The Life and Teaching of John the Baptist according to the Mandaean Book of John

The Life and Teaching of John the Baptist according to the Mandaean Book of John July 26, 2012

Now that I have finished at least a still provisional but nevertheless complete translation of the chapters in the “Drasha d-Yahia” (which itself might be better rendered The Teaching of John rather than The Book of John) about the life and teaching of John the Baptist, I wanted to share links to them here.

18. Portents of the Birth of John the Baptist

19. A Garment from the First Life

20. John Discusses Halos with the Sun

21. No One Compares to John

22. A Proclamation of War in the World

23. The Pitfall of Impure Women

24. More on the Pitfall of Impure Women

25. Sleeping in the Day of Judgment

26. Seeking a Garment of Eight

27. John’s Teaching Rocks the Temple

28. John Teaches about Punishments

29. John Teaches on the Importance of Charity

30. Jesus Comes to John to be Baptized

31. John Marries Anhar

32. John’s Parents Continued

Of related interest, I happened across the English translation of an Introduction to the New Testament by Johann David Michaelis on Google Books. As you will see if you click through, already in the late 18th century, there were those who were not only taking an interest in Mandaean sources, but who saw a relationship between them and the Gospel of John.

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