Sci-Fi and Other Connections

Sci-Fi and Other Connections January 4, 2010

Although there has always been a fan base that has discussed science fiction worlds in detail, exploring the mythology, drawing connections between episodes/movies, and complaining about continuity errors, the present day provides far more opportunity to do that, with blogs, discussion boards, and countless other forums for interaction.

Heroes, Dollhouse, and (finally!) Chuck will be returning this week or next.

Sherry discusses maturity (a subject that came up recently on this blog).
Ben Witherington blogs about the Conservative Bible Project.
Claude Mariottini addresses Southern Baptists praying for the death of Obama.
Open Parachute has a great cartoon about how the internet brings us together:

""Everything is proceeding as I have forseen."- Palpatine"

How Star Wars Ends
""There’ll be no one to stop us this time.""

How Star Wars Ends
"Holy Cr*p !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Lord Sidious is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My blog willed him back ..."

How Star Wars Ends
"No, I don’t have a persecution complex. I am most likely an HSP (highly sensitive ..."

153 Fish – The Definitive Explanation

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  • I think this is a completly stupid and pointless cartoon…prove me wrong!

  • I love it!