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Around the Blogosphere June 15, 2010

Too many interesting things today to fit in the sidebar, and so here are links to posts on other blogs that deserve attention:

Scotteriology, Verily Verily, The Church of Jesus Christ, Friendly Atheist, Pharyngula and others mention that the “Touchdown Jesus” statue has either been destroyed by the forces of nature, or been tackled by some deity or other.

Experimental Theology reflects on the ethics of smileys.

Jim Davila discusses Prince Charles’ use of canonical and extracanonical Gnostic texts in advocating environmentalism.

Religion Compass Exchanges has an interview with Eric Reitan.

There are photos from the Megiddo archaeological dig and from Ben Witherington’s travels to key sites from the Bible and Christian history.

Posts by Michael Zimmerman and Karl Giberson in the Huffington Post.

Nick Matzke defends Mary Midgley.

Tripp Fuller blogs about the pluralistic direction of Claremont School of Theology.

Unreasonable Faith has an insightful post on how much evangelistic tracts have to assume.

Ken Pulliam continues his critical examination of Christian ideas of atonement.

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