#1 Biblioblog!

#1 Biblioblog! November 30, 2012

I had been ignoring the Biblioblog Top 50 these past months, since the scripts that allow blogs like mine at Patheos had not been updated since our addresses changed. But Steve Caruso finally found the time to update the script this past month, and now that Exploring Our Matrix is back in the running, I’m honored to say that it is the #1 biblioblog for this past month!

It looks like Jim West might need his script updated…

Elsewhere in the biblioblogosphere, Chris Heard recommended that presenters do what I did this year, namely create a digital handout that can be accessed using laptops, iPads, smartphones and other such devices. Alas, in my session it didn’t seem that most people were taking advantage of it, although that may just be a sign that I am not as good as other professors at telling when someone who I think is listening to me is also looking at their smartphone!

Timo Paananen traces baptism from Everett Ferguson’s magnum opus to the Secret Gospel of Mark and Clement of Alexandria.

Stephen Carlson imagines NT letters standing in line, trying to get into the club of authentic Pauline epistles.

Hoping for Redemption shared an example of really awful Biblical interpretation.

The Jesus Blog is on Twitter. Anthony Le Donne replied in our conversation about the oldest science fiction.

Mary Beard discussed whether there were Christians at Pompeii, joining a conversation that Larry Hurtado started a couple of days ago.

Deane Galbraith joined the conversation on the Nephilim and the role of sons of God and human women in the famous mention in Genesis.

And of course, there’s lots more recent biblioblogging in the carnival which Bob just posted.

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