The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife at SBL in Chicago?

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife at SBL in Chicago? September 26, 2012

The title of this post is not referring to yet another papyrus fragment, this one about Jesus’ wife who allegedly was or will be at SBL in Chicago. I’m rather interested in floating the idea that it might be worthwhile to have a gathering devoted to the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” at SBL in Chicago this November. Is this something that other scholars would be interested in organizing? We could try for a semi-formal session, or just make this the theme of the bibliobloggers’ dinner, since it seems that the categories of “bibliobloggers” and “those interested in discussing the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” overlap significantly. Karen King will be at SBL and may or may not be interested in a gathering to talk about this topic.

But I thought it would be worth floating the idea – or actually, multiple ideas, with the common theme that some of us might like to meet to talk about the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife at the Society of Biblical Literature Conference in November.

I look forward to hearing from others who will be attending AAR and/or SBL about this suggestion. And of course, either way, we need to get started on organizing this year’s bibliobloggers’ dinner!


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