Mark Goodacre: Live and In…His Office

Mark Goodacre: Live and In…His Office September 15, 2009

As others have already pointed out, Mark Goodacre will be pioneering in the world of technology and teaching, as he always does, this time by having online office hours. Here’s the full story:

Mark Goodacre at NT Blog has agreed to hold live, online “office hours” this Friday, Sept. 18, at noon EDT on Duke’s Ustream page. Professor Goodacre will be giving his take on “the New Testament in the news” – and responding to questions from anyone who submits them online.

To submit a question, in advance or during the webcast, email, tweet with the tag #dukelive, or post a comment on this Facebook page.

I hope you will consider watching the webcast and participating. If you are interested in sharing this event, you can also embed the live video of the event using the embed codes on the Ustream site here. For more info, see the Duke News story.

Tune in next Friday!

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