The Journal of Universal Rejection

The Journal of Universal Rejection October 9, 2012

Via The Panda’s Thumb, I learned of a wonderfully satirical academic journal: the Journal of Universal Rejection. By submitting your research to them, you get the advantage of having submitted your work to the highest ranking academic journal there is (when they are ranked by rejection rates), while also sparing yourself having to wait agonizingly long months, maybe years, to find out the fate of the article you submitted. Although it may take as long for you to hear from them as with any other journal, the suspense is removed, since whenever you happen to be notified, it will be the outcome you were expecting.

Click through to read more about the journal. They also have a blog where you can read past rejection notifications.

"“I'm sorry to cause you pain.”As with Paul, it’s only sarcastic pain :-)Perhaps, more amusement!"

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