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Ask Me Anything! October 11, 2023

I will be doing an AMA on Reddit on Friday, October 13th at 1pm EST. This won’t excite you much if you are a regular reader of my blog, I imagine, since you could always ask me anything right here. Still, feel free to join in, and to help spread the word. Here’s the link for your convenience:

[AMA Announcement] Dr. James McGrath | October 13 – 1pm EST
byu/Mormon-No-Moremon inAcademicBiblical

I would also like to implore my regular blog readers who have not already ordered my book The A to Z of the New Testament: Things Experts Know That Everyone Else Should Too to do so on Amazon on its official release day, October 17th. While all sales count, it is my understanding that a high volume of sales on a book’s official release day are what not only Amazon but the press and others look at when it comes to identifying a bestseller. If you and any friends you can persuade to do likewise buy the book then, you’ll have a chance to see what kind of difference that can make.

Those who have already received their pre-ordered copies have begun recommending it. Here’s one example from Twitter:

So far, there’s so much to this book, and yet digestible. And for ‘further reading’ is very good. From Matthew to Math! I want to buy it for people to read. It’s so good. I didn’t know what to expect with this book! 

And another:

If you’re looking for an introduction to the New Testament that is easy to read but very informative, and just a lot of fun, I think you’ll really enjoy @ReligionProf’s book.

Not long after the book’s official release date, if you are in the vicinity of Springfield Missouri or are willing to make the trip, I’ll be speaking at Theology Beer Camp (on theology in Doctor Who and Star Trek). There will be opportunities for books to be signed, and you’ll have the chance to meet not only me but other big names like John Dominic Crossan, Pete Enns, Donna Bowman, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Reggie Williams, Flamy Grant, Tom Oord, Roberto Che Espinosa, Tripp Fuller, and many others. (Obviously not all of those on this list are big names for the same reason.) It is definitely going to be fun. I will have some copies of my books for sale there but it won’t be enough for everyone that might be interested, so I definitely recommend getting a copy and bringing it if you want to be sure you can get it signed.

Returning to the first point, the AMA on Reddit will be in the Academic Biblical subreddit. If you’re not aware of it, it is a great place to ask questions and get them answered in a venue where the moderators require that comments answering questions reflect an academic perspective and cite academic sources. There aren’t too many places online of which this can be said. It’s thus worth exploring even apart from my AMA there.

Finally, I really like the banner that is the first thing you see when you arrive at the brand new Eerdmans website. Take a look! I think you’ll like it too, although as a reader of my blog you are probably as biased as I am…

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