Noah: The Motion Picture

Noah: The Motion Picture August 10, 2012

For those interested in the Bible as perceived and depicted in popular culture, the motion picture “Noah” that is in the works, starring Russell Crowe as Noah and Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, is certainly one to keep an eye on.

The blog Remnants of Giants mentioned today that the movie will include extracanonical characters such as the Watchers, known to those who’ve read the Book of Enoch. The blog IO9 speculates on whether the movie will address why Noah didn’t find room for unicorns on the ark.

If the movie includes the infamous scene that occurs after Noah discovers the potent power of the grape that has undergone fermentation, then there may be at least one shot of Russell Crowe in the nude.

Whether the movie will be able to include that standard disclaimer that “no animals were harmed in the making of this movie” remains to be seen. Despite the simplicity with which the Biblical tale treats the matter, bringing two or seven of every animal together in a confined space is liable to lead to some serious carnage.

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