Talpiot Tombs Latest Round-Up (with fish handles)

Talpiot Tombs Latest Round-Up (with fish handles) March 11, 2012

Here’s a round-up of posts on the Talpiot tombs that have appeared since my last round-up:

The Jesus Discovery web site now seems to be working, and has press releases, photos, and other interesting materials.

Mark Goodacre asks “When is a fish not a fish?” and answers “When it has handles” See too the close-ups of the images provided by Michael Heiser.

Mark Goodacre also blogged about Simcha Jacobovici’s fascination with The DaVinci Code.

Bob Cargill and Tom Verenna suggest that some photos show signs of doctoring or manipulation that may be influencing the perception of what they depict.

Christopher Rollston blogged about an alleged iota. Jim West got to hear him and others speak about this topic in person.

April DeConick expresses the need for patience as we slowly receive, examine, and discuss new and relevant information.

Ben Witherington offered his fourth post on the “Patio Tomb of Joseph.”

Richard Bauckham discusses the four-line ossuary inscription on the ASOR blog (also noted by Mike Heiser).

Brian LePort linked to a podcast in which Craig A. Evans talks about the “Jesus discovery.”

Near Eastern Archaeology has made freely available for a limited time some articles from a few years ago when a Talpiot tomb first garnered this sort of attention.

Remnants of Giants continues to parody the “Jonah” image; they’re entertaining, but I suspect that the image on the ossuary isn’t in fact deodorant.

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