“The Resurrection Tomb” Documentary: Live Blogged to Death

“The Resurrection Tomb” Documentary: Live Blogged to Death April 13, 2012

Steve Caruso offered a “post mortem” on the “live blogging” about the documentary which aired last night, and the incongruity of a post mortem about live blogging seemed oddly appropriate. He also offered an analogy to the “there’s no consensus about what kind of vase it is, therefore it is a fish” argument.

Bob Cargill, Mark Goodacre and Tom Verenna live blogged the documentary.

Christopher Rollston offers a review of the book, covering claims made in the recent book and documentary, earlier ones about Talpiot Tomb A, and the claim that the James ossuary’s patina shows it comes from the Talpiot tomb.

Bob Cargill also points out which lines are ignored by those attempting to see the name “Jonah” on the ossuary.

Richard Bauckham offered a guest post on the alleged connection between Joseph of Arimathea and the Talpiot tomb(s). There is also a pdf.

James Tabor responded to Eric Meyers.

Jim West blogged about the documentary’s ratings, and he too made reference to death – and being undead. That wasn’t his only post on the topic.

The Huffington Post has a piece on the documentary, with video, and Digital Journal has one specifically on the technology used to get images from within the tomb.

Jim Davila also blogged about the subject as did Mike Heiser and Chuck Grantham, among others.

Finally, there is an amusing pseudo-press release by someone who spammed a lot of blogs that discussed the Talpiot tomb in recent weeks.

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