Lessons from Jesus’ Wife

Lessons from Jesus’ Wife October 3, 2012

There is an interview with Karen King in the Chronicle of Higher Education (HT Jim Davila). In it, she explains why she proceeded as she did, and mentions that she is looking for suggestions for a better name for the fragment.

Peter Head discusses features of the papyrus fragment that have received surprisingly little attention, and discusses what their relevance is to the matter of authenticity.

In related news, John Byron shared a video of Simon Gathercole talking about apocryphal Gospels, and Tim Kimberley asks if Jesus was married. In almost but not entirely unrelated news, IO9 has a piece about the top choice for a Halloween costume this year.

UPDATE: Since I posted this, there have been brief updates and round-ups, including one by Michael Heiser, as well as an unhelpful lumping of the papyrus with two items of uncertain authenticity by James Hannam.

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