Evolutionary Links that are NOT missing (from around the blogsophere)

Evolutionary Links that are NOT missing (from around the blogsophere) January 7, 2011

Here are some links related to evolution, and the interaction of biology and theology, from around the blogosphere:

Several blogs quoted Albert Mohler on why he doesn’t accept scientific evidence. Arni Zachariassen responds with a post criticizing Mohler’s theology of creation. Scott Bailey calls it “intellectual bait and switch.”

Greg Laden posts on creationist quote-mining of peer-reviewed research.

Jesus Creed and the BioLogos blog both have posts on the human fossil record.

Phil Plait blogs about the latest from Don McLeroy.

Jerry Coyne shares a link to a post by Eric MacDonald arguing against the notion of “integrating” science and religion.

P. Z. Myers wrongly identifies as sophisticated theology, but rightly finds silly, an online article about whether poop smelled before the Fall.

New Scientist has an article about the latest research into the origins of cell division.

And on other aspects of religion and science:

Conservative Christian scientists are speaking out against climate-change deniers.

Jim Davila shares an article about mysticism and skepticism.

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