The End Of Time, Part Two

The End Of Time, Part Two January 3, 2010

Even before I saw the second half of this episode, I loved the irony of the title. It provides a great illustration of one of the difficulties in telling time-travel stories, and an even greater difficulty of making sense of an allegedly timeless deity encountered in and through history and/or stories. How can the “end of time” have two parts?! How can one tell a story about a reality that transcends time?

I won’t give away details about the episode, but if you have yet to watch it and never keep informed about Doctor Who news then you might want to stop reading now. For the rest of you, it presumably is no spoiler now to say farewell to David Tennant, whose performance as the Doctor has been a delight. Matt Smith is probably going to consciously emulate Peter Davison, since his youth echoes that regeneration. We’ll see if his manner shows any parallels.

Here’s a preview of what’s in store when Doctor Who airs again in the Spring:

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  • The finale was completely absurd (though that's not so far out of the ordinary, I suppose), but Tennant played the part brilliantly, as always. He'll be missed.

  • Yes, still feeling a bit disappointed with the story. By the end of his era, RTD was into serious repetition of ideas and motifs, and it's left me looking forward to the new era. An enjoyable romp, but no more than that.