Aragormney October 23, 2012

Joe Weaks has created another Lord of the Rings Romney meme photo, as you can see. Last time it was Sauromney, this time it is Aragormney!


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  • Gary

    Just so people realize the ridiculous comment by Romney, lowest number of ships since 1917….he could have made other arguments, but simple-minded ship count is stupid. Mis-spoke. Uniformed people have used this for a long time to justify an increase in ship counts in the Federal budget. Force structure is determined by threat scenarios. As an example,

    Cold war scenario, war on multiple fronts, WARSAW Pact attacks with huge numbers of tanks. Used to justify increase in tank force, aircraft, ships, triad nukes (land, air, sea), in addition to mobile nukes (Pershings) in Europe/NATO. Even the Republican God, Reagan, realized that was not a good idea, and negotiated nuke pershings away (I worked on a portion of the program). In “modern times”, the military threat is based upon asymmetrical warfare, “measured” response, technology warfare (to minimize human loss), etc. Drones, specialized forces, cruise missiles, etc. Romney must be remembering the old Navy budget battles, where the battleship commanders were arguing we didn’t need anything like those new-fangled aircraft carriers.