Your cat is pretty”

    Infact haq na saheb farmayu hoy, “Your cat is pretty ugly”

    He would eat away last word.

    Just one example of how Khuzema ney chelawo manipulate hadeeth, kalaam and dawat na kitaab.

    Truly fateli daawat chey Khuzema Qutbuddin ni.

  256. Bravo ben, bravo, I was really struggling to put a example. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

    That all what hussain qutbuddin has done with dawat kitaab and served the cocktail, which confused the gullible minds to no end.

  257. It’s very funny how the old school in dawat conduct their arguments:
    If you don’t accept their version of ilm – you have rocks in your heart. you are not accepting of ilm (ShiningBright)
    If you accept from others – you are “gullible”, “feeble minded.”(Khuzema, Juzer Not-Noorani)

    Brothers I am soo happy to say adios to all of you and this kind of manipulation. I’d rather not have faith than be beholden to your kind for my faith for-even-one-more-day. Good bye.

  258. Bhai please, have a look at believe site. We have nothing against you, we are brothers. Please don’t say ‘Yawn’ etc. Take a couple of reasons and verify it own your own.

  259. Lookt at this person’s all the posts. All are against Mufaddal Maula and s/he says s/he is from South California, most likely Baakersfield. Surely one ot Qutbi ni family trying to make us feel guilty by saying “I’d rather not have faith .

    don’t fall for it

  260. Khuzema bhai I have nothing against the believe site other than that it is full of twisted facts and relies on character assassination of Syedna Qutbuddin TUS. Quite honestly it is painful to see the desperation and the malice behind it. The malice is quite obvious in these comments as well. Each of Hussain Bhaisaheb’s videos are full of information and logical arguments based on facts. Sorry bhai, there is no contest. Watch video #11. Now I have to sign out of here for good and live my life. Have a good life. adios again 🙂

  261. Well I have never made any secret of who I believe. And much south of Bakersfield….Which is where I was when I am right now. On my way home now about to board a plane. Some of us are not in the same city every day of the week. And I will say it again, if faith meant having to deal with your kind one more day, I’d rather not have faith. Only responded once more because you paid me a compliment about being a Qutbuddin…Ciao.

  262. Yea’ go grow cherries in Bakesrsfield.

    As you say “there is no contest” So true! When it comes to Qutbi cult creating malice and lies nobody can come close.

    Adios Shireen, Taher, Hyder, Zahra, Shabbir and more …and Insiya (heh heh your mom ‘n dad and family abandoned you heh heh), Adios. Though i am sure you’ll sign back with another userid.

  263. Yea’ sure. Nice try making us get into guilt trip.

    Though I am sure you’ll come back like a persistent infection. Under another moniker.

    Such a shallow person with even shallower faith.
    You don’t want to really work to find the real truth so you keep saying “I’d rather not have faith”. Go, go!

    Good riddance!

  264. Then who was Ali bin Ibrahim? Or do you just want to blatantly deny what is written in muntazalakhbar?
    A Dai’s every amal is with taeed and ilhaam. Not just appointing mazoon, but mukasir, and all the other rutbas below mazoon. So, did the Dai fail in appointing others below mazoon’s rutba? (naozobillah)? Appointment to the rutba does not entail trust of the person. Every amal has a million hikmaats behind it that we can’t fathom understanding , but one thing is clear – Mazoon is not infalliable – that trait is only for the Dai. That has been shown by Moula’s RA bayan saying that a mazoon has made mistakes in the past – go ahead and deny it, I have iqtibasaat in front of me.

    No reply on the janazah point I see..

    And no one is capable of insulting Moula RA. No one’s sins should be attributed to him RA, whomever you believe is acting wrongly.

    It is insulting to say that while dawat was under alleged siege, the certain people who claim to be fully trusted by the Dai, sat idly by and watched from afar, and claim that they were ‘helpless’ to do anything about it. Insulting to the ‘fully trusted’ person, that is.

