Willie Dye

Willie Dye September 22, 2009

A young-earth creationist speaker is coming to Butler’s campus this Wednesday. His name is Willie Dye. I hope that students will take the time not merely to glance at his web site but to take a close look at his CV. He lists multiple PhDs, all from unaccredited institutions.

Getting your information from someone who seeks to give the impression of expertise by purchasing letters after his or her name, rather than doing actual academic research at an accredited institution, is a bad idea. I don’t think anyone would be comfortable going to a “doctor” with a “degree” from an institution of this sort.

But it is particularly bad in my opinion when an allegedly Christian perspective is offered by someone whose motivation for buying so many so-called PhDs can only be self-aggrandizement. Having to do with these sorts of pseudo-experts can be risky for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

I always wonder what the best course of action is in such circumstances, but presumably not attending and then talking to students beforehand or afterwards, individually or in a more formal presentation, is the appropriate way to go about it. Otherwise we risk giving the impression that people with phony credentials are worthy of serious engagement.

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  • I must say this man may have the most Ph.D's in the world. I love how his dissertations don't match up with his degree dates! I also had a laugh at his dissertation entitled "Church History". He stole the topic for my second Ph.D.! Back to the drawing board!

  • Nonc Hilaire

    Piled higher and deeper indeed. I respectfully suggest adding Luke 9:50 (and its logical inverse, Luke 11:23) to the readings bookmarked by those discerning how to handle this situation, as well as the parable of the unjust manager in Luke 16:1—8. I'm not entirely sure Jesus would react to Mr. Dye in the same manner as Dr. McGrath, who sounds a bit like John in Luke 9:49.

  • That he hangs with Carl Baugh and Don Patton tells you everything you need to know about the guy — this is the low-rent end of creationism, the folks that even the ICR finds embarassing. And umpteen doctoral-level degrees, received in only three or four years? Must have researched and written all those dissertations *really* fast….

  • Some seem not merely to be unaccredited, but non-existent. I couldn't find anything on The California Center for Theological Studies and the only thing I could find for Pacific National University (where he supposedly got a PhD in 1998) was a website for a school founded in 2004 that offers certificates in early childhood education.

  • Nonc Hilaire,I've yet to see any evidence that Willie Dye is doing something that is the equivalent of casting out demons. I'm not sure that Jesus would encourage anyone who peddles ignorance and misinformation in his name!

  • Dr. McGrath,With all due respect: have you seen the man's hat? That looks pretty legit to me. I've seen movies in which "archaeologists" wear hats and that guy is definitely wearing one. Also, I was going to write my dissertation on "Church History" – I guess now I'll go with my back-up: "Bible". Darn you, Willie Dye!

  • I'm not going to defend Willie Dye here, but I question the wholesale disregard for unaccredited institutions. Granted that most unaccredited schools are probably crap, but not all are degree mills like Patriot University. There are quality unaccredited schools like Louisiana Baptist University and Tyndale Seminary, and their graduates have been admitted to accredited schools. Even California Graduate School of Theology has a decent list of faculty, most of them having accredited degrees.

  • It's a fair point – I worked at an institution in Romania struggling to jump through Romania's ever-changing accreditation hoops. It looks like the school has taken steps towards seriousness and accountability.What makes such situations interesting is, what happens if an unaccredited institution then becomes accredited? Someone who studied in earlier times, when the institution may not have been intellectually rigorous or serious, might end up with a degree looking like it is worth more than it might otherwise have.But at any rate, Dye claims to have earned 3 PhDs and three other doctorates in 13 years. If these were genuine PhDs involving research, that would seem to me to be impossible rather than impressive. 🙂

  • How sad it is that Christian ministries [for want of a better description] is beggared by bogus degrees. The only purpose these can serve is to raise the appearance of authority in the minds of the gullible.It is, of course, entirely possible that someone with a bogus degree is also highly knowledgeable in a particular field, but since teachers of religion and religious subjects must deal honestly with their students those claiming authority from dubious and discredited sources do disservice to honest practitioners that have toiled 'upwards through the night' to reach a standard that is recognised and trustworthy.House cleaning is long overdue, but if honest searchers are ever to find their treasures a thorough 'bottoming' and casting out of cant and hypocrisy is necessary.Willie is just one of the symptoms of the disease that accounts for the demise of simple faith in millions as their extravagant theories roil the waters of honest inquiry into the Bible. What the Willie Dye's and his boss, Bob Fales, and others in the same business do is to help poor wayfarers fall into their ditches and charge them handsomely for the 'privilege.' That the posters here approach them with such good humour is refreshing, but the damage they do needs addressing. BTW – if any of you are short of a Doctorate or three, I have an excellent printer and will supply any and all degrees you need in any subject. No extra cost for Summa Cum Laude, Cumma Bunda, or any other spurious honours you need.The cost is $2.00 each and that includes postage, handling, and entertainment tax.These are GUARANTEED to have absolutely no connection with any institute of learning accredited or discredited except those mentioned in "Gullible's Travails."

  • Anonymous

    I attended the Creation Evidence Expo this week. (Sept. 20-22 2010) Willie Dye was a key speaker. I was shocked at the content of his presentation on Wednesday night. Being a Christian I had to walk out, and I was fortunate that my wife and family were not in attendance. His presentation was filled with spiritualism, ritualism, and sexual perversions. (including graphics) There was nothing, in my opinion, that had anything to do with the science that supports creation. He has put yet another black mark on the creation movement.

  • I wrote on my blog my dealings with the Creation Evidence Expo, The organizational dealings with this organization did not have much integrity.If you do deal with this organization be warned, when they are finished using your talents and abilities, and you have one disagreement with them, they will throw you away like a piece of used gum. I can prove this. Read my post at http://bryanrohrer.com/blog/?p=64

  • Stu Brown

    Read Matthew chapter 11 verses 25 and 26 before you begin to pass judgement

  • Stu Brown

    Matthew 11:25-26 NIV

    At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wiseand learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.”

    • Indeed, little children can often see through lies like those promulgated by Dye where an adult might be impressed with his bogus credentials and take what he says seriously. Good point!

  • Rachel

    His CV states that he has 30 years of experience teaching archeology, and yet he only earned a bachelor’s degree 24 years ago. I can’t see how anyone could look at his CV and take it seriously.