More Mythicism around the Blogosphere

More Mythicism around the Blogosphere June 8, 2012

There seems to be quite a bit of buzz about mythicism in the blogosphere. Today’s round-up starts with another post by Joseph Hoffmann on the topic, which begins with the following statement:

The train crash that is modern mythicism is built on the train crash that was earlier mythicism. The chance of the crash happening twice in just the same way?  About 50%.

If that doesn’t lead you to click through and read more, the chances are about 50% that nothing will. But that would be unfortunate, since the post is incredibly insightful regarding what mythicism is and what is wrong with it.

Mark Goodacre asks what Jesus would have to do to prove his own existence – with help from an ancient Roman joke on a related topic!

The interview of Bart Ehrman by Ben Witherington continues with PART FOUR.

On a not entirely unrelated note, Matthew Paul Turner shares a series of “American Jesus” pictures – including this one:


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