  265. You seem to be really keen on defending the Qutbis.
    I agree that we should be civilized, and I have tried to maintain respect in all my posts. However, claiming that the Qutbis have stayed respectful in all their posts, and even saying that they are presenting only ‘facts’, is quite …biased and blatantly untrue. Go ahead and reread the posts on Aziz bhai’s article. Go ahead and read the post comparing a moula to yazeed, by your dear civilized Qutbis. Especially when they cannot think of an argument to a post, their ‘civilized’ writing takes an obvious ‘distasteful’ turn.

    And please, don’t forget to put TUS after your moula’s name.

  266. Respectfully, if I may:
    1) “if he saw it fit to keep him there and had a purpose in doing so”…yes, he had a purpose. No one can understand that purpose. This ‘having a purpose’ does not equal Mr. Qutbuddin being mansoos. Again, I refer to Sayedna Taher Saifuddin’s risala and Mohammed Burhanuddin Moula’s RA bayan – that the Dai appoints hudood for many reasons, not always because they are worthy of the position.

    2) Saying that he did not do nass on Muffadal Moula TUS when he was fit would not work as an argument on us, as we believe that he did, but did so privately – with witnesses. You believe those instances are made up (quite easy to say) – so not the best point to argue for either sides.

    3) Who would Moula RA be obliged to? You say Imam na ilhaam ane taeed si – Moula RA is malik but is obliged by the ilhaam and taeed of Imam uz zamaan.

    4) By your logic – Muffadal Moula TUS also was not excommunicated from dawat in Burhanuddin Moula’s RA time – if Moula RA saw a purpose in keeping him in his dawat, then – there must be a greater purpose. Moula RA had a gazillion times to do something, but he kept him in his rutba in dawat.
    Hmm….see how that doesn’t work so great for ya there?

  267. Does anyone know why Aziz Poonawala removed his blog post
    “Qutbi faction abducts 9 children from India to the USA”
    I would like to read it. Can some repost it here in comments. I have a feeling he was given legal advice to remove what he was saying as Mothers don’t abduct their own children, they give birth to them and protect them.

  268. Abdeali says Mufaddal is orthodox. ha ha ha

    Pot calls kettle black.
    Have you seen yourself in mirror lately, Abdeali ?

    ha ha ha

  269. Ali bin Ibrahim was placed 2nd amongst the Hudud, clearly not the Mazoon, other wise the word Mazoon could have easily been used.

    Please enlighten where has Burahnuddin Moula RA explicitly said that Mazoon has made mistakes? I mean anything close to be a fitnat? Yes Ismat is only for the Dai, but the Mazoon he appoints is entirely trustworthy. History is full of examples of Sons and other family members betraying Dawat, but not a single example where Mazoon has betrayed his Dai. Beware of recent iqtibasaat, they are not always accurate, sometimes what is omitted tells a lot about who is writing the summary. e.g Houston iqtibasaat.

    Dawat was also under attack during the zaman of Syedna Najmuddin RA, but he chose to wait for the 5th Dai after him to come and clean the tassavvur of mumineen. So I am not surprised that SMB RA waited and watched for sake of reasons known to him alone.

    You should invest 7 hours of your time for the sake of your soul and watch Hussain bhaisab’s Q&A videos WITH AN OPEN MIND. You will do yourself a big favor, that is if you want to sincerely learn, the rubbish which is put out on the beleive Syedna website is hard to swallow because it is nothing but twisted facts and rubbish. You will also find the answer to your Janaza question in the Q&A videos.

  270. Just watch, time will tell which part is the Fateli dawat and which is the real Fatemi Dawat. You are right, everything on is a cocktail (mixture) of Facts! Everything on the other hand on BelieveSyedna site is a cocktail of TWISTED Facts!

  271. Bahen Amate Sayedna Mufaddal TUS:

    Wow!! Really wow!! I got the answer about Ali bin Ibrahim and now I am happy and content to know the truth.

    Without going into details I will just say the truth is with Mufaddal Maula.
    I don’t want to go into intricacies here. But WALLAHIL AZEEM. I have the answer.

    The litter of Khuzema is playing with semantics assuming they can fool us.

    Please contact me if you want to know the answer here. I will provide my email.

