How Young Earth Creationism Denies The Creator (1 Picture = 1000 Words)

How Young Earth Creationism Denies The Creator (1 Picture = 1000 Words) November 23, 2011

I thought the picture above (which a friend shared with me on Facebook – since it was done privately, I won’t attribute it to him unless he says it is OK to do so) said everything that needs to. The young-earth creationist denies God in many ways: twisting the Bible when it suits them; demeaning those Christians who actually know something about either science or the Bible, if not both; making the Creator out to be a liar.

But the most fundamental way the young-earth creationist denies God is by doing what the picture depicts: rejecting God’s gift of the brain.

As someone who used to be a young-earth creationist, I can tell you that such people are not necessarily unintelligent. In fact, it takes an incredible amount of ingenuity to construct and maintain a worldview like young-earth creationism, to persuade people that it is what both the Bible and true science teach in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

But that just makes the stated stance, that one should not rely on human thinking, all the more despicable. Young-earth creationists are using their brains. They may eagerly use them to critically investigate any number of claims – except those made by young-earth creationists.

And so the rejection of the brain and human understanding by young-earth creationists, like their use of the Bible, is an exercise in picking and choosing. In other words, it involves doing precisely what they deny that they do.

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  • Ken Schenck

    I agree completely with your comment on intelligence.  It’s like there’s a switch a lot of very intelligent people have on many issues that applies incredible ingenuity to every aspect of the data except starting assumptions. I like to pride myself on being way ahead of many far more intelligent people than myself simply because I am willing, at least in theory, to let the chips always fall where they seem to lie… 

    • DMac

      It’s call thinking psychologically, constantly reflecting on your motives. You would make a good Jungian.

  • An excellent cartoon!
    It ought to be as popular as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I’m told that the race is not always to the swift, etc.

    • DMac

      nor the battle to the strong; but that’s the way to bet!

  • Ken, the way you put it is helpful. It is the thing that I always reflect on when interacting with Jesus mythicists and young-earth creationists and anyone else who seems to have the critical thinking skills to reject fringe views at odds with the evidence in most areas, but embraces such a viewpoint in one area.

    We are all selectively critical, at best, but if we can realize our penchant for this, we can at least take steps to do our best to avoid being duped.