Infographic: Technology Use on Campuses

Infographic: Technology Use on Campuses January 7, 2012

Via the Center for Academic Technology at Butler University


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  • Gary

    Appreciate it, young whippersnappers. Try walking to the local computer building, typing at a keypunch machine to generate your FORTRAN program, get a large stack of cards held together with a rubber band, look through the cards to proof it, then bring them to a person who runs the program, and then get a huge printout, showing where your program bombed, then start again. The IT equivalent of going to an outhouse with a Sears catalog. The good old days – NOT.

  • Dan

    From the infographic, am I to assume that Apple products (desktops, laptops, etc.) are overwhelmingly used by college students? 

    • I think that the images express a preference either by the maker or the sponsor of the infographic. The Apple logo doesn’t always indicate the brand of device in the infographic. 

      My impression in my own classes is that increasing numbers of students are using Macs, but there are still more PC users, among those who bring laptops. But given that some schools/programs are actually requiring students to purchase a tablet, whether iPad or something else, that may be changing things and continue to do so increasingly in coming years.