Willie Dye

Willie Dye September 22, 2009

A young-earth creationist speaker is coming to Butler’s campus this Wednesday. His name is Willie Dye. I hope that students will take the time not merely to glance at his web site but to take a close look at his CV. He lists multiple PhDs, all from unaccredited institutions.

Getting your information from someone who seeks to give the impression of expertise by purchasing letters after his or her name, rather than doing actual academic research at an accredited institution, is a bad idea. I don’t think anyone would be comfortable going to a “doctor” with a “degree” from an institution of this sort.

But it is particularly bad in my opinion when an allegedly Christian perspective is offered by someone whose motivation for buying so many so-called PhDs can only be self-aggrandizement. Having to do with these sorts of pseudo-experts can be risky for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

I always wonder what the best course of action is in such circumstances, but presumably not attending and then talking to students beforehand or afterwards, individually or in a more formal presentation, is the appropriate way to go about it. Otherwise we risk giving the impression that people with phony credentials are worthy of serious engagement.

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