New Look

New Look April 14, 2012

Patheos blogs have a new look, and Exploring Our Matrix is no exception. The changes that were being made are the reason for my not posting until now. Now that the changes are done, please let me know what you think – and those of you who read this blog in a feed reader, please do click through this once to take a glance and, if you have thoughts, leave a comment. Thanks!

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  • It loads faster and doesn’t trip my security software now.

  • Jeff Carter

    it looks nice, but the giant ad for UFC is a little off-putting.

  • Wow, I thought the ads were prominent before! You can’t miss ’em now!

    Sorry, but my educated opinion is – yuck!

  • hanery

    I now have an advert for a garden shed greeting me whenever I check your blog…

    I prefer the older design but it wont put me off reading your blog.

  • Nick Norelli

    Hate it. Not nearly as bad as Scot McKnight’s, but still pretty bad. That patheos header is abominable.

  • I’ll continue to read through RSS. At least you make that possible, unlike other Patheos sites which only give me the first few words.

  • I now have lots of ad-block generated white spaces. The blog’s still great though!

  • Uh oh.  What does the Sith Lord think about it?


    • Keika, that’s great! How do you make your videos?

      • The Force behind my special effects is Adobe After Effects and 3D LightWave software.  (Fantastic student discounts available to you.)  A beast of a computer is also needed to render the many layers of optical illusions in reasonable time.  The 29 second Vader video took roughly 2.5 hours of composite work.  It’s fun matching the shots to John Williams’ music, as it always inspires my creativity.   🙂

      • John Williams wrote the theme music for the 1960s television series, LOST IN SPACE.  I’ve condensed it in a brief salute to you. 

  • Over at Scot McKnight’s blog the vote is 99% thumbs down.

    • Derek, How much of what folks at Jesus Creed dislike is also found here? 🙂 

      I think the banner with the blog’s name is better than the one with just stars and the name written elsewhere. And the integration of the blog with the wider Patheos site is a plus. Some sidebar improvements will come about once we are allowed to tinker with those again, after the changes to the overall format of the site are complete.

  • Ian

    I can imagine the advertising onslaught from the vast swathes of whitespace on my screen now courtesy of my ad-blocker. It seems like the new design minimizes the ‘Exporing our Matrix’ brand. Maybe the plan is to have you all basically as staff bloggers for Patheos?

    I don’t like it much, but I don’t have a great preference. As long as I can find the bits I need: the ‘recent comments’ and ‘recent posts’ lists, it doesn’t much matter what it looks like.