“Emergency Access” to Wikipedia during the SOPA and PIPA Protests

“Emergency Access” to Wikipedia during the SOPA and PIPA Protests January 18, 2012

New Scientist posted some ways to get access to Wikipedia today in spite of the blackout. On the one hand, I think they are worth drawing attention to, since some of these would definitely be useful for other sites in other situations where the main original site is not working for some reason. On the other hand, I wonder about the appropriateness of a workaround that allows one to circumvent a blackout intentionally made in protest.

Perhaps it reminds me a little too much of strikebreaking, which hits a little too close to home, with Indiana’s proposed “Right to Work” legislation.

In the extra time they have because favorite sites like Reddit and Wikipedia are down for the day, I invite readers of this blog to discuss the PIPA and SOPA laws, censorship, the use of an internet blackout to protest them, the appropriateness of posting workarounds in such an instance, and other useful workarounds they have discovered (to be used appropriately, of course).

For more information about PIPA and SOPA, the internet blackout, and useful tips and workarounds, see the web site Lifehacker which is a great source for such things.

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  • Gary

    Why don’t the linked sites mention the congressmen and companies that support SOPA and PIPA? Seems like a “black list” would be better than a “backout”. The only info I heard on this was Disney was for it (as if they don’t have enough money). But otherwise, there is more info about the blackout than the bad guys.
    There’s got to be a money trail from the companies that support it to the congress.

  • Gary

    So I just saw on the later post, that only 6 senators and 12 house members oppose the bill. Although I didn’t see names, other than the house and senate majority leaders. How on earth can so many congressmen agree on this, when they haven’t agreed on anything for the past 2 years? There must be lots on money behind this.

  • I think it’s okay to circumvent wikipedia because they said it was. They just want people to see their message. So, I think as long as they’ve seen the message, go ahead and use wikipedia like normal. It kind of forces people to think about what would happen if it -was- blacked-out that way. Lifehacker has a great point in the comments about it being the masses that will be blocked, not the techies.

    (And did someone forget to tell Congress that the Aeneid and Vergil in general need to also be banished because it’s infringing upon Homer and the Iliad’s rights?)

  • I’ll propose a workaround for information that will break ethical standards and laws left and right and bring to light, the great treasure of having an intelligent mind handy when yours isn’t up to the task.  😉

    Today I can’t Wikipedia, “Turin Shroud.”  So from the UK Telegraph I get my information.  


    Yet, I’m not satisfied with this.  I’d like some more insight.  I’d really like to know  Dr. McGrath’s opinion about this subject.  Since I give a modest donation to Wikipedia every year and I hope others will do the same, for the professor’s time to respond, I now purchase and download the Kindle edition of his “Religion and Science Fiction” book from Amazon.com.  Order #: D01-8276152-340****

    Is the Shroud authentic or fake?

    • I would absolutely say it is inauthentic. Not only radiometric dating but also references to the shroud in historical texts suggest that it was produced in the Middle Ages. Most of the attempts at offering counter-arguments are based on claims that no known method will produce an image of the sort that is on the shroud, which – even if correct – doesn’t seem to me to be a sufficient answer to the other sorts of data.

      I hope you enjoy the book!

      • Thumbs up! 

      • Just Sayin’

        And your thoughts on the Veil of Manoppello please?

  • I know much less about it, but given that the legends about Veronica are late, I would imagine the veil to be later still.