Today’s Round-Up of Talpiot Tomb Posts

Today’s Round-Up of Talpiot Tomb Posts March 1, 2012

Here are key posts around the blogosphere today related to the Talpiot tombs.

James Tabor posted on his own blog about the names in the tombs, and both there and on the ASOR blog about the imagery of a fish (or something else) on one of the ossuaries.

Mark Goodacre explains that the idea of the resurrection as “sign of Jonah” is a late development reflected in Matthew’s redaction of that tradition.

Bob Cargill follows Antonio Lambotti’s interpretation of the “fish” on the ossuary as more likely an amphora.

Steven Fine commented on the matter at the ASOR blog.

Fox News and Channel 4 in the UK have coverage, the latter featuring an interview with Matthew Kalman.

Claude Mariottini, on the other hand, seems to me to be unnecessarily dismissive. The mere fact that someone claims to have found the remains of Jesus doesn’t make them wrong.

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