Talpiot Photos and a Video that may Change your Perspective

Talpiot Photos and a Video that may Change your Perspective March 25, 2012

A round up of the latest blogging on the Talpiot tombs and James ossuary.

James Tabor has provided more photos of the most discussed inscription from Talpiot tomb BHe also offers additional photos of other inscriptions from the tomb, also known as the patio tomb.

Tom Verenna offers video evidence from the “Lost Tomb of Jesus” film for a predisposition on the part of the filmmakers and other investigators to find a connection with Christianity.

Paul Flesher has a piece in The Bible and Interpretation about the James ossuary trial. There is also a shorter version on his blog.

Bob Cargill has made a video about skewed visual perspectives of the Talpiot ossuaries.

Steve Caruso follows up with some still images offering perspective-analysis and other angles on the subject (pun intended).

Jim West wrote about the future airing of the documentary about the “Jesus discovery.” He also shared excerpts from an article about the James ossuary trial, and a proposed identification of the fish on the “Jonah ossuary.” I suspect that he may not be entirely serious about that last one, but I am not completely certain.

In related news, Steve Caruso got mentioned by a premiere news organization for his treatment of the Lead Codices.

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