The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife at SBL in Chicago?

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife at SBL in Chicago? September 26, 2012

The title of this post is not referring to yet another papyrus fragment, this one about Jesus’ wife who allegedly was or will be at SBL in Chicago. I’m rather interested in floating the idea that it might be worthwhile to have a gathering devoted to the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” at SBL in Chicago this November. Is this something that other scholars would be interested in organizing? We could try for a semi-formal session, or just make this the theme of the bibliobloggers’ dinner, since it seems that the categories of “bibliobloggers” and “those interested in discussing the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” overlap significantly. Karen King will be at SBL and may or may not be interested in a gathering to talk about this topic.

But I thought it would be worth floating the idea – or actually, multiple ideas, with the common theme that some of us might like to meet to talk about the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife at the Society of Biblical Literature Conference in November.

I look forward to hearing from others who will be attending AAR and/or SBL about this suggestion. And of course, either way, we need to get started on organizing this year’s bibliobloggers’ dinner!


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  • robert r. cargill

    I’m open for it as a discussion for dinner, but could also discuss it in the special ‘Archaeology and the Media’ session that the Blogging and Online Publication section will be hosting Sunday, Nov. 18th at 1PM. The section will discuss the use (and abuse) of media in archaeology and scholarship. I’m certain that we’ll have time to devote to this topic as well.

    And I’ll get working on dinner… 😉

  • brianleport
  • Dr. David Tee

    When scholars learn to deal in true and false, they may learn something.

    • How ironic! It is quite clear from your many comments on this blog that you are not open to learning anything! Nor is it clear that your assumption that you know what is true and false corresponds to reality. And so your own comments here on this blog, including this one, illustrate why scholarship is necessary, and why it is the best means of getting at the truth that we human beings have.

      I suppose it is possible that you really genuinely believe that you are taking a stand for truth by posting inane comment after inane comment and behaving like an internet troll more often than not. The main reason your annoying behavior is tolerated here is because you do such a good job of illustrating what the alternative is to serious scholarly investigation, namely a deluded and arrogant self-assurance that one’s own assumptions and worldview are absolute truth. For all that you do to illustrate that, I express my appreciation once again.

  • Jason

    I don’t know anything about the Bibliobloggers, but I will be in Chicago and would be interested in attending an informal discussion.

  • James Tabor

    A bunch of us are already doing a session on archaeology and the media so maybe we could work it in there, though we probably will end up doing more Talpiot things…Cargil, Goodacre, Rollston, me, Simcha Jacobovici, etc. I think there are other sessions of this group though.

    Blogger and Online Publication
    1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
    Room: W183c – McCormick Place
    Theme: Media Relations and Popular Archaeology
    This is a special session with filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor discussing archaeological claims and the role the popular media plays with scholarship. Christopher Rollston and Robert Cargill will join Jacobovici and Tabor to discuss the role of popular media in scholarship.
    Christian Brady, Pennsylvania State University, Presiding
    Simcha Jacobovici, Panelist
    James Tabor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Panelist
    Robert Cargill, University of Iowa, Panelist
    Christopher Rollston, Emmanuel School of Religion, Panelist

  • James Tabor

    Okay, just saw Bob’s comment below…it might be tough to work in the session but maybe not if we squeeze on time and the moderator works it out. As for Sunday night dinner I am booked–that night has become sacred to a few of us Chicago folk over the years for dinner with J.Z. Smith. But I would not have to be there.