  272. And with Yusuf Najmuddin around then Mazoon would not have done any harm to anyone. Still wonder what fear and from whom not from 25 year old. Compared to big man YN was.

  273. I do not understand why Home science ? Does a rapist ask their victim what degree she has or pursuing. Doesn’t home science students go to parties and clubs. In what sense does home science is ideal degree for women.(scratching my head) A doctor can be a good wife a mother, sister and all roles she is to perform in daily routine as a women. A mumeena doctor is need of the hour in our community, If all women does home science then where will Mumeena ladies will go to, Male doctors ??

  274. ‘second amongst the hudud’ is different than mazoon, who in your words, is “second in command”? Wow, you have enlightened me about the way dawat works. But many other mazoons are referenced as second amongst the hudud in that kitab…do you deny their mazoonship as well? …And, by the way, if Ali bin Ibrahim wasn’t mazoon, who was?

    Anyways, its a stupid argument to say that it never happened in the past. First of all, you are saying that never in history has a mazoon does fitnat, and then following it by the argument that sons have done fitnat. If you use a blood relationship for one person, use it for the other. Yes, sons have done fitnaat in the past. SO HAVE BROTHERS…

    Secondly, so what if there is no historical precedence? I think you should abandon this weak argument all together – there is a first time for everything, right? Just like its the first time in history, according to you, that a mansus hasn’t done tawali of namaz and dafan. Can’t have it one way for one argument and then disregard it for another..choose.

    It seems its becoming a habit to cast suspicion on authenticity of documents, when no other argument is available.

    As far as the presented arguments about not being at janazah, neither ‘preventing a hangama’ or Mr. Qutbuddin feeling himself superior to praying namaz behind Muffadal Moula TUS cut it for me. Imam Hussain AS has in fact set a historical precedence in this regard.

    In regards to your comment, ” So I am not surprised that SMB RA waited and watched for sake of reasons known to him alone”…so now the person you claim was incapacitated by a stroke was able to ‘choose to wait’ to ‘clear mumineens tasawur’….so, confused…did he intentionally not perform public nass and let his community be in confusion? He intentionally watched a staged nass by his children? Or was he incapable? …..Oh my, its getting hard to follow this story.

    And your whole argument of Moulana Najmuddin RA – thank you, you made my argument for me. The same exact thing can be said for a mazoon – you just blew your argument about “Sayedna Burhanuddin RA kept him mazoon for 50 years” and claiming that fact to be sufficient evidence for his claim. My answer to that is, in your words, “So I am not surprised that SMB RA waited and watched for sake of reasons known to him alone.”

    Bottom line is – ismat is only for a Dai, and trust can be betrayed – as it has been many times in the past – by any person who does not have ismat.

    Oh and thank you for worrying about my soul – sweet gesture. But my Moula TUS is taking care of that, thanks.:)

  275. Now these are the kinds of aala, shaandar ashaab of Khuzema Qutbuddin. Ha ha ha
    Trimmed beard, no topi, not aalim.

  276. Over and above what Ali says in video KQ did curse the shabab member. KQ said,” taari aankh chali jaay tu andho thai jaay” and much more.
    The video above is too mild.

    We hate KQ and KQ can NEVER be our Dai. NEVER!

  277. There is no need to hate anyone much less KQ. Such immature statements do more harm than benefit. To each his own. Whatever KQ does he will have his time in the sun now, later he will have to and be made to answer for his actions not by his family or mumineen. That is a small part of Allahs Qisas or Justice. Allahs Justice is much more stronger on the learned ones, as they know what their actions are capable of and inspite of knowing this, KQ did what he did.

  278. Dear Shireen, Imagine an ‘X’ person living in your neighbour hood. This person hates, criticizes, publicly bad mouths your father. But because you are so called liberal would be friends with him? Invite him to your house for dinner?
    Any sane person wouldn’t because he wouldn’t be able to. Because he or she loves his/her Father. That’s a natural human logical response.
    The outcast which you are feeling is similar. If you are not one of us, we won’t pretend to be friends with you.

