Round-Up on the Talpiot Patio Tomb (to fish or not to fish – that is the question)

Round-Up on the Talpiot Patio Tomb (to fish or not to fish – that is the question) March 8, 2012

Today’s round-up on the Talpiot tombs and the “Jesus discovery”:

James Tabor posted on his blog on the subject of whether the fish might be something else, and whether there is in addition to the fish a man in its mouth.

Mark Goodacre continues a theme he began back when the Talpiot Tomb subject came to focus a few years ago, an analogy with the Beatles – asking whether any of the names in the tombs is the equivalent of finding “Ringo” alongside the more common John, Paul and George. Mark also discussed whether there are “fish scales” on the ossuary other than on the fish.

Richard Bauckham posted on the ASOR blog about one of the ossuary inscriptions, and why it seems to him not to have anything to do with early Christianity.

April DeConick commented that the rotated image looks like a fish to her.

Mike Heiser posted on the state of the question. Tom Verenna warned of the danger of using anecdotal evidence.

Remnant of Giants offered satirical posts suggesting the image on the ossuary might be a zeppelin or the world cup or Noddy.

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  • Eliyahu Konn

    There was a time when seals for machinery were made out of leather.  When rubber and plastics began to take over leather was antiquated.  I suggest the religious establishment begin retraining in Hebrew studies.  The Talpiot Tomb will not go away short of a nuclear bomb landing on it.