Rachel Held Evans Interviews Rob Bell

Rachel Held Evans Interviews Rob Bell March 8, 2011

If you have been puzzled by the recent controversy that has emerged surrounding Rob Bell, you should read the interview Rachel Held Evans posted today. She interviews Rob Bell, and if you read the interview, you’ll understand why he was more puzzled by this whole affair than anyone else.

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  • Anonymous

    Rachel Held Evans…and what academic qualifications does she have again?

  • Anonymous

    By the way, not to be a spoil sport, but the interview was amusing.And an excellent way of avoiding the issue.

  • I'm not sure, and was not aware that the academic qualifications you need to write a popular book about your experiences, blog, and interview someone from Twitter were particularly specific or demanding. :)What's behind your question, if I might ask?

  • Okay, either Anonymous is really funny, or this was is way over his/her head.

  • Anonymous

    No qualifications are required to write a popular book or blog.But some are required if you expect me to waste time on it.To each his own.And Rachel's interview presents an excellent reason for not fooling with Twitter crap.

  • Before I waste any time interacting with your comments any further, can you please provide evidence of your qualifications? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    No. You are welcome.

  • Anonymous

    I will add, as a student, I have no qualifications. But if I am every going to get any, it won't be by listening to twitterers or people with no qualifications themselves.

  • There are some that it is even less advisable to listen to, since their qualifications are never clear, if they have any. I'm referring, of course, to anonymous commenters.

  • Anonymous

    I am a nobody, and it is a form of victory that a great man like yourself is even messing with my posts! LOL!

  • Daniel O

    @ Anonymous… 🙂 you are, for lack of a better word, infantile…. if not down right a prick…