A Christmas Present Fit for a Captain!

A Christmas Present Fit for a Captain! January 1, 2012

I received quite a few nice gifts this Christmas, but none as worthy of being photographed and shared on this blog as one I got from my sister:

I’m particularly honored that she thought I deserved the rank of captain. Seriously, I would have been content with one of those red shirts with a bullseye on the back!

What did you get for Christmas?

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  • Tim

    Aye Aye Captain. Looking smart! I got a good job and good friends for Christmas!



  • Brad Matthies

    Now you need one of these:


  • TruthOverfaith

    Errr, are a couple of squirrels under the middle portion of your shirt?

  • I got a squirrel feeder for Christmas.  😉

    I do like this shirt!  It’s a great color but like William Shatner who claims he never did during the series, I would have to wear a corset/girdle to hide my man boobs from the eyes of Yeoman Rand.