Why Would Someone Do That?

Why Would Someone Do That? January 1, 2012

I took a glance to see how Religion and Science Fiction is doing on Amazon.com, and was rather shocked by what is thus far the only review there. It isn’t that it gives the book only one star – everyone is entitled to their opinion – but the person’s only comment is about me and their apparent annoyance that I have turned my attention to science fiction. They seem not to be aware that I am the editor rather than the author of the book, and so I can only assume that they haven’t even read it.

I am disappointed that someone would do something out of a personal vendetta towards me that harms the contributors to the volume.

If you have read the volume, I would be grateful if you could take the time to view it, however briefly, on Amazon.com, so that the book’s other authors should not be negatively affected by what I can only assume is a disgruntled reader of my blog. Thank you!

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  • I’ll review Religion and Science Fiction for Amazon.  🙂

  • TomVerenna

    Ditto; who can I contact for a review copy?

  • Curt Hall

    You need to look at this reviewers other reviews.  It completes the story.

    • A lot of one star reviews. I’m not sure whether I should think more highly of them for giving one star to Acharya S, of be offended that a book I edited was given the same number of stars as one by Acharya S. 🙂 What bugs me is still that they seem not to have read the book, or even the table of contents, to see that it is a multi-author work.

      Tom, I think the publisher has probably exhausted their review copies, but feel free to contact them directly – publishers nowadays seem to be very generous with review copies for bloggers! 🙂