Kurt Atterberg, Symphony No. 3 (1914) “West Coast Pictures”

Kurt Atterberg, Symphony No. 3 (1914) “West Coast Pictures” July 26, 2012

Another symphony from my favorite composer, Kurt Atterberg, has been shared on YouTube. If you are inclined to let the title guide you as the music evokes images in your mind, keep in mind that Atterberg was Swedish, and so the West Coast in the title is that of Sweden and not the United States. Of course, those who know either or both west coasts better than I do may have an opinion about whether the music fits either better or both equally well.

I think that the second movement, entitled “Storm,” is a wonderful tone poem that fits probably any storm you’ve experienced.

Let me also add, even though those from whom I’d most like to hear from are probably not reading this, that I would be interested to know whether a blogger sharing music from time to time that he enjoys, even though his blog is not a blog that is normally about music, is something that you like or find a nuisance…

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