  279. Shireen knew exactly what she was getting into. Exactly! She is not a child, Then why is she whining about her friends abandoning her?
    hmmmm…….. there seems to be an ulterior motive. Think about it. 🙂

  280. Bhai it appears that you believe that one should not associate with people whose faith is divergent from yours. Is that why your Dai invited the Mazoon of the Alavi Bohras to and sat next to him as an equal?! Alavi’s have rejected all Dai’s from 30th onwards up until Burhanuddin Aqa RA. Sunnis have rejected everyone from Moulana Ali AS onwards and believe that all our practices such as hanging pictures of our Dais on our walls are unislamic. Do you not associate with Sunnis? There are many in the west who reject the idea of a God. Do you still not count them among your friends? Should one only associate with people who do not have any criticism of one’s faith?

    To answer your question, any educated person can welcome another person with divergent views into their home. Perhaps the idea is foreign to you but this is what we “liberals” chalk down to tolerance and pluralism.

    It seems to me that Shireen is better off without friends like you who don’t have much going on besides crazy-love for an uninspiring man. If anything the comments here have made it very clear and I do hope it helps her move on, if she has not already done so.

  281. Oh forgot to mention that the Alavis also reject your current Dai – same as Shireen…they have their own…they definitely do not love your ahem… father…or the last 23 duat for that matter…yet you welcomed them in Saifee Masjid…

  282. “Seeking peace” should be called “seeking confrontation”… says won’t but keeps coming back here …. ha ha… so ridiculous

  283. Yo Emanie, Seeking Peace came back after a couple of weeks but you never left! We need you and your snide comments off this wesite NOW! Do you understand? Both you, Khuzema and HR could not provide an intelligent response to the point made by Seeking so you reduced to personal comments. You guys need to get off this website, do Quran ni tilawat for Burhanuddin Moula. You do not have the intelligence to engage in an argument with the likes of Seeking so please do not continue to make stupid personal comments here and continue to discredit Mufadddal Moula TUS. Do I make myself absolutely clear?

  284. Are you intelligent enough to understand what HR has said.

    Do you understand the comments you, yourself write. For your convenience let me copy one of your comments below –

    “….I have Sunni Muslim friends and they do not believe in the same Moula since after Rasulullah SAW!! My parents have not asked me to stop speaking with them!! I love your idea of cautious engagement. I would love to get together with Shireen over a cup of coffee. Quite honestly I am curious how she is getting along and since I defended her a bit on her blog, she might forgive me and talk to me!”

  285. The more I read about the-great-divide the more I realize that we on the “right” side of the fence are perhaps not as flawless as we’d like to believe. We drove Shireen away…Did we for a moment think why someone such as herself was driven away? We ridiculed her, we shunned her, we were angry at her but never once did we look in the mirror and reflect. I for one, would like to start doing that.
    I regret that I fell in line and stopped talking to her and I am going to change that. If you don’t want to, you are welcome to continue shunning her on the one hand and then making ineffective attempts to ridicule her and her new friends and commenting the heck out of this blog on the other…
    I noticed that the Qutbis had disappeared from here for a while but you and your friend Emanie and a few others had continued with your mindless attempts to address her directly. When I called her to meet her for coffee, she informed me that she has not read the comments. Regardless, my impetuous plan to seek forgiveness based on my comments here was moot because she answered my call with the warmth that is sooo Shireen. She did not once make me feel like I needed to seek forgiveness!
    Khuzema bhai, as hard as it may be for you and your yokel friends to believe, we do believe in the same Moula. Some of us just have a greater capacity to reflect, change, tolerate and accept and who knows, learn from views different from our own.
    Yay! I have my friend back! To heck with what you think!

  286. Shireen had many friends who tried to talk to her, and she is the one who pushed them away. She is the one who wrote to her friends that she knows they will stop being in contact with her, so she has no reason to cry.

  287. I am completely baffled by your comments, calling mumineens yokels etc and seeking forgiveness from …..

    You got me ben, seriously.

