Google and ChatGPT vs. the Star Trek Computers

Google and ChatGPT vs. the Star Trek Computers January 30, 2023

Here’s the flyer for a talk I’ll be giving at Georgia College and State University on February 28th.

Here is the blurb for the talk:

Google gives you a million results, with ones paid for by advertisers at the top. ChatGPT writes grammatically perfect and even compelling prose yet is prone to make things up. The computer on Star Trek, on the other hand, gives terse answers that seem far too brief to be useful and lack nuance and complexity, yet are generally reliable. Its prose sounds less human than a chatbot today (although at least it acknowledges when it doesn’t have the information you ask it for). Is this just another case of technology outpacing the imagination of Star Trek’s scriptwriters? Is the computer on the Starship Enterprise preferable to what we have now? Join Newell Visiting Scholar Dr. James F. McGrath as he explores these strange new issues and boldly goes where the study of the humanities needs to go, engaging with the intersection of ethics, contemporary computer science, and sci-fi’s speculative futures.

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