“Magic is Might” Conference at Hogwarts: Call for Papers

“Magic is Might” Conference at Hogwarts: Call for Papers June 5, 2011

Via TheoFantastique, I learned of a call for papers for a conference on Harry Potter. Here are the details:

The Harry Potter series has become a publishing phenomenon that has captured the imagination of children and adults all over the world. The stories created by J.K. Rowling have inspired extensive multidisciplinary academic discussion, ranging from cultural and literary analyses, sociological and philosophical interpretations, design practices, to recognised medical publications.

Conferences have taken place that focused on the impact that the novels have had on the world and their educational contribution and edited collections have been produced centering on themes of philosophy, religion, sociology, and critical analysis, to name just a few. The characters’ relationships, the political and social systems, and cultural commentaries woven into Rowling’s writing are just some examples of what makes the Harry Potter series an exciting framework for academic discourse in a number of areas.

This two-day event will feature twenty 15-20 minute presentations on papers relating to popular culture and the Harry Potter series. We will encourage intensive and lively discussion and debate around the papers over the two days in this intimate setting. Wizards, muggles, established academics and postgraduate students are invited to submit papers. Post conference, full papers will be put together into a collection that will be available online.

Suggested Topics include but are in no way limited to:

– Society (both Wizard and Muggle) and its portrayal
– The Law and the Criminal System
– Government and Politics
– Gender
– Race
– Class
– Prejudice
– Relationships (sexual, friendship, the family etc…)
– Human and Non-Human Rights (werewolves, goblins, house elves, centaurs, ghosts, Aragog, etc…)
– Bodies and Embodiment
– Education
– Conformity and Deviance
– Socialisation
– Sexuality and the Erotic
– Media, Technology and Design
– Fashion, Music and the Arts

Please submit a 300 word abstract with 100 word biographical information by 1 September 2011. All inquiries and abstracts can be emailed to magicismight2012@gmail.com

All abstracts will be reviewed for inclusion in the conference by the conference committee

Accepted papers will be notified by December 1st 2011. We will then ask for draft conference papers to be submitted.

General inquiries can be made at the above email address to conference organisers, Gráinne O’Brien (University of Limerick, Ireland) Michelle Mayefske (University of Limerick,Ireland) Dr. Luigina Ciolfi (University of Limerick, Ireland) and Jadwiga O’Brien (National University of Galway, Ireland).

Conference Program Committee: To Be Announced

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This conference is NOT authorized by J.K. Rowling, her US or UK publishers, WB, Universal Studios or any other official Harry Potter related or trademarked entity.

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  • Perhaps Harry Jesus Potter Christ or what ever it is will make the cut.

  • Michael Wilson

    Perhaps Harry Jesus Potter Christ or what ever it is will make the cut.

  • guest

    cannot believe people waste their time on this

    • I can’t believe people waste their time complaining about calls for papers on blogs from more than half a year ago.