  288. For all those who claim to have been Shireen’s friends once: She is fine. She cried, she got over it and as far as I could tell, she is not looking back. At the cafe, same as before, many random people waved, nodded and smiled and one stopped by to make plans…

    I instantly recognized the Shireen I knew 🙂

    I asked to see the emails she got in the first few days. Almost all of them were angry or snide and wanted her to “come back” to Mufaddal Moula TUS. Some were just downright nasty and threatening.

    There were only a handful of her friends that were kind, tolerant, respectful and accepting of her right to her own decision and understanding of her grief over SMB RA as equal to theirs. I am glad that she will count me among them even though I had a more delayed reaction…

    In the first few days, all she received were constant angry and spiteful phone calls and emails – many of them late at night from India. Based on what she told me,it would appear that she was not pushing people away, she was acting in the interest of self preservation… Her friends were not reaching out to her as friends but rather as agents of the faith. It was ironic that Aziz Poonawalla accused HER of proseletyzing before he hurriedly posted a retraction.

    I am happy I met up with her and I am glad that she will be part of my life again – I realize in somewhat secretive and different ways…I understand that my loved ones have a far easier time accepting my atheist, Hindu and Sunni friends than a Shireen…so be it. Maybe in time they will accept her too.

    Khuzema bhai I called you and your friends yokels because I am afraid you acted like yokels. I called Shireen a friend because she acted like one before and even after I had acted like a jerk to her. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. If more people called things as they saw it, perhaps we would not be in this mess.

    I doubt any of this makes any difference to any of you but I thought I should put it out there because I keep reading that Shireen should stop crying and the person I met was not tearful!

    With that, I’d like to start looking ahead too..

  289. In her last couple of posts, she really started showing her true colours. Makes one wonder what side she truly is on.

    Maybe she’s just very emotional or very young but either ways, one needs to be in control especially on public forum.

  290. I don’t mean to offend, everyone has their own point of view in terms of religion, its something that’s completely your own. But I just wanted to say that have you ever thought why rasoullulah always kept people by his side. its literally a parallel, so asking why burhanuddin moala kept KQ by his side not too hard to understand.

  291. I have become a doctor by the raza and dua of moulana saiffuddin, so please don’t be narrow minded in thinking that he wants women to not have jobs, stay at home. if you want to be like the rest of the world, and do what the rest of the worlds women do then please, be my guest. but both burhannuddin moula and mufaddal moula have taught us izzat, giving us a moral code. if that’s something you don’t believe in then go ahead, and continue to believe it. but don’t spread lies and misinterpretations of words that are meant to help and be kind.

  292. I am a member of the dawoodi Bohra community. I am
    disappointed and disgusted at the attacks on people who have openly declared
    that they are on the other side. The viciousness of the attacks – people should
    reflect if this really behooves a group that calls itself a “peace loving”

    I saw the picture of Moiz BS posted about 10 days back and
    the associated comments, and I have also seen other comments directed at his
    family; and it forced me to say a few words. I had been to Moiz bhaisaheb’s house (from Poconos) many
    many years back, thru one of my relatives. He was very nice and down-to-earth
    and courteous. He and his son talked nicely to us and tried to help me – I was
    new to US then. His daughter talked to my wife and helped her. I am writing
    this as I am disgusted at the attacks on them now, and I feel that this is the
    least that I can do.

    And he has been a practicing pediatrician all his life. Now
    he certainly came from Qasr-e-Ali and decided to go out in the real world and
    give back/contribute to society as a doctor and earn a living. Should not that
    be our benchmark and something that we should all aspire too? After all,
    Maulana Ali, do-jaaha-na-aqa, used to work and earn a living. Should that not
    be our standard?

    And these lannats on the ex-mazzom and his followers: If I
    use curse words against somebody, does it not say as much, if not more, about
    me rather than the person whom I am cursing? That one side encouraged lannats – it tells a lot more about them. And
    I hope that all mumineen ponder about that.

    As for Shireen Hamza, I heard from a child going to the NJ madrassa
    that she was quite popular with the children – wish her well in her faith.

