Mythicism around the Blogosphere

Mythicism around the Blogosphere July 12, 2012

Joseph Hoffmann bid farewell to the gang of four at Vridar.

Deseret News has a piece about Bart Ehrman, an agnostic who is convinced there was a historical Jesus.

 Rowan Williams reviewed Geza Vermes’ book on Christian origins in The Guardian.

Wing Nut Daily turned a professor’s suggestion that Jesus was rather like a muslim, being part of a social justice movement akin to early Islam, into the headline “Christian prof claims Jesus was Muslim.”

In The Bible and Interpretation there is a piece by Philipp Nothaft on the issues related to calculating when Jesus was born.

Finally, in tangentially related news, The Onion reported today that Jesus has been questioned for accepting tithes from lobbyists

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  • Gary

    The journalist who wrote the Deseret article needs to get his logic or his writing skills corrected. I assume he made a mistake in the writing (mis-spoke), not the logic. “A few weeks ago, I read the claim from a disaffected Latter-day Saint that Jesus probably didn’t exist. It’s a matter of faith, he said… No. It’s not. Bart Ehrman is living proof that it’s a matter of historical evidence, not of faith. And he’s not alone.” Bart Ehrman being alive =/ Jesus having been alive. Although I happen to believe in the historical Jesus. Anyway, write it off to a mis-speak, I guess. Nothing like an enthusiastic (over-board) Mormon.

  • Steven Carr

    Hoffman really is an expert on the historicity of Jesus , isn’t he?

    The basis for the suggestion that James is the brother of Jesus depends on early references in Paul, especially Galatians 1.19. There is no doubt that James was regarded by Paul as a significant player in the Jerusalem community, together with Peter and John (Galatians 2.9, repeated in the legendary primacy-catalogue of Mark 9.2ff.). But his use of the word adelphos, as many scholars recognize, refers to James as a member of the brotherhood, as in Galatians 2.4; 3.15; 4.12, or as when he speaks of “false brothers” in Gal 2.4,5. James, according to Luke, uses the same language in calling Paul “brother,” (Acts 21.20) and the community the “brotherhood” (20.17).

    In Antiquities 20.9.4, a Jesus bar Gamaliel succeeds Jesus the son of Damneus in the high priesthood. Josephus does not mention – at all – the James known from New Testament sources. The James sentenced to stoning is a completely different man.

    No wonder Hoffman can’t bear to talk to mythicists. They quote his words!