A Controversial Post about Beer, Football, and the Relative Merits of Scarlet Johansson vs. Shakira

A Controversial Post about Beer, Football, and the Relative Merits of Scarlet Johansson vs. Shakira June 4, 2012

Commenter Paul Regnier wrote in the 977th comment on a post of mine entitled “Mythicism and other Bunk around the Blogosphere”:

Chaps, for a laugh, I just worked out how many words have been written here in reply to Dr McGrath’s original, 200 word post… it’s about 125,000!!!Maybe it’s time we all did something more productive or just talked about something else? Perhaps DrMcGrath could help us along by by posting something thought provoking and controversial about beer, football, or the relative merits of Scarlett Johansson vs Shakira? 🙂

So here it is, even though I suspect that this post will not get anything like the attention or generate anything like the sort of ongoing conversation as the post about mythicism Paul commented on.

On beer: darker beer is better. Imperial stout, stout, porter – those are my favorites. Then from there I’d definitely prefer a brown ale to the hoppy pilsners that many of my fellow countrymen citizens seem to prefer.

When Paul refers to football, I assume/hope that he means what the majority of the world refers to as football, namely what Americans call “soccer.” It is simply unacceptable for a country to unilaterally call its own unique sport something that the rest of the world calls a different sport.

As you may have gathered, I prefer football/soccer to American football. But I don’t spend much time following sports – not even the fictional futuristic ones played on Battlestar Galactica.

On Shakira vs. Scarlet Johansson, my choice would depend on whether I am looking for a singer or someone to depict a superhero in a movie. Although since both can act and sing, if I had a chance to be more familiar with both of them acting and singing so as to place them on an equal footing for comparison, I might be back to square one.

In the bizarre world that is the internet, you can even see what the combination of their two faces would look like

Feel free to talk about any of the above. Or feel free to see whether, even on a post with title and content such as this one, you can get a conversation about mythicism started that will last for around 125,000 words


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