  293. There’s a difference between curse and laanat.

    And laanat is part of faith on both the sides and AbduZahir, Moiz’s son spoke laanat on Mufaddal Maula, too

    So don’t come out and defend Moiz who Maula Burhanuddin considered as one of his own sons. Yet he chose to become unfaithful to Maula Burhanuddin.

  294. You are engaging in semantics. Laanat is cursing someone. And it is not unique to us. Laanat should be frowned upon from both sides.

  295. It is NOT. Laanat is NOT gaali. There are references from Quran.
    Go ask an aalim.

    Plus Khuzema Qutbuddin himself said laanat on Aqa Burhanuddin in his waaz.


  296. Of course there is a deeper meaning to the word ‘laanat’. But it is used derogatorily in the present context. I doubt you will like it when I say Laanat on Emaanie.

  297. When is laanat not used in a derogatorily sense?
    It’s like saying I have a bad headache. When is there ever a good headache ?

    Enough of your politically correctness!

  298. Interesting point.
    Just like the word “perfect” is an absolute term. That’s it.
    There is no less perfect or more perfect. Perfect is perfect.

  299. Moderator deleted my post so let me try again.

    Khuzema Qutbuddin is notoriously famous for doing bud-dua. You can watch scores of peoples’ testimony on daawedar ni kahani website.
    We have personally witnessed this in sahan of Dubai masjid years back. My family was close to KQ so my brother and I were standing there to meet him. KQ called the wali-mulla (or razaa na saheb there) and scolded him for not doing what KQ wanted. Then KQ started berrating him and as if that was not enough KQ started doing bud-dua for wali-mulla. We were stunned, we just could not believe what was happening . The wali-mulla humbly and respectfully said that he simply did not have enough authority to do what KQ demanded as he was just a wali-mulla. KQ went on and on and literally made the old wali-mulla cry, in front of hundreds of people.

  300. Wow. more and more skeletons come out of KQ closet every day.

    I bet this they will not post on their fateli dawat webpage

  301. I thought you said Buh-bye? Welcome back.

    Go ask an aalim about the deeper meaning of the word. Go see a doctor for that headache. May have come from thinking too much about ‘laanat’.

  302. All right. In a relative sense, Laanat to you and Emaanie. I don’t mind you saying it to me too. Sounds like fun.

  303. Ha ha.

    Despite a little argument I am sure we mean well, bhai. 🙂

    Take care all . So long…..

  304. I wish you’d show him my comment. You are nice enough to be concerned for him for the help he gave you but Moiz and his family (bar his wife, who rightly left him) has no shame and is an ingrate . we were close to him and we have seen Syedna Burhanuudin saheb had done sooo much for him. So does he not have shame to return to Syedna Burhanuddin’s family? Moiz’s brother’s family , sister’s family all abandoned him and are on Mufaddal Maula’s side.Seems that living in Stroudsburg Moiz and Ramlah have lost their sense of right and wrong. and hence also have medical lawsuits heaped up on themselves as well. we were his friends in NY/NJ/PA but we are all with Mufaddal Maula and we abandoned him whereas he stupidly behaves like khuzema Qutbudin’s poodle.
    Show him this comment, ask him where his sense of faithfulness has gone?
    He is not Qasre Aali he is Qasre Khaali now.

  305. its so sad that you think you figured things out based on how things look on a relay. KQ has done things in the past that are hard proof that he a plain human being, not a dai. burhanuddin moula and saiffuddin moula are examples of what a dai is. what proof do you possibly have, you can see the difference just by looking at KQ, and then SMB SMS.

  306. This is a very strong claim. Can you please post the exact reference to where Khuzema Qutbuddin says lannat on Aqa Burhannuddin Moula. This is a very strong statement that you are making. Please provide your proof. Thanks,

  307. Emaanie says • 19 hours ago

    It is NOT. Laanat is NOT gaali. There are references from Quran.
    Go ask an aalim.

    Plus Khuzema Qutbuddin himself said laanat on Aqa Burhanuddin in his waaz.



    This is a very strong claim. Can you please post the exact reference to where Khuzema Qutbuddin says lannat on Aqa Burhannuddin Moula. This is a very strong statement that you are making. Please provide your proof. Thanks,

  308. Check Khuzaima Qutbuddin’s official video. It’s there.

    Qutbi cultists like you always ask for proof from us followers of Mufaddal Maula but they themselves (Qutbi cultists) never have any proof. Even for the biggest one they are dancing upon.

  309. White is Maula Mufaddal, black=Khuzaima Qutbuddin:

    1. Black is repeatedly claiming ‘maney’ (me). White is voicing ‘mamlook’.

    2. Black is repeating ‘my belief’… White is belief in Moula.

    3. Black is leaving Moula’s janaazah. White is staying by its side.

    4. Black fears. White sacrifices.

    5. Black is claiming grief. White is showing it.

    6. Black is claiming saathey rakha. White is silently saathey rhaya.

    7. Black is demanding rutba. White is serving it.

    8. Black is quoting trust numbers. White is earning trust.

    9. Black is claiming knowledge. White is applying it in Dawat’s service.

    10. Black is feigning superiority. White is humility.

    11. Black is claiming time for ziyaarat. White is ensuring that others are blessed with it.

    12. Black is copying Moula. White is serving him.

    13. Black demands his place next to Moula. White always stands behind him.

    14. Black is idle chatter. White is dignified silence.

    15. Black is inarticulateness. White is eloquence.

    16. Black is tarnishing your predecessor. White is celebrating him.

    17. Black is feigning remembrance. White never forgets.

    18. Black mentions enemies. White attracts friends.

    19. Black misuses children. White cherishes them.

    20. Black demands ta’at. White is ta’at personified.

    In this case, life is indeed black and white.

  310. Instead of calling me names, it would be good if you can just provide a clear link.And this request is to Emaanie, as he/she made the claim. Look, I am just a simple person trying to understand. Thanks.

  311. Look If you are really, really. SINCERELY trying to understand please go to believesyednaqutbuddin dot com

    Patiently read just a couple of reasons and you’ll understand why Khuzema Qutbuddin is wrongly claiming daiship.

    Or if you understand daawat ni zaban you can listen to audio too.

    It’s all there, plain, clear, academic and extremely well researched.

    ATLEAST watch the videos at dawedaarnikahani dot com

    Good Luck

  312. Wow! Back after 2 weeks of vacation. The page came up on my work machine and I saw the jump in the number of comments!! Still nothing new…This is getting tired…Don’t you guys have lives to live? Interesting change of heart in MMZ though…Sounds like she’s from our neck of the woods….Afraid there will be a witch-hunt if the powers that be are watching….You better be clever MMZ…I hope you are still reading this and see this comment.

  313. Wow! Back after 2 weeks of vacation. The page came up on my work machine and I saw the jump in the number of comments!! Still nothing new…This is getting tired…Don’t you guys have lives to live? Interesting change of heart in MMZ though…Sounds like she’s from our neck of the woods….Afraid there will be a witch-hunt if the powers that be are watching….You better be clever MMZ…I hope you are still reading this and see this comment.

    I posted this earlier. Posting here again for your benefit so that you see it.

  314. LOL No worries. I got it covered. I can ACT! Plus, who’re they going to go after?! All us girls in an age group…and I will just act like the rest of them!

  315. Pyaare Khuzaima Qutbuddin key chahnewaley;

    Aa log kyu pareshan hote ho aur sab ko pareshaan kartey ho?

    Aap Khuzaima Qutbuddin ki mehfil mey aaram se jaawo aur waha apna adda jamawo! Koi aap ko nahi rokega. aur kisi ko aap ko rokney me dilchaspee bhi nahi hain. 80-100 aadmi uskey saath hai, ek aur aap bhi jaawo.

  316. Rough translation of the above:

    Dear Khuzaima Qutbuddin lovers;

    Why are you all getting tense and creating tension for others?

    You people can happily go to Khuzaima Qutbuddin’s party and setup camp there. Nobody will block you. And infact, NOBODY is interested in blocking you. He has 80-100 in his camp, you